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Trojan Enz Condoms
  • 112 Reviews
LifeStyles SKYN
  • 89 Reviews
Trustex Extra Large
  • 71 Reviews
Beyond Seven Condom
  • 50 Reviews
FC2 Female Condom
  • 19 Reviews
Beyond Seven Aloe
  • 18 Reviews
Durex XXL Condoms
  • 15 Reviews
LifeStyles Colors
  • 15 Reviews
Okamoto 004 Condoms
  • 12 Reviews
Ria Wrangler
  • 11 Reviews
Anal ese
  • 10 Reviews
Trojan Fire & Ice
  • 10 Reviews
Wet Warming Lube
  • 9 Reviews
Pjur  Aqua
  • 5 Reviews
ID Millennium
  • 5 Reviews
Lixx Dental Dams
  • 4 Reviews
WET Synergy
  • 3 Reviews
AstroGlide Gel
  • 2 Reviews
China Shrink Cream
  • 1 Reviews
Coochy Shave Creme
  • 1 Reviews
Liquid V for Women
  • 1 Reviews
Non Latex Sampler
  • 1 Reviews
WET Pheromone
  • 1 Reviews
China Anal Balm
  • 1 Reviews

6 Reviews

Chris - Arizona

They work, used about 20 of these so far, haven't had any catastrophic failures. Perhaps better but definitely still know its there. The tight fit and the latex smell bother me a little so I'll use em' for now but keep looking.

chuck - DesMoines, IA

Lots of sensitivity they are thin.

panda - Detroit, MI

Somewhat tight but feel good, don't often break and have good lube. Better than the Skyns

Shannon - Washington, DC

These were terrible! I couldn't even feel the guy inside of me. Whoever named these "Thin" was sadly mistaken. I have 11 condoms left- might actually throw them out!

mc - tempe az

Great product. Amazing feeling!

kirstie - plymouth,nh

These were horrible! We only bought them because our usual brand was out of stock at the moment. They slipped off my bf constantly, he complained they fit too tight, and I couldnt feel anything when we were active! And on top of that, we were barely even doing anything and the damn thing broke. I threw the rest out immediatly.

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