Super Stretch Erotic Silicone Rings

The Super Stretch Erotic Silicone Rings by Top Cat are comfortable to use for almost any size penis. Extremely flexible and soft, these Erection rings are vibrantly colored with various shapes that add extra pleasure for your lover.

Enhance your erection and prolong those passionate moments with your partner with the Super Stretch Erotic Silicone Rings.

-Due to limited supply, we are unable to offer color and shape preference.

Sold individually, not as a set. Includes one ring.

Super Stretch Erotic Silicone Rings
  • $1.99

Condom Specs

  • Made Of: Soft Silicone

Condom Shape

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

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2 Reviews

Mike - Illinois

I just got mine today. This small ring, is actually well worth it, I put it on before I got my erection, might be better to use a little lube on it, or it tries to pull hair as you put it lower on the shaft. The product made me have a harder erection, and firmer, seemed to make the sensations better. Would suggest to anyone!

Emily - Lansing, MI

Amazing! These rings really work! They're durable, reliable, cute, and make my boyfriend rock hard every time! ;D
Great price, great product!