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Men's Health Magazine
Appeared in November 2003
Witten by Mike Zimerman

Trojan Supra

This ultrathin polyurethane sheath can be used with oil-based lubricants without fear of structural degradation. Better still, it's invisible. Instead of obscuring your charms like panty hose on a bank robber, it let's you retain your individuality. "Impressive," says one young lady. "I can see all the veins and stuff." As for performance, a user claims "it was like [wearing] nothing. Not like having sex with a big piece of plastic. It felt...fleshy." A trifle inelegant in the phrasing but you get the point.


Designed by Alla Venkata Krishna Reddy, M.D., creator of the Pleasure Plus, this latest brainchild has what appears to be a double helix at the tip; the extra material reputedly forms itself into a truly inspiring lovemaking tool. "When I rolled it on, my penis looked like Marvin the Martian," says a staffer. "But when I took a look in the middle of things, the extra fabric had twisted itself into a pinwheel shape. It actually lives up to its name." His girlfriend undoubtedly agreed, because she "made this great noise." Her take: "It almost felt extra lubricated. There was friction, but not artificial friction. Goood friction."

Pleasure Plus

The condom that started it all, and by it we mean the condom-engineering revolution. The PP has a loose pouch of latex on its underside, right along your frenulum, (the neck, as any student of biology knows). During sex, the pouch slides back and forth, ostensibly stimulating both partners and compensating for all that material. Since its inception, this marsupialceptive has been hailed as a true innovation. Did we like it? Sure. "Hard to tell if it was the condom or the position," says one guy. "But neither of us had any complaints."

LifeStyles Xtra Pleasure

The loose-fitting head does the old back-and-forth, though not as efficiently as the Inspiral or the Pleasure Plus. "It was fine," says a tester, "but it didn't get the moans the other two got." Then again the Xtra Pleasure has Xtra ribs. Barbecue sauce and Wetnap sold separately.

Trustex Flavored

Yes, flavored. "I would actually suck on this for no reason," says a female fan of the vanilla. The strawberry, sadly, didn't fare as well: "Shortest act of fellatio ever!" The chocolate is brown, which makes a lighter-skinned johnson look like it's sheathed in a Hefty Cinch Sak. The girlfriend's assessment: "Um, incongruous." The condom also comes in banana (heh heh), grape, mint and cola. Sorry, ladies, no Neopolitan.

Durex Avanti

Another thin, clear, safe polyurethane selection. This one, however, can best be described as "crinkly," a slightly noisy second skin. Because polyurethane is a good heat conductor, though, it makes for a smart choice. "Nothing special," sniffed one lass. Bonus features might help. How about a stud or two? Maybe a couple of ribs?

Trojan Ultra Pleasure

This one boasts a "relaxed fit," ideal perhaps for a girthy gentleman or a fellow who simply enjoys baggy pants. But on a guy "as average as it gets," it yielded no discernible benefits, except for being "a little slidy, which ain't so bad." It does the trick, but why not get more bang for your buck?

Trojan Her Pleasure

Extra wide toward the tip with extra-prominent ribs that are confined to the base, this model is ideal for short, deep thrusts - the kind that resulted in a chernobyl-level orgasm for one lucky partner. The trouble is you don't really buy condoms suited to one type of activity unless you enjoy stopping at halftime to rehelmet the quarterback.

Trojan Extended Pleasure

For the over enthusiastic lover: a bit of numbing benzocaine. If you want to ue it go ahead, but we advise you to think twice. Sex is an enjoyable experience. Better you should work on natural ways to extend the act before you rely on a chemical that will turn you into an unfeeling battering ram.



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