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15 Reviews

Frank - Coral Springs, FL

This condom reduces sensitivity a lot. It feels like it squeezes the head of my penis. Althought the write-up says it has a bigger head width - it does not. I will not be buying this one again. No problems with breakage, though.

Jon - Detroit, MI

Worst condom I've ever used. They are far to weak and break very easily. I ended up throwing all of them away. Free at health departments so you get what you pay for.

John - Inverness,Florida

Broke almost every time i used them and the most embarrassing part about it i had to double up because i was too lazy to buy new brand, and WAY too tight.

Ryla - Canada

Never broke, never had any problems, but not the best condom out there either.

Scott - Tampa, Florida

S*** condom. Break very easily, way too tight and are lacking lubrication. Don't waste your money on these when you could buy something ALOT better. Never again.

Bobby - Chicago, Il

Too snug
2/4 used have broken
Just barely enough lubricant

Tom - Flint Mi

Broke one every time a waste of money.

Krista - Michigan

My boyfriend and I had used this condom, and BOTH of us hated it. He said it was WAY too tight, no lube, and for me, it felt like I was getting rubbed raw...never, ever again will we use this kind. We are hooked on the Durex Love condoms!

Anonymous - Michigan

My girlfriend and I have used a few of these, never had any kind of breakage. Fairly easy to put on, but a little bit snug at the base and like others have said, it's a little lacking in lubrication. I'd consider these about average, very similar to the Trojan Enz but without the nasty smell. I don't think they're as bad as everyone is making them out to be, but there are better condoms out there (Durex Extra Sensitive, Crown, etc.)

amanda - florida

i hate these, they always give me a scared because they never work!

Anne - New York, NY

I gotta say I really like colored condoms, I'm not sure why. Used them about 6 or 7 times, never broke. I wonder if people just don't know how to put condoms on?

willie - SD

My friend gave me a lifestyles colors condom and it was the first condom I used. It felt great so I didn't understand why everyone was hating on this condom so much. Then I tried Trojan and they SUCKED! i just bought a variety pack of lifestyles and they are fantastic!

Samuel - Canada

Worst condom ever. Don't buy these. I felt nothing and they are very small.

hassan - ames, iowa


Tom - Nj

You really do get what you pay for. Worst condom ever.

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