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16 Reviews

These Condoms Break - NY


I have had countless of these condoms BREAK -- even with tons of silicone lube used.


Deano - Riverside, CA

Was good for a while but ripped, don't recommend this at all.

E.C. - A small town, Arkansas

I picked these up for the first time as a freebee at a university health clinic, and I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I am a woman who needs significant lubrication, and for my purposes the lubrication on these is excellent, the best I've tried.

Personally, I thought these were very nice feeling and about as unobtrusive as a condom gets, but my partner felt they were merely average, ok condoms, but not his preferred choice.

anonymous - WV

These are awesome, I used these and will always recommend for a awesome sexual experience

me - NC

When my boyfriends and I first started having sex, we always used these condoms. And after trying different brands and different styles, these are by far the best!

Lil Drew - B-more,Maryland

These condoms suck

Anon - Hicksville Ga

Very good quality; my local health center first gave me these, and that's how I found them. Would definitely recommend them even if you don't need the extra lube.

John - Philly

I've used these condoms and they work very well and feel good. I've also seen them used in gay porns so you know that they're strong!

rick - denver volirado

lost my virginity with these good for your first time if she is nervous

Spencer - Burbank, CA

Ah, these made sex amazingly smooth. And the reliability gave my girl and me peace of mind for even more ecstasy. The brim was a bit suffocating though.

Benjamin - Texas

I am a gay man and I have only used this condom bottoming. I loved how it felt and how much lube it had on it. It was perfect I wish all condoms came as lubricated as this one and they are very strong condoms.

anonymous - USA

This is a good condom don't get me wrong, but when you use this condom on objects other then a real penis I have had it break at the base of the condom when trying to remove it. So make sure you are careful when using it doing intercourse.

anonymous - USA

These condoms stink and they break very easy. I would not recommend using these condoms.

Nick - Anchorage, AK

Great condom, but be warned- these are VERY lubricated. This can be great if the lady half of the relationship needs something extra, but otherwise it just makes things super wet. It almost crosses the line into being too much. Totally get these if a lack of lubrication is the issue. They're awesome for that. Otherwise, look for something else.

Angie - Memphis,TN

I have to agree with Spencer on the brim size. It sufficated my bf and no peak for him. I also agree with Nick. Too much lubication. I'm pretty wet and this made it too much... We're still looking..

Anon - Orlando, FL

Good if the lady needs a little more lubrication. Other than that, it didn't impress me. Maybe better for a narrower penis, but it was uncomfortably tight on me. Also a bit thick for my tastes.

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