Reviews for Okamoto 004 Condoms

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12 Reviews

Michael T. - Los Angeles, CA

These are great. I tried the 10-pack and it was incredible. Although they are costly, they are definantly worth it.

Mike - OK

Holy burrito are these things great. Before trying these my favorite were the Skinless Skins, but these put the SS to shame, at least for me. It felt at least 50% "less there" than SS.

Jack - Dallas, Texas

Just as good as Crown and Beyond Seven if not better.

Jaded in OC - Orange County, CA

These condoms are great. They're the best feeling condoms I've ever used. They are very thin, so they transfer heat and feeling very well. Despite their thinness, they do not break easily. They fit quite snugly, and the lubrication on them is good. Zero smell.

I'm above average in size, and I don't cause the red ring around the base of my penis that I get with regular condoms, despite these not being large. These are short enough that I unroll them entirely, and flexible enough that they stretch rather than pinch.

Only downside to these is price.

Will - Baton Rouge, La

They were really sensitive, but not much more than crown's skinless skin. So I wouldn't say they're worth the premium price increase. Very cool box though.

G4 - Phoenix, AZ

These condoms are amazing for both her and I. We both climaxed the hardest with these. The only problem with them is they feel TOO good. I seriously thought I was wearing nothing but when we finished, the condom was still there and strong. UNBELIEVABLE!

Note: They are definitely on the tighter side. I am pretty thick and had about as much trouble getting them on as I did with Crown Skinless Skins.

Anonymous - San Diego, CA

Feels even better than the Crown brand.

BW - FT.Thompson SD

These are better than the original crown condoms. I prefer these over the originals. Give them a try, you wont go back to the originals!

Desirae - Dublin, CA

These are a new staple in the house! I've become a condom snob since I found Beyond Sevens and now I'm ruined. LOL! To quote my bf "Beyond 7 is great, 004 is exceptional and worth the extra money!" Two thumbs up Okamoto I rave about them any time it comes up in conversation!

Nate - Sacramento, CA

These have great feeling. One of my favorite!! She likes it too!

Ed - New York

They do feel better than the blue packaged crown skinless. I did break one though. I believe it broke from a combination of no lube, using it too rough, and I should change if its been in use for more than ten minutes. I didn't break the others when I was more careful.

Zencat - Los Angeles

These condoms are small! I'm avg. size and its a struggle to get one on and then it's so tight I can't feel anything. I gave them away.

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