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30 Reviews

skunt101 - brooklyn, ny

these condoms are great....my girlfriend and i loved them...they are real tight and a lil short in length..but the sex was great with these and they feel real strong

rob - omaha,ne

First, the free shipping, I thought would take 7-10 days. NOT. 3days!! As for the condoms, great! Fit is super, nice and snug, no slipping off. Seems very thin, very good feeling. Roomy at the head.

Newlywed - Rochester, NY

My incredible husband feels extra incredible in this condom!

Jennifer - Indiana

An absolutely great addition to my nightstand inventory of condoms. Since men seem to come in all sizes, it's finally nice to find a condom to fit my smaller lovers. Also, I found it's fun to put one of these condoms on a bigger lover. The guys tend to be proud that the condoms are soooooo tight. I'm a 37 year old single mom that enjoys variety when my daughter stays with her dad.

Michael Carr - Asheville, North Carolina

These rubbers are the best! Fits like it was custom tailored for my tiny shaft.

Renee - Chicago, IL

I have to give it props, MUCH better fit for a man who wants a tighter fit. However, this condom seems to be pretty thick and not very natural feeling. It left me very irritated. But, as far as a slightly smaller condom goes, this one does fit quite nicely.

Jake - Ontario,Canada

This is definatly the best fitting condom I have ever used, I need a smaller condom and this one is just right, this is the only condom that doesn't bunch up on me and slip off. I do wish that they didnt enlarge the head because it would fit just perfect, anyways if you need a smaller condom get these ones!

J.B. - San Jose Ca

For those who aren't the biggest, these are the condoms for you! Good fit, and don't slip off. AWESOME!

chris - chicago

The condom has a great fit. But what really surprised me is that my package arrived in 4 days using the free USPS shipping. Thanks CondomDepot!

Draven - Spring Hill, FL

this is the only condom i will use, they fit great. I'm very small and these fit great. regular condoms fall off and i can't feel anything, this condom is the best

Sherman - Rochester, MN

Decent fit, but not the best feel. A bit too "raincoat"... Felt "ok" for the lady. Overall not bad

John - Philadelphia

This condom was WAY too tight and I had to force it on and it was not fun to wear!

Also the latex is VERY thick.

chris - pa

i don't really have what you would call the "lexington steele" cock down there...soo i need a tighter/smaller condom...I'm barely 4 inches so this works wonders for me, my girl loves them too by the way...

Connie - Olympia, Washington

To tell you the truth, it feels all natural to both partners. Snug and thin so you can feel everything. Perfect for the new lovers. This is my favorite condom. I recommend it!

Veronica - San Francisco, CA

My boyfriend has a smaller than average penis so finding a condom that wouldn't slide off during sex was challenging. The Lifestyles Snugger Fit condom fits like a glove, and I am happy to say that we have found a keeper!

Brian - Columbus

I am not hung and need a condom that won't fall off...this is the one. The smaller size is perfect.

A - Central, Illinois

As far as being snug it def did the trick. If you're even average size it will be tight though, and i just could not get past how strong the latex smell was with these.

Tom - California

Best one i've used, and my girl thinks so too.

Nebraska Cornhusker - Omaha, NE

Regular condoms tend to slip out on me after awhile. I'm a little under average. Saw this on CondomDepot and decided to give it a try and it worked excellent. It stays on and tight throughout the whole sex. I usually have to look down and check to make sure it's still on, but with this I decided to go for it all the way and later found out that it grips through the finish.

Gwen Bunny6 - Alexandria, Va

Great fit...But way too thick and plasticky. Tried the sampler with my hottie ;) so far the Kimonos are the best cant wait to try the rest!!!

Jon - Miami

I found these to be great, I'd always struggled to find a smaller condom, but my wife's friend suggested these. They're still little to big for me, but I can't complain, regular condoms just wouldn't stay on.

James - NY, Manhattan

Great condom! It fits nicely tight. I would recommend this to people that are considering other condoms are a bit bigger.
Me and my girlfriend both love it!

Michael - Medford, Oregon

I am average but had problems with the major brand staying on and bunching up. This condom stays put and feels snug instead of loose like Tr0j*n.

Sammi - Illinois

If your a 'Thin' guy these are good for you. If your 'short' then they prolly wont make a difference. As far as girls are wondering, they are thicker feeling then others, but if its the only kind your man can keep on then suck it up and deal with it. No one wants unwanted issues from sex.

Agnus - The Sack, CA

My boyfriend uses this condom for when we bonk (he is a bit on the smaller side)..and let me tell you, its more than FABULOUS. Its perfect for you men out there who aren't up to par (but remember: its not the size of the penis, its how you use the little guy!)

Larry - The OC

It's thick and I couldn't feel a thing. I lasted longer because I felt numb. It would have been nice for her, but she couldn't feel as much either. My wife and I both dislike this condom.

dave - fl

Great condom, First time using it and found myself checking if it was still on! felt like nothing on at all. Won't slip or slide around. Lasted a while made for a great night. GET IT!

John - Austin TX

'Borrowed' one of these from my roommate.

After finally managing to force the thing on, I realized that it was completely cutting off all circulation to my penis. Also, the latex is obscenely thick (to the point where I could barely feel a thing).

Might be suitable if your penis is on the narrow-side, but if you're wider than average these will be all-but-impossible to use.

Kayla - San Diego, CA

Not too bad. My boyfriend's penis is on the small side, so this condom fits him better. The other comments about it being too thick are true. I couldn't feel the natural shape of his penis as much. I prefer the ultra thin condoms but he likes this one. He's uncircumcised, so his foreskin bunches in the condoms if they are too loose or too thin!

Louis - North Carolina

These are pretty good. They fit good. If you like these this is the place to get them. CondomDepot They Rock And Roll.

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