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18 Reviews

Sara - Canton, MI

One word: ow. my boyfriend didn't like the extra friction caused for HIM either. not a winner.

Frank&Manda - Texas

We bought the Pleasure value pack and this is the second one we tried out and..... It sucked. DO NOT waste yor time trying these. Thank god it only came with 6 of the intense. =_=

Tom - Wells,Maine

These are great. They are nice and big and easy to put on. It hardly feels like I am wearing anything and my girlfriend says they feel great too.

Jen - Oregon

My boyfriend and I decided to try these...not the best choice. There was a lot of lube and it had a very strong smell. The ribs didn't make much of a difference. The only good things were that it didn't break and it fit him nicely. Wouldn't use these again.

Nick - Utah

Alright. The ribs aren't really anything to die over. I honestly don't care for them. Plus they are too tight around the base for me. . . I get bruises around the base from them.

Chris - St.Catharines, Ontario

They feel pretty good, although not a huge difference to regular ribbed condoms.

D Wallly - Omaha, NE

Got a few of these when I ordered some standard Trojans, now my girlfriend won't let me use anything else

T - Chicago

Great feel for girl or guy, but don't dig the latex smell.

Jeff - Alabama

These are great. They're a little bigger and more comfortable than other Trojans. The lube is different, but better than most other lubed condoms. I've stocked my drawer with these.

Coty - Litchfield Park

As using a condom for my first time, these were suggested, by a friend. I am pleased to say I trust in trojan.

George - Detroit, MI

While these didn't feel too bad for me or my girlfriend (though they are quite thick), she ended up having an allergic reaction to the "ultrasmooth" lube. The ultrasmooth lube doesn't go away either. It leaves both people feeling greasy, and the only way to get it off is a shower with lots of soap. These also smell terrible. Probably one of the strongest smells out of any condom.

Nu-Nu - Flint, Mi

I hated these... Me and my boyfriend tried these and it had a awful after smell to them and they were just to uncomfortable for me.. Won't use these again.

Jon - Lansing, MI

One of my favorites. My girl loves the ribbed pattern. However as with most Trojan condoms the latex smell does get to be a little much, usually requiring a shower. Otherwise a very good condom.

Carol - Kzoo, MI

My boyfriend bought these by mistake one night and it was the best mistake ever made. I have a tendency of becoming too wet causing no friction resulting, so stimulation which leads to me not being able to orgasm. But with these, no mater how wet I become, I can still feel the friction and stimulation. I love these condoms =]

Luo Tien - Los Angeles

Worst Condom ever. I will never buy another Trojan again. They made sex stinky and disgusting for me. Seriously it smelled like rotten eggs every time. Now that I m using the right condoms I'm so happy :)

Brian - Orlando, FL

Terrible, bad smell, easy to lose erection. Just not a good feeling.Don't buy these.

megan - phoenix, az

Great feel, but the smell of rotten eggs is so overpowering during sex the mood is gone and the smell lingers in the room for what seems like hours.

Kevin - New York

The worst condom I have ever used. The shape does not feel natural at all. It irritated me and my girlfriend hated it. Never touch these things you will regret it big time.

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