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9 Reviews

Lou-Dog - Virginia

Well, I have no idea what makes these jimmies work so well, but I suppose all those interesting ingredients they use in the lubricant (L-Arginine, Maca and Ginger) have a behind-the-scenes kind of effect. As a guy, I notice no real difference in feeling in my johnson and no real difference in the intensity of my orgasm, but I'm pretty positive my partner would say otherwise. She never had an orgasm in her life before she met me and I gave her a couple before we tried these. But THESE babies did the trick, she had the big O three times in one day, each via a different condom, with the last one coming in no more than 10 minutes. I don't know what it is, we don't regularly use ribbed condoms and that's what she had her first orgasm with, but I do believe that lube has a behind-the-scenes effect on her lady parts, perhaps more easily stimulating an orgasm. My dong doesn't care about the difference, a condom is just another condom to me, but it's all about the lady in my book and she LOVES it. Will buy more.

David - Seattle, Washington

These do the trick obviously. I just can't get over the smell of these condoms. It literally smells like I'm doing it in a hamsters cage. It's odor is way overpowering and lingers for some time after.

Jim - Lebanon, TN

These condoms are terrible. I couldn't feel anything, and they smelled like sweat and burnt hair. Do yourself a favor, don't buy these.

Jeff - Hayden

This condom sucked. I couldn't feel anything and there was no lube. And it smells terrible. And what is the "charged" it felt the same as a Lifestyle condom actually a Lifestyle felt better this condom sucked.

Kevin - New Jersey

Well for starters my girlfriend loves them, she goes out of her way to make sure we use them. I personally don't feel a difference with the lube but she loves the "awesome, cool tingly" sensation. She in fact can't believe I don't feel anything. We also don't feel the ribs and they wreak of laytex which is to be expected with any Trojan condom. On the plus side they cut really well. All in all as long as she likes then I'm happy.

Scott - Oakland Iowa

Overall a good condom. My girlfriend be all like "Damnnnn, omg omg omg." But, sillyness aside, she was pleased with the way they felt, and the tingly lubricant, not to mention those ridges. But, I find there to be too little of the lubricant.. after 45 minutes it was like sandpaper and i wasn't satisfied with that. So, instead of using another condom, we had to use fourplay to get satisfaction. Though I enjoy fourplay, i'd like it if the condom's lubricant lasted a little longer.

Johnny John - Hickatah Alabama

They smell like ass and they are dry as hell. DO NOT BUY THESE CONDOMSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

F-ster - Clay, NY

My girlfriend gets super wet during sex and I find I normally lose the friction needed to come (plus for her, I can go for hours!). These condoms not only increased her pleasure, but mine also. Not sure if the special ingredients do anything, but the ribs, fit, and just the right lube on the inside seems to work for us. I didn't think these condoms smelled any worse than normal lubricated 'doms.

Jim - D.C.

Would not buy again. Smelled horrible!

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