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12 Reviews

Jason - New York, NY

TERRIBLE. We bought this lube hoping to avoid the eventual stickiness of Astroglide, but this brand was even worse. It got EXTREMELY sticky after only a minute or two and required lots of re-applications to stay slick. I will never buy Probe again.

Lady Masako - London, UK

Hey let me say something !
Probe has been my regular since '02.
Definitely the BEST lube around.
Here in UK, many gay female falls in love with its texture. Stickiness can be solved by adding a little water or try silky green bottle. But we loooove Thick & Rich !

Manda - Japan

Exquisite - so slick and silky. Just add water or saliva when it starts drying up. The only lube I've ever used that didn't end up stinging afterwards. Really kind on your body.

whatsername - Sacramento, CA

Fabulous! Looks and feels just like a man's pre-cum. Perfectly mimics and integrates with your own fluids, and re-wets like a dream with just a little spit. I will definitely purchase again.

Suse - New York

This lube is best for women. It is water soluble and extremely natural feeling. Unlike most other lubes, this one will not cause yeast or urinary tract infections. I have tried many lubes over the years and this is the only one that I will now use.

Colin - Atlanta, GA

The ingredients are all natural and it feels like it too. It's definitely a lot better than all of the chemical c*** being sold as lube.
It's also completely edible with a slightly sweet taste, though it leaves sort of an odd aftertaste.
My biggest complaint is that it's amazingly stringy, leaving long strands between you and the bottle that can be a pain to break off.
It also dries fairly quickly if left unattended, but it's easy to remoisturize, and I haven't had a problem with it drying up when I use it soon after application.
So, all in all, it's a great lube and definitely my favorite.

m t head - hollywood Calif.

Tried them all and this is by far the best lube out there. Others tried to copy but they got it right the first time.

Nick - Outerspace, ca

Don't listen to the person below as "every" single water based lubricant dries out and becomes sticky eventually. Probe is an amazing lubricant especially for solo sessions due to its texture and slickness. Its also great with a partner because it is practically tasteless (has a hint of orange.) Overall one of the best water based lubes on the market hands down as I've tried a majority of them.

Although Jason a more desirable lube for use with a partner would be Liquid Silk as the texture is more like that of a females natural lubricant. It also takes a good while to dry out and is the only water based lubricant I know of that will not become sticky. The only downside besides price is how horrible it tastes.

Mr Sexologist - Chicago, IL

This lube is not for external masturbation or body rubs. This is the best ever (I've tried them all) internal lube especially for anal play. This stuff rocks my world

Maxter - Woodside, NY

If I could this lube 10 stars i would! it has no taste no smell... very thick and i loved the stringy feature!!! I would definitely recommend it! I bought the 500 ml bottle.... i think it wont last a week! lol You must try this lube!

Anonymous - Kentucky

Immediately out of the bottle, this lube is great. So slippery you could shove a telephone pole up a gnats ass with this stuff. But it dries up quickly and is very "stringy" out of the bottle. It re-actives nicely with a little saliva. No odor at all and very mild. Overall, I have to give Probe Thick & Rich a positive rating. It's worth a try...

Jason - Seattle, WA

Now this stuff is god in a bottle. When we first tried it, boyfriend bought a small bottle and we gave it a try. I've never had anything work this good or this easily. It's messy and stringy. Reminds me a little of the only time I saw J-Lube. It dries out a little fast for pawing or "external" play, but for anal sex, this is my new lord and saviour. It never dried out when being used "internally". It's the only thing I buy anymore. Though I can't rave enough about this stuff, I really don't know what else to say about it it, except this is what sex should feel like. I've tried about a dozen lubes over the years, this is king.

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