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Trojan Enz Condoms
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LifeStyles SKYN
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FC2 Female Condom
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Beyond Seven Aloe
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Anal ese
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Trojan Fire & Ice
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China Anal Balm
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28 Reviews

CB - Austin, Tx

Amazing condom, A++ for her

Mikey - Virginia

GREAT FIT!!!! and my gf said its the best condom we have ever used!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!

John - San Francisco, CA

Who designed this one? Really thick latex prevents the wearer from feeling anything. Doesn't contour to either participant, unless yours is shaped like a light bulb. If you've already bought this then turn them into novelty party favors.

Bryan - NJ

These condoms vary, some are well lubed, some lack enough lube. Without lube, be weary, one broke.

James - Honolulu, HI

Without doubt the best condom I have ever used. It truly felt like there was nothing there, and I was finally able to feel all the intricate details of my wife's vagina without having to worry about getting her pregnant. I highly recommend this.

luvh20 - Louisiana

These were not pleasure for him or I. The ribbed rings are very rough and I was actually in pain and had to have him take it off and switch to a Crown to finish. Feels obvious during sex and the ribbing makes it worse, not better. Haven't tried a lot of condoms, but won't be buying any more of these, that's for sure.

John - Nashville, TN

These condoms are pretty good as far as condoms go. We like the plain end that these have. The lube seems to last longer than regular lube (it is silicone based). My wife said that the ribs add a little extra for her.

lolita - maywood, Il

Love this condom. I received a sample in the mail. I finally found a condom that's made with a woman in mind. It feels really good! Meow!

Whitey - USA

These things are like wearing a tube sock. We hated them. They are so thick and there is no head room.

Sean - PA

My girlfriend's personal favorite, and one of the few varieties that we buy, they feel so awesome. Better than regular condoms, and so much more trustworthy than going without.

Haley - Missouri

Best Condom Ever! Love the lube on the outside, and he also liked it too, easy clean up. No other brand needed, im sticking with this one!

TNGal - Nashville, TN

The feeling is amazing. It feels like nothing is there. It's still thin but ribbed, which makes it feel amazing.

However, my man is a thick guy and these condoms kept sliding off during sex. We checked the pack, thinking we picked up like large size ones, but no we didn't.

Luke - New York

This condom was great! Maybe a little bit too much lube. But it is sure better than the ultra thins which dry up. All the lube made be worry tho cause at the end everything was so wet and i was afraid it broke. It didnt lol It was deff a great condom tho... And for all the people saying it broke ... you must have one fat ass chode.

jay - dallas

Best condom I ever used....comfy....and the lube helps you slide right in...damn near like using nothing at all.

John - Santa Barbara, CA

Too tight at the base. Too loose at the tip. Not enough lubrication. One broke, first breakage ever. Trojan shared pleasure was a much better condom overall.

tl - seattle

I've tried them recently, and it felt like it was slipping off. It didn't feel AMAZING or anything.

ph - ft worth tx

The lube on this is really good- it's kinda thick and sticky which is annoying afterwords but it feels real good. My girl likes the rib placement but the big downside to these is that they're pretty thick.

steve - EU.

The best Condom on the market! Very comfortable to wear.

jeff - lakeland, fl

Feels great...but I've had two breaks out of this box.

Thia - Austin, TX

Out of all the condoms I've tried so far these have been my personal favorite. I can get off in a fairly decent amount of time with these.

Jane - Columbus, Ohio

Best condom we have ever used. I consistently have an orgasm with these whereas I never have orgasms with other condoms. It feels better than nothing at all!!

Me!! :) - san Diego, Ca

I loved this condom, i've tried several and both of us loved it, it feels amazing, I like it cause it doesn't have the tip sticking up like other condoms plus the lube leaves our skin feeling silky!!! :) Loved it

Anonymous - United States

Most comfortable condom I've used. And they don't break!(the trojan ultra thins DO break....) They don't dry out my lady, they feel comfortable, and there is extra room for a little bigger guy.

A. - Boston

These are terrible. Used twice and broke twice after less than five minutes. Its too tight at the base and too loose at the tip - like wearing a tube sock.

Peter - USA

Some of these reviews have to be fake because this condom was terrible for her and myself. She said it felt like some weird foreign object going inside. I bought a box and reluctantly used about 5 until I had one rip on me and now the whole box is in the trash. Whats the point of having thick latex if it can rip easily? I've recently tried Lifestyle and beyond 7 sheerlon products and I'm never trusting Trojan's cheap quality again. It's all about the marketing.

winterlover - superior, wi

Very comfy for an averaged sized guy, but a little tight around the base. I thought it had a little bit too much lube, although the gf loved it. It all boils down to personal preference.

A.G. - New York

I've tried Crown, lamb skin, the normal Her Pleasures, Twisted Pleasues etc. but nothing comes close to this. Surprisingly, the bag shape actually allows a more comfortable fit and for you to feel more of your lover's penis than with a tight constricted fit. I sometimes prefer this to no condom as things can get quite rough and it eases the blow.

N - Virginia

It was supposed to be all about my pleasure, but it felt like a rubbery glad bag! Tricky to put on, these condoms felt extra thick. I did not notice the ribbing and it made penetration oddly difficult. I could feel it through the entire act. My boyfriend did not report anything better on his side of things, either. Oh, and the smell got on our hands which made things worse as well. No one wants to pull away when one's partner touches one's face--but it couldn't be helped with that scent! Really horrible.

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