Ria Wrangler

This product is no longer being manufactured.

Designed with her pleasure in mind! These Pink tinted condoms feature both raised bumps and raised lines that stimulate her most sensitive regions. Ria wrangler condoms also have a very low latex odor and feature just the right amount of lubricant.

Product Features
- 7 Lines of Raised Ribs on the bottom of the head
- 3" worth of Raised Dots on the Shaft
- Lightly Lubricated with a Waterbased Lubricant
- Reservoir Top of added protection
- FDA Approved for reliability
Ria Wrangler
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Condom Specs

  • Length: 7"
  • Width: Head: 2"
  • Width: Shaft: 2"
  • Width: Base: 2"
  • Thickness: .0020"
  • Lubricated: Yes, Waterbased

Condom Shape

Ria Wrangler

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15 Reviews

john - CA

wearing this rubber made me super horny! my penis was rock hard an i went a long time before climax!

Glenn - PA

Roomier than other textured condoms and my girlfriend loved the feel of these during sex.

Betsy - Kansas

Best experience with this condom, and had ever heard of Ria before. Took a chance on these and we are satisfied lovers!

Ben - Brooklyn, NY

Our new favorite condom. Fits me perfectly and my girlfriend was really into the sensations during sex. Very very happy.

Jake - Maine

Best rubber I have ever used. Hope they never stop making these!

Sara - West Virginia, USA

5 of these were included in my 100 sampler pack my husband & I ordered. They are amazing! I'd never heard of them before seeing them on this website, but trust CondomDepot sends out quality products (every condom we've tried from here has been good) and tried one today. I could feel every rib and stud and my husband said he felt every sensation! Fit him like a glove and it's definitely in our top ten favorites now! We have to have so many favorites because so many in the 100 sampler and best condom tin have ROCKED!!!

Lee - CA

i bought a pack of these to go with my Wrangler jeans! the one i wore was blue too not pink like the one in the pic. One of the best rubbers I've ever worn. after a long hard ride it held the huge load of sperm i shot during climax without bursting.

RR - Chicago, IL

Great condoms, very reliable any way you use it. This condom endurance beat any other I have tried. Recommended!!!

Drew - Vancouver, BC

My problem with this condom is simply marketing. I bought a single which came in a cardboard outer package that states in fairly eye catching print "RIBBED AND STUDDED FOR EXTRA PLEASURE" . It also was priced at over double the cost of many other singles. Great fit, and ultimately fun...but so are condoms less than half the price. I guess if condoms are being made to impress someone you could call these the NIKE of condom land.

PS Mine were blue, not pink.

Adam - The Dalles, OR

Best condom I've ever worn. Great feeling, and a very roomy tip.

Chrissy - Jersey

I thought this condom was going to blow my mind! but I was disappointed...for those girls out there who like it rough like me, this condom wasn't the one that went well with it..if you know what I mean O=)

Jason - Portland Oregon

My new favorite! These are super thin and slightly smaller than other condoms for extra feeling. The studs are much larger than on most condoms so their actually noticeable. I just wish the studs went the entire length from top to bottom.

Mike - Tenn.

Fits nice and snug. The studs are definitely noticeable. My girlfriend highly recommends!

Bonnie - texas

Ok first of all the wrapper is blue the condom is pink. And this was hands down the best condom ever felt amazing!! You should totally use them if your looking to have an intense time ;)

Lee - Philadelphia, PA

This feels great and is roomier than many textured condoms. The studs are a bit more pronounced than on other condoms.

Ria Condoms - Manufactured by Trustex, Ria condoms feature world class fit along with one superior reliability. FDA Approved.

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