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1 Review

C - Illinois

My rating is mostly based on whether I would buy the vibrating ring again. Given that I've rated it a one, I would not buy the ring again. The vibration was not nearly as stimulating as advertised though I understand it probably wasn't designed to bring someone to orgasm by itself. I would also caution guys with a moderate to full amount of pubic hair to be prepared for the rubber ring to pull and catch on your hair frequently. That pretty much took away any sort of small amount of pleasure I was feeling from the faint vibration at the base of my penis in the first place. Another problem was that it was very difficult to place the vibrating motor in just the right position to make any difference. The rubber ring made it virtually impossible to flip the ring to even arouse me to beyond a flacid phase. Forget getting erect with the ring, you won't even keep your erection even after achieving one. You would be well served spending your money on some other product.

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