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63 Reviews

Chuck Lebel - Nowhere

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D literally just got done having sex and fire and ice are the best condoms EVER!!!!! PS ... look up the song i just had sex by lonely island on youtube you will love it <3 haha

Anon Ymous - Somewhere

Worst condom ever. Besides the absence of any sensation whatsoever that it causes for either me or my girlfriend, it smells worse than anything I've ever come into contact with. tastes even worse than that. Don't Buy.

Devin - Florida

These weren't all that great. He said they just made it awkwardly warmer and it just gave me irritation. They worked as far as being the only thing we had but if we had different ones I would of used those instead.

John - Somewhere, NC

My wife really enjoyed the sensation of this condom and the cooling sensation came at the right time. That said, it was like receiving a blow job from a 5 alarm chili judge for me.

Jamie Harding - Erie, PA

Alright, so before using these condoms I decided to read reviews on how they would be. One at first niether my partner nor I could feel the cold however sometime later it switched to warm which was oddly uncomfortable. My woman parts felt like they were on fire after until I showered and second, statements about these condoms smelling after sex is true. If your into trying new things try, but shower after. :)

Justin - Orange County

Ok so if you are into rubbing Bengay on you penis, then placing your it on an open flame, then pouring acid all over it... you will enjoy these condoms...



N/A - California

Only condom I've tried. We wore this when he took my virginity and it had the most horrible burning I've ever had like the lube went onto where it tore a little and hurt really bad. It broke once but other than that I really like how easy it feels to slide in. So they work decently... We still have like 12 left so well probably try a different one after were done

burningV911 - Yuma, AZ

OMG!!! This really does feel like fire. But not in a good way!!! Someone told me to try it and I didn't believe what she said so I had to try it myself. I like to be adventerous but this was quite the adventure...Totally not expected! I thought my hair was going to be sticking up like the commercial but instead it burned the heck out of my vajay-jay. First it felt like there was the hottest Chili in there then at the end like a breath mint! I do not recommend this condom!!! worst ever!!!! Ill stick to the withdrawl method!

BurningV911 - Yuma, AZ

OMG!!! This really does feel like fire But not in a good way!!! Someone told me to try it and I didnt believe what she said so I had to try it myself. I like to be adventerous but this was quite the adventure...Totally not expected! I thought my hair was going to be sticking up like the commercial but instead it burned the heck out of my vajay-jay. First it felt like there was the hottest Chili in there then at the end like a breath mint! I do not recommend this condom!!! worst ever!!!! Ill stick to the withdrawl method!

iluvjalapenos - Whittier, CA

One time my boyfriend ate nachos with jalapenos and he didnt wash his hands. So later on that night he decided to put his finger in "there" AND it burned so bad! Well that is what fire & ice condoms feel like! Might as well have used a jalapeno instead of the condom. not a good experience :(

Anon - Kentucky

These aren't special at all. You don't feel the cool, warming sensation. All I felt was the burn that is not pleasant at all. The burn felt like a carpet burn. They are not worth the extra money.

Spence - NM

My dick is red and peeling. Only buy these if you hate your peep and want it to suffer.

NA - Las Vegas, NV

These were terrible. Our friend even warned us they sucked but we decided to try for ourselves. The first time it got really dry and I didn't feel the warming, we tried it a second time and I could kind of feel the warming and when I asked my boyfriend how the cooling was he just said "no. Just no. "I didn't like that at all". Definitely wont be using these ever again.

JohnDoe - Bronx New York

Felt kinda good during, But all i have to say is after sex and the day after MY PENISSSS WAS ON FIRE!!!!!
AHHHHHHH!!!!!! had it under cold water for hours =( I hate fire and Ice

John - UT

I was hesitant trying this one because other Trojan condoms are horrible, but this one blew my mind. I forgot I was wearing it! This one worked for me, it may or may not work for you.

Emily - Cincinnati, Ohio

This was not good AT ALL. Me and my boyfriend hated it with a passion. he completly lost all arousal and had to take it off. I didn't like how it affected me, very uncomfortable for both of us.

John Goodwin - San Antonio, Texas

DO NOT BUY, these condoms feel like icy hot on your manhood, and its feel like freezer burn then fire for the girl(so says my girlfriend)

Nicole - San Francisco, CA

AWFUL. Burns (both of us felt the HOT sensation, nothing "cool"). For me, the girl, it felt like a yeast infection or something. Not pleasant. And it smelled terrible, too.

