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50 Reviews

Andy - Davenport,IA

Great feel, scary thin although certainly very snug fit almost borderline too snug. Over all great product.

Kayla - Las Vegas, NV

These condoms were recommended to me by a friend. So I went to their website and got a free sample. I tried it with my partner and these are by far the best I have ever used. I have a slight allergy to latex and these do not bother me at all, nor do they have the nasty scent/taste that other name brand condoms do. I recommend them to all my friends now.

Anonymous - Virginia

So thin I might as well be bare. Fit is a little tight, but they stretch easily and without strangling. I just received a new order of these and they're made in Thailand (like the current production of Crown). There are subtle differences in the new label, hopefully the quality will remain the same.

Jen - CA

One of the most comfortable condoms my boyfriend uses. He says that he feels everything and so do I, closest feeling as good as without one. Very durable and they stretch.
I highly recommend them.

sonja - mod, ca

as a woman the best condom ive used, undetactable. my partner agrees that this is the best either of us has ever used

Darrell - TX

These are fantastic! I have used them for years. Like with all condoms, you need to lube your tool First, then slip it on, and apply more lube. Beyond Seven is amazing. I have never broken one. Use lube first and after, they will feel amazing.

Mr. Wizard - LA, CA

Made by the same People that make Crown Skinless Skin Condoms, these 'Beyond Seven' condoms just aren't as good as the Crown Skinless. My main problem with the Beyond Seven is their thinner width. They are just too tight / constrictive for me (i'm average size). The Crown Skinless fit perfectly, but the Beyond Seven were fun to try to give it a review but I'm not going to go back to them again.

Rob - Canada

These are fantastic, probably my all time favorite condom. Due to their snug fit they feel very comfortable and allow for maximum sensation while still keeping things safe. I would recommend these highly to anyone.

Safe Sex is the Best Sex!! - Brooklyn, NY

This condom has got to be the best condom I have ever used. It makes the sex so much better. Being a woman I have experienced those condoms which were too thick, over lubricated, under lubricated, too baggy and the list goes on; but this condom was lubricated just right and my boyfriend says it felt as though he did not have a condom on which made the experience even better. This brand is now our go to brand as far as condoms are concerned.

Jason - Maryland

These are made by the same company that makes Crown Skinless Skin condoms. I've used both and I think they're the same with color being the only difference. By far, these are the best condoms out there. What's funny is these and Crown are smaller than other brands yet the sensation is vastly improved. The partners I've tried this with seem to like them as well. The only downside is they could stand some more lube. Don't let the smaller size fool you, these things are very pliable and stretch easily. I'll keep buying these or Crown.

david - ny

these condoms are just as good as the Crown condoms (and made by the same producers i think) They feel like you're wearing no condom at all!

Rachel - Chicago

From a female standpoint I like them because they are easy to put on a my partner, they expand to fit different sizes, and they don't look obnoxious. They are lightly lubricated which lets you control the friction based on how wet you become. Also, these condoms are made of some new material which actually feels awesome. Tres chic. A great condom.

Jerri - California

I love these! (And apparently my boyfriend does as well because every time I leave him out a 'selection,' he chooses this condom).

Russ - Pennsylvania

Excellent condom.. These are one of the best condoms I have ever used !

Bill - Washington, DC

I've tried many condoms over the years and these are by far the best. The Sheerlon® material feels great -almost like no condom. Even though they are smaller they fit better than Magnums or Magnum XLs. Unlike other condoms, you can feel every contour and you know when you are "in" by sensation and not by pressure alone.
Best condom ever

john - ny

I love this condom because it feels great! Even though my penis is only 4 inches, my girlfriend seems to love it.

Liz - New York, NY

This is a great condom. I just tried the one that came in the world's best condom sampler. I couldn't feel it and my boyfriend said it allowed a lot of sensation.

Nicole - Bristol, IN

These are the best condoms I've ever used-really. They feel like they aren't even there. They are durable but very thin. Try them, you won't regret it :)

Jky - NY

Excellent condom, very thin and sensitive, hugs penis well.

Sherman - Rochester, MN

These are raved about all over the net, but they felt strange and awkward for me.

joe - ft worth, tx

works well, but breaks too easily during prolonged sex

Vinny - Illinois

Worked good, felt great. To me, it is pretty much a Skinless Skin condom only blue colored.

Mark - Boston, MA

Great condoms, don't even feel like they're on, girlfriend loves them. Definitely buy these.

Michael - Modesto,CA

One of the best condoms out there. It almost feels as if i do not have a condom on. I am in a toss up between crown, Durex extra sensitive and these!

stosh - alpharetta, georgia

This is the best condom I have ever used. Haven't broke one yet and it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

Travis - Pennsylvania

My number one brand if I needing a condom. I use Pjur Eros Bodyglide lube with these condoms for the best awesome feeling, even if you just need to a quick solo tug.

sue - michigan

My boyfriend and i threw away the ones we had left over. They don't stay on and alway get stuck in me (since we've tried them a few times). I honestly can't believe crown and these are from the same company... totally surprised.

