Reviews for Lifestyles SKYN Large

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4 Reviews

Just as advertised! - Portland OR

Wow, simply wow. Feels almost like going without a condom. Feels great. Switching to these from latex from now on!

Blinkingbluelight - Atlanta

Very impressed. I have been using Magnums for many years. New girlfriend was complaining about burning but wasn't sure if it was the lube, condom or both. Tried changing lubes with no luck. Finally found the SKYN and with very little confidence. Surprise! Worked perfect, she had no burning. She must be allergic to latex, who knew? Second surprise, there was no nasty condom smell. The only issue would be size. It's large but not as large as the Magnum XL so it was a little more snug than what I am accustomed to. The regular size would be too small and likely slip off.

RS - Massachusetts

Love these. My partner and I found that we are both allergic to latex, I have glycerin sensitivities (these are lubricated with silicone, I believe) and my partner needs a larger size. These are really the only option available without venturing into female condom or lamb territory, but they are great!! Nice heat transfer, as well.

GD - Chicago

Amazing! Ths condoms feel like you're wearing nothing at all. And they aren't tight.

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