Anyonymous - Ottawa, ON

Nothing really special about product. Couldn't feel the warming sensation, but it felt like rubbing Vicks on your genitals.

Michi - New Jersey

It felt like Icey-Hot!! I did not like these at all, I think we threw them away. I don't think my bf liked the feeling either.

Chanel - Brooklyn, NY

I just tried it for the first time I felt they ice part very much and my partner said he disliked it because it felt like icey hot on his penis. I don't knock it but to each it own and I didn't smell anything weird but everyone is different

Annoymous - Mass

These worked for a little, but then the lubricant gave my penis a rash, it went away but they kind of suck and don't feel that amazing.

Christy - Phoenix, AZ

How can you enjoy sex if your privates goe numb? If there's a way then I might try these again. Well, probably not. During the middle of sex I almost asked my husband if he wasn't in the mood anymore because I could not feel him inside me. The "tingling" killed the mood for me!

Kristin - Indiana

If your sitting there reading this review go by this condom. Amazing feeling, best so far! Haven't tried them all so i couldn't say 5 stars but I wanted to. Buy buy buy !!!

Anonymous - Riverside, Ca

These are terrible. It's like you rubbed your penis with Icy-Hot.

anon - huntington wv

These are great...while I couldn't feel the fire as strong as ice, it was still a very different, very awesome sensation.

Melody - Tennessee

The cooling sensation is nice, but neither my husband nor I were ever able to feel the warming sensation. Beware: these condoms really smell bad. The only thing I know to compare the odor to is burned hair and rubber. It's really atrocious.

Troy - Baltimore, MD

These condoms aren't special, the lube didn't make me feel any tingling sensation. They are not worth the extra money

Chief - Orlando, Fl

Totally amazing product here. I agree it does feel a bit like icy hot, but at the same time it seems like the condom knows when to go cold, as it always does right at the climax. Only thing to warn about, other than the smell would be that as soon as you are done TAKE IT OFF!!! They tend to get a little hot.

john - georgia

Good thing my girlfriend knows that I can go for a long time because I finished so fast. It felt great and my penis was very stimulated.

William - Ohio

Horrible!!! The first impression is the atrocious smell and there is no ICE... its all fire and not even remotely pleasurable.

N/A - Seattle, WA

These are very good, all i can say is buy it!

Thia - Austin

The first time my boyfriend and I used these condoms it felt absolutely amazing. However the second time we used them there was almost no extra sensation whatsoever. The third and fourth time were slightly better but not by much. I think this is one of those condoms you can only use like once a month or so for it to consistently feel amazing.

Senia - Phila, PA

Me & My boyfriend did not like these at all. There was so sort of sensation felt for either of us. The smell of the latex was very noticable & a big turn off. I do not think they are worth it

Jonathan - Zachary, la

To be honest, they sucked. They felt thick, they STINK and neither me or my wife felt any kind of Fire or Ice feeling. I will not buy these again.

Mike Colby - Dorchester, MA

These condoms suck, they burn. It's nowhere near enjoyable. It's like having sex with a block of dry ice and sticking it in a barrell of hot embers and ice cubes.

lexi - paramount california

Totally awesome.... you should try these my boyfriend and I loved them! They are the best we've tried up to now.. :)

Chris Kringle - s, k

You might as well strap a jalapeno pepper to your penis as it is the same feeling. I would not suggest these.

K - El Paso, Tx

These are horrible! My husband and I thought we would like them, but it felt like our business was set on fire! I would not recommend these.


THESE CONDOMS ARE HORRIBLE. You might as well go to your local super market and buy a whole tube of icy hot and rub it all over your stuff. They make your dick sad, and burn with pain.

Tim - Birmingham, AL

These condoms were awful.. We barely got past the smell, which was atrocious. After my girlfriend and I used two we threw the rest away. She said they felt weird and I felt like I had rubbing alcohol on my penis. Do not buy.

no name - minnesota

TERRIBLE. Both me and my boyfriend stopped because the "warming" was more like burning and hurt even after we were done. Not a pleasant experience.