Alli - Brownsville, CO

Best condoms ever! They feel like he's not wearing anything and they don't have the weird latex smell.

Jay - WI

These things are the best thing since sliced bread! Feels like wearing nothing!

steve - greensburg, pa

These are by far the best condoms I've tried so far. They're thin enough to actually let you feel the in's and out's of my lady friend and strong enough that I don't have to worry about them breaking while I'm on the job. Definitely worth a try.

ryan - norman, oklahoma

If you need a larger condom do not buy. I got this condom for a safe sex campaign at the college with some others. I couldn't get it to roll down due to the small circumference of the condom.

Shmitty - Denver, CO

Out of all the others I've tried these seem to have the best feeling, I almost forgot I had it on and had to check a couple of times... I'm not the most endowed and these work great for my size. I'm still trying to figure which ones I like the best, so far these are the best out of 3 others (Lifestyles Snugger, Exotica, Beyond 7 Studded). Lube is always a bonus.

Kaydee - San Bernardino, CA

These condoms are smaller than other brands which sucks because it makes them break easily if I were to recommend a condom it would be of the durex, Trojan, or lifestyles variety.

Tennis Guy - San Ramon CA

Great feel and no rubbery smell. I much prefer these over the over hyped crown condoms.

Deja - california

These are the best we have tried so far! they are very thin and I was able to orgasm more quickly then with the Premiums we have been using. My boyfriend said that you can feel body heat better in these. the bad thing is they arn't lubricated very well and even though I was wet we kept having to reapply (about 5 times in 30 mins), so they don't "hold" lube very well and get friction-y. other then that they are great.

Alli - Lafayette,CO

Best condoms ever. There's no horrible smell. Local stores stopped carrying them and I tried other brands. Never again. I started buying them here. I prefer using these to bareback.

Daniel - Auburn, WA

I used a Beyond Seven condom for the first time today. It broke within 5 minutes of use. fml.

Anonymous - AL

The previous condoms my bf and I were using mostly felt the same to me(even the extra thin ones), but then my boyfriend ordered these and I feel A LOT more sensation, and my bf likes them too. I was pretty surprised. We will likely keep using these.

Tony - Maryland

Great condoms. I've bought at least 50 of these, and I've used more than half, and I've never had a problem with them. Even while going at a faster speed, the condom still stays strong.

lilshorty - ohio

I had one of the best times of sexual pleasure with this condom brand I received as a sample and it is so thin you can hardly feel them at all. I wish I could find them in stores.

big john - hartford,ct

Both myself and my wife give it an A+. You feel protected and Sex with them is like having nothing on. (Unlike Trojans which feel like you're having sex with a latex glove.)

Jen - New York

I bought a box for my boyfriend, but we didn't get to use any of them! Each one kept breaking every time we wanted to try and use it. He's average size.

Dusty - Michigan

I have used these thousands of times and I have never had one break. I love these things. Wish I could buy a lifetime supply haha.
I would most definitely recommend these condoms to anyone who likes a lightweight/sensitive condom.

CJS - Evansville, IN

These broke after ~5 minutes. I would hate to think what could have happened... But I have to admit that the material itself is both thin and strong, they just DO NOT STRETCH at all to accommodate a larger penis.

Jane - Boston, MA

I don't really get the hype. My bf is average and these are way too tight. They also made me feel chafed even with lube.

Hannah - CA

These dry out way too fast and become quite uncomfortable for me.

Brice - Oklahoma

People seem to love these, but i just havent been able to. The last two times ive tried them the condom seemed to dry out really fast. Im not sure what it was. It never seems to happen with any other condom and I never have a problem with "wetness" when I dont use a condom. I havent been able to finish the last two times ive used them.

Sam - Ft. Worth, Tx

When I actually was able to get it on it wasn't bad but I kept having difficulty getting these things to unroll properly for some reason. No problems with the Crown unrolling. Just this one. Really annoying and had to throw away half of a 12 pack because of unrolling issues.

Adam B. - San Francisco, CA

I've read at least three reviews of users complaining about breakage. I've received three of these condoms in the sampler package. I tried to use one, but it broke when I put it on. I still have two more and hope to test them in the near future.

My penis size is above average, in the 95th percentile, so based on a significant number of reviews here saying the condom broke, I'm a bit cautious at this point.

Again, no intercourse yet as it broke while putting it on.

sandra - new york city, new york

This is the best condom out there. My boyfriend thinks so too. They are so easy to slip on and they last for so long. We have used many brands and this so far is the best

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