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38 Reviews

Susi - NY

Great product. Thin for him, ribs for me, and everyone has a good time...That's why I'm reordering.

EM - Cleveland, OH

One word: painful. The studs, which are spikier than most studded condoms, felt like sandpaper in my vagina. Ouch!

S.D. - Dallas, TX

Just thinking about them gets me excited. BEST CONDOM EVER!!! i absolutely love the texture, and my boyfriend loves them too! I usually come at least three times with this one, but its usually more (my record with it is thirteen. NO LIE!) I LOVE IT. I am definitely reordering. Period!

JR - San Diego, CA

Studs are really studs! Like sandpaper for her. Ok for me...but she didn't like it and daily sex had to stop for her to recover. Crown studded better (not so rough) and thinner...even Trojan ULtra Ribbed is much better unless she's made of leather.

BrokeBackBallard - Seattle, WA

Not great for butt sex -- feels like a wood rasp

Jonathan - Austin, TX

The image attached to this product does not match what I received. The older version of this condom are way better than the new one. The studs are dense and not as noticeable.

E - CT

Left marks on my boyfriend's penis and cut off circulation not so hot. Wouldn't use again, they might be fine as long as you aren't on the wider side.

michael - austin, tx

My girlfriend o's when I wear these. They are also a good fit and feel durable, no smell.

Sarah J - Homewood IL

Absolutely Amazing! Enough Said.

Patricia - Atlanta, GA

Rock your world, this is great!! The bumps and ribs sure worked... multiple, and very intense orgasms.

Thomas - Vancouver, Canada

After trying many from the "Rubber Rainbow" in Vancouver, no doubt that these are the best. A perfect balance between comfort and pleasure for me. Awesome. The girlfriend loves em too.

Chad - Corpus Christi

This is the best feeling condom i've ever felt my boyfriend use. they feel great!

Cat - Vancouver

The most fantastic condom ever I had tried. I reccomended that people should try this once and they won't be able to use the other condoms.

D Johnson - Austin, TX

these are really awesome. the ribs do something for the guy too!

Susi - NY

Nice texture, nice lube, and lets him rock on quite nicely. Not my favorite, but definitely a top 10 pick.

John - Ames, Iowa


The best feeling I've ever felt with a condom. Definately the closest thing to nothing at all.

The texture of them feels really good for both of you...

Stop shopping and buy these!

Liz - New York

These condoms are really fun. I wouldn't use them every time I had sex, but they are good when you want a change. The studded surface is amazing.

brian - brevard, florida

This was the best condom i have ever used but my wife thought the texture was a little irritating.
it didn't feel like i was wearing a condom which is nice though.

Discreet Woman - Thousand Oaks, CA

Wow...is all I can say...I dont ever usually go more than once, I could not get off of him! Amazing!

Melissa - Brooklyn,Ny

eye opening...it looks hardcore and it IS hardcore. it was awesome!

Ivan - Los Angeles, CA

Used it about 5 minutes ago!! Freaking amazing! She came 3 times and I had the best orgasm ever!!! highly recommend..

M - Dallas

it's just the best I've ever had before
so thin and tight, would never slip out
amazing! it was the hottest night of my life

Trini - Baltimore

I was really impressed by her reaction. She came a bunch of times, but I was afraid that the studs were too spiky for her, but I guess not. The condom isnt thin but it fits real tightly so that effect is given. A must try

dave - md

My girlfriend said it was weird and something she wouldn't wanna keep using

C F - Navarre, FL

Felt Like Sand Inside Of Me. Will Look For Something Else.


The condom isnt that sensitve for me and my girlfriend says the studs are a little painful at times.

Jack Forbes - Paramus, NJ

Only a freak would like these condoms. Very rough, even with lube. Abrasive. She will scream stop!!!!!

Bad Dad - Belleville, IL

These are my favorite condoms. If your looking for a condom with ribs and studs that really stand out, this is the one to get. My wife ALWAYS enjoys this one..!!!

Anonymous - KY

The studs are too hardcore. I tried these twice with plenty of lube and her immediate reaction was "ouch" both times. I'll be giving the other 10 away to a friend.

Anonymous - California

I definitely did NOT like these condoms. The studs were spiky and rubbed too hard.

Guy - Seattle

These are like sandpaper. Seriously. Should have listened to the other folks. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Gotti - Oakland, CA

After one minute, my partner and I had to stop because she said it was painful. I thought I would get these b/c my partner likes ribbed condoms; however, the bumps were a too much for her.

CJ - Brooklyn, NY

Although I only gave a 2 star rating, I'm not going to down talk these condoms. They felt fine on me but my wife couldn't tolerate them. These studs are more like spikes! I have to give her credit though, she tried again a few days later, wanting to like them. Just not for us.

Ryan - NY

These are a little tough to roll down because of all the studs on it but its worth the trouble of that for the great reward

I love the way these feel and my girlfriend does too, they drive her crazyyy, she says that she can feel all the studs, etc.

We have never had one of these break and trust us we use these a lot, I would recommend these to anyone for a good time.

Eric D - Manchester, NH

This condom absolutely rocked her world like no other has. Had her screaming all night long and was a blast to torture her with.

For me, it was a little more snug than most of our other normals, however it was worth it. This will definitely be a normal purchase for us!



john - fairfield, nj

If you turn the condom inside out the bumps will feel better for your female partner and more intense for your peter pecker.

Brice - Oklahoma

The "studs" are more spiky than most other studded condoms. My gf didnt like that at all. She thought it hurt, and I ended up switching to another condom. It was Valentines weekend, so we had been at it a lot so that could have contributed to it lol.

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