Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream

This high end cream from Swiss Navy is a silky smooth lubricant which was specifically created for masturbation. Although it is made from an oil and silicone base, it never leaves your skin feeling greasy.

Instead it feels smooth and velvety, because this thick sensuous cream melts into your skin with each stroke. This heat-released glide design optimizes masturbation and greatly increases pleasurable sensations, by recreating the natural non-sticky feeling of a partner.

Because this Premium Masturbation Cream is made from oil, it is not safe for use with latex condoms. However, it is compatible with non-silicone adult toys. This product can be used with any other Swiss Navy product and is safe for consumption. Comes in a discreet tube filled with a full 5 oz of cream.
Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream
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Brian C - Baltimore, MD

Great product! Very thick and creamy going on, spreads easily and disappears once heat and friction is applied. Very good "slick" feel in the hand. Leaves skin feeling silky-smooth afterwards, no goey, gloppy mess. Cleans up easily. My GF and I love using it when we just can't go all the way. Swiss Navy is already our favorite lube and this is another great product from them!

Chris - Los Angeles, CA

The product works, can't complain...

Swiss Navy is a premium lubricant brand that makes only the finest, high quality lubricants. Swiss Navy manufactures water and silicone-based lubricants which are far above and beyond any lubricant you can buy in a grocery or pharmacy.

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