Ashley & Andy - East Longmeadow, MA

AMAZING! Both of us loved the sensations that the Fire & Ice produced. Definitely (highly) recommended. Out of the 6 we've tried this one tops them all. Even though the price is a little higher, definitely worth it. Just a tip, take it off soon after you finish...it gets really hot, almost like a burning feeling.

rob - milawaukee, illinois

They suck. If you're looking for a quickie for less then 10 seconds, this is the rubber for you

PLT - Denver, Colorado

The only thing that felt worse than these condoms was when my wife put lighter fluid on my balls and set them ablaze. If you think you need these to make sex more enjoyable your doing it wrong!

Anonymous - Oklahoma

I think these are amazing! They get soo warm. My boyfriend said it got too cold for him, but all I felt was heat. Other than that we both loved them. DO NOT try oral after your partner wearing one, though... Not only do they smell terrible, the left over lube on his penis tasted like poison.

ted - Durango, Colorado

One of the worst condoms I have ever used it felt really thick, and the lube feels like icy hot.

Jay - Toronto

This condom is horrible. You can't feel anything and it stinks. My girl and I hated it and she wouldn't have sex with me until I bought a different kind.

anon - miami

So shitty! My boyfriend felt like he was having sex with a bottle of tooth paste and I didn't feel a thing!


Intresting feeling but, it's either hot or cold not both. Dry up quick and smell terribe. Try Durex Play Sensations.

Jay - Hollywood, CA

These are great! They get the job done right. My boyfriend wasn't that excited that he got the ''ice'' side, but he liked them overall. I absolutely LOVED them.. We will definitely be getting more of these... Two thumbs up!!!!

Burg - WhoCares,NC

It felt like getting a hand job from Jack Frost followed by a blow job from Bowser. Threw away the box of them after only using 1. Save your money.

T&R - Orlando

This was the worst condom ever. The first one didn't even work and the second time it burned me. The lube was clumpy and gross and it smelled really bad. Don't buy these, they suck.

K.M - Oregon

I didn't feel any warming or tingling sensation. But my man sure felt it, nothing pleasing though! It caused him to feel burning and become irritated and red down there. Definitley not touching this brand again.

Brice - Oklahoma

I robbed one of these from my friends. The head was bigger than I was used to, but it wasnt a bad thing. The fire and ice part was odd. It warmed up on me, and then came the ice. I thought it felt good, and liked it. My girlfriend said all she got was the fire and didnt like it at all. Glad I hadnt bought a box of them cause the gf said no more fire and ice lol.

M.P.A. - Denver, CO

We tried these condoms and were both left with a horrible burning sensation on our genitals. There was definitely a fire but no ice to cool it down, and we were left rushing to the shower to wash off the pain. They smelled bad as well. Would not recommend!

Susie - Denver , Colorado

I was really excited to use these until I felt my couchie set ablaze for an hour after usage. What a horrible idea for a product! I would advise against using these or suggest lathering up your lady parts with icy hot to get the same awful effect. Spread the word!!!

Bianca - Troy, Alabama

This is the worst condom ever. my boyfriend didnt get a chance to complain because the second we started intercourse my vagina began to burn as if someone stuck a hot pepper up there and it didnt stop burning for 2 days and ended up with a yeast infection.

Ananoymous - California

Definately a waste of money!!! Neither my boyfriend or I liked this product due to the fact of the sensations of the fire were way too intense. The hot side had a very intense burning feeling while the icy side was suprisingly bearable. We have tried many condoms in the past and this was by far the worst and have discontinued the use of these immediately.

Jenny - San Diego, California

I thought these condoms were going to feel amazing but when my ex and I tried one, he felt nothing, while I felt burning and pain. They smelled and just made sex a turn off that night. I wouldn't recommend this product but if anyone is willing to try them, just be ready to hop in the shower with lots and lots of soap! Good luck!

Unstimulated - Austin, TX

Thes condoms smelt horrible and the fire & Ice gimmick didn't bring anything special to the occasion. Trojan condoms are too small and I'm not a large guy. The base is too narrow and condom is about an inch short. I'll be sticking with Durex.

Nicole - New York City

My bf really likes these condoms, but I don't like them as much. I don't feel the cooling sensation at all, all I feel is my vagina feeling like it burning up. In addition, it smells a little funny. I dont think I will purchase these condoms again.

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