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Trojan Enz Condoms
  • 112 Reviews
LifeStyles SKYN
  • 89 Reviews
Trustex Extra Large
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Beyond Seven Condom
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FC2 Female Condom
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Beyond Seven Aloe
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Durex XXL Condoms
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LifeStyles Colors
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Okamoto 004 Condoms
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Ria Wrangler
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Anal ese
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Trojan Fire & Ice
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Wet Warming Lube
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Pjur  Aqua
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ID Millennium
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Lixx Dental Dams
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WET Synergy
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AstroGlide Gel
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China Shrink Cream
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Coochy Shave Creme
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Liquid V for Women
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Non Latex Sampler
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WET Pheromone
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China Anal Balm
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13 Reviews

Anonymous - Buffalo, NY

I've only used this condom once, but it was really sensitive! I loved it and bought a whole bunch more. I'll make sure to update this with another review after I use it some more.

Chris - Lyndon VT

Just about the best one I've ever used. Seriously feels like nothing is there at all which makes it great, she loves it and I do Too.

John - Monroe, New Jersey

Tried these usually used the trojan ultra thin. So far have used them about 8 times and they feel excellent. Sometimes i get worried that it slipped off or broke but the wife even enjoys the feeling with these. Probably with no future accidents will stick to these.

Justin Williams - New York, NY

I've been using these for about 5 months now and they are great. It feels like i'm wearing nothing at all. Going back to another condom, forget it, it feels like your wearing aluminum foil if you don't use Lifestyles Ultra Thin. The lady likes them too.

Lewis - VA

Awesome feeling. Feels like I am not wearing one. Thin and strong. Never had one to break. I rely on these, Trojan Ultra Thin and Durex Extra Sensitive.

Anonymous - Buffalo, NY

I have had sex with my girlfriend without a condom. This compares closely with that experience. I have never broken a lifestyles condom and I have used them on more than 100 occasions. Sensitive, tough and reasonably easy to find at pharmacies! Buy these and I doubt you'll be disappointed. I choose these over the following: Trojan Magnum Ultra-Thin, Trojan Enz, Trojan Twisted Pleasure, Trojan Her Pleasure, Trojan Studded, Durex Extra Strength, Durex Extra Sensitive, Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed, Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive, Lifestyles Sheer Pleasure and probably a few others I forgot. This is the clear winner. Only condoms I would even think about trying to compare these too would be Durex Love and the Crown Skinless Skin (but I think these might be to narrow).

Eric Dash - San Francisco, CA

Great sensitivity, but I just had one of these break. I think that I am going to stick to the Durex Extra Sensitive

John - Ohio

Found these in a sampler and WOW! I wish there were more. I like them, so does the girl. LifeStyles are wonderful and these are great, plenty of room and super sensitive.

Eddy - San Jose, CA

Very pleased with these. They feel like almost nothing. Planning on getting more in future times.

Benjamin - Texas

I am a gay man and I have both topped and bottomed using this condom and sex was amazing on both ends. At first I was afraid to use this condom because I thought they would break during sex because how thin they were. But after using many of these condom I found that they do not break. I will recommend these condoms to anyone.

Nick - Anchorage, AK

These are the best condoms ever. There's the perfect amount of lube, and no nasty latex smell. Lifestyles are the best brand ever, and the ultra thins are the best of the best. I've used a lot of these and have never ever had a problem with them. No lie. Definitely try these, even if you're a devoted fan of another brand.

John - Coalinga, CA

We have only used them twice. But both of us feel we work alot harder to feel any sensation at all.

cb - TN

Maybe the best overall condom I've worn. I absolutely love the texture and feel of the surface of the latex used by LifeStyles on this and the Sheer Pleasure. The Sheer Pleasure is VERY difficult to get on--having to go soft to get it started, then resume activities once it's on. This one, however, is much easier. According to measurements posted, same at top and base as Magnum, just a little narrower in the center. Doesn't feel quite as easy to get on while erect as Magnum, but not too significant a difference here. The LifeStyles Ultra Thin, however, definately feels better once it's on!

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