Trojan Bareskin Studded

The Trojan Bareskin Studded condom is Trojans thinnest textured condom.

When shopping for condoms, there are always tradeoffs. Either the condom is too thick, but comes with studs for her pleasure, or is thin, but comes with no extra bells and whistles. Trojan looked to tackle that problem when they designed the Trojan Studded Bareskin condoms.

These condoms feature elevated studs, a premium lubricant for comfort, and high-quality latex.

Sold In Retail Boxes Containing 10 Condoms Each

Trojan Bareskin Studded Features:
- Trojan's thinnest textured condom for ultimate sensitivity
- Elevated studs throughout the condom for additional stimulation
- Roomy design for additional comfort
- Premium lubricant for pleasure and protection

Please Note: We cannot accept Coupon Codes or Give free Shipping with our Trojan Multi Box Special Price. works hard to make sure we have ultra thin condoms in stock. Because it is important to feel like you are close to your partner during a romantic encounter, we recommend browsing our full line of extra thin condoms. The Trojan Bareskin Studded condom lets your partner feel heat easier.
Trojan Bareskin Studded

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Trojan Bareskin Studded

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