Reviews for FC2 Female Condom

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19 Reviews

BaldyLokz - US

I have yet to try it, but the concept is amazing. No more stopping in the middle to get the condom on. Put the female condom in, THEN get started. Brilliance!!!

Sammy - New Orleans, OK

The concept of these is great, but for reason when I get really excited then they turn into a male condom and I end up pulling them out, regardless of the amount of lube I use. They should make them wider.

Sonia - Gainesville, Fl

My husband and I used one the other night, and it felt like a bag stuck inside of me. WE did not like it, and will never use another one.

Nope - Kentucky

Thought it was worth a try, but if I wanted to nail a plastic bag I could get a free one from the grocery store. Girlfriend commented "I can't imagine anyone cuming in that thing." Sorry, I'm sticking with Crown condoms.

Liz - New York, NY

Terrible. My boyfriend said it was like humping a plastic bag. It did not feel as thin as I thought it would. What a waste of money. And it was much more expensive than a male condom.

sam - raleigh nc

I love it for every woman that said, if there was a condom for a woman they would wear it, here it is!! I hate A tight condom I am a little lager than normal and cant stand it pinching my thing tight. takes some getting use to but once its in and a little lube inside its great! No condom squeezing tight on the base on your penis. Feels much more natural at first my wife and I weren't sure but after one or two times its the next best thing to the real thing!

Meg - MI

The FC is a great idea--latex irritates me, so polyurethane is a better alternative, *and* my partner really liked it because it didn't constrict him the way male condoms do. Only downside is the price, but I think it's well worth it.

DMB - Tampa, Florida

This brand is only 6 inches in depth! What is the condom manufacturer thinking? Such a shallow depth guarantees that females with larger-sized males as mates, who are arguably the most likely to want an alternative to condoms that don't fit, are out of luck!

Diego - las vegas

my girlfriend and i had great sex with this condom. the only draw back was the condom got lost inside her.

Roy - Anc, Ak

I like these better than all other condoms I have tried. It feels like you are not using a condom. It took a few times for my girlfriend to get used to putting them in, but it is worth it.

Kamila - Lublin, Poland

My boyfriend don't like male condoms. I sometime saw female condoms on the internet, I was very curious about they. I order few pack. At first it was hard to put condom into my vagina, but after I try doing it few times I got used to they. My first intercourse with female condom in me was very amazed I was very curious how it feel for me, and of course for my man, I was scary about size of condom because my boyfriend is close to 8", but outer ring was still on the outside my vagina. During sex I forgot about condom inside me, and I had wonderful sex. My boyfriend told me that he don't feel condom in my vagina. By the way I use extra lubricate with condoms. Since this time (about 6 months) we always use my female condoms on my fertile days. My man is happy because he don't wear his condoms now.

ST - Louisiana

For guys who's unit needs some breathing room and can't stand being pinched, this is a Godsend. It's a little uncomfortable if it's not placed in right, but we have got the hang of it. And once it got lost inside her, so make sure your aim is good.

Ginger - Cascadia

My guy is only a little more than average in length, but much wider than average. Even the max condoms don't quite fit him right. But the female condom was perfect! We both enjoyed this! Non-latex meant none of the smell, while the freedom of not being wrapped like a sausage, and heat-transfer quality of the female condom's material made his experience much more enjoyable (upon first use his eyes widened and he said "I can feel you!" Afterward he made sure I knew where to get more. LOL. A very good review!). Twisting might dislodge the open end of the condom and it may slip in. This is an easy enough fix. Just make sure of the condom's proper placement when you change positions. Use plenty of lube, and try to remember to check the condom when you change position. You won't regret it!

Tim - In Wisconsin

WOW!!! By far the greatest thing ever invented. I've tried numerous regular condoms but could never find one where I could feel anything. This product solved the problem. Two thumbs up and 5 stars!

sota - Minneapolis, MN

Interesting concept, but actual use leaves a lot to be desired. Condom had a tendency to either go completely in, or get yanked out by friction. Also had a lousy sensation because it's so loose.

JP - Somewhere CO

One of the absolute worst prophylactics ever invented.
It's fantastic if you like having sex with a wal-mart bag. Theses things are a huge waste of money.

SW - maryland

This is one of the best condoms out there simply because I do have a latex allergy. It feels amazing especially knowing the fact that my boyfriend is really close to the same size as the condom. I couldn't have ask for anything better.

susan - canada

Talk about killing the mood. Even though it was inserted beforehand. It mades a plastic bag sound and it doesn't stay in place properly. Almost no sensation. It was laughable. I might as well use a glad bag!!! Never again and sooooo overpriced. Can't they use a different material?

S - San Francisco, CA

Loved it! My boyfriend has HSV1 so we have been using male condoms which are generally disappointing. Then we tried the female condom. It was the best sex we've ever had, AND it provides more protection for me since is covers more area. For us, female condoms feels better because the friction is between his penis and the condom instead of a male condom and me. Anyway, there was no noise, it allows for spontaneity, felt great for both of us, and is safer. Try it!

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