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Trojan Enz Condoms
  • 112 Reviews
LifeStyles SKYN
  • 89 Reviews
Trustex Extra Large
  • 71 Reviews
Beyond Seven Condom
  • 50 Reviews
FC2 Female Condom
  • 19 Reviews
Beyond Seven Aloe
  • 18 Reviews
Durex XXL Condoms
  • 15 Reviews
LifeStyles Colors
  • 15 Reviews
Okamoto 004 Condoms
  • 12 Reviews
Ria Wrangler
  • 11 Reviews
Anal ese
  • 10 Reviews
Trojan Fire & Ice
  • 10 Reviews
Wet Warming Lube
  • 9 Reviews
Pjur  Aqua
  • 5 Reviews
ID Millennium
  • 5 Reviews
Lixx Dental Dams
  • 4 Reviews
WET Synergy
  • 3 Reviews
AstroGlide Gel
  • 2 Reviews
China Shrink Cream
  • 1 Reviews
Coochy Shave Creme
  • 1 Reviews
Liquid V for Women
  • 1 Reviews
Non Latex Sampler
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WET Pheromone
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China Anal Balm
  • 1 Reviews

23 Reviews

Dave - Maryland

My cock is just over 8.5 x 6.5, and this condom is great. Thanks.

Rebecca - Bloomsburg, PA

These are the the best feeling and roomiest condoms out there.

Speed - London, ON

These condoms were great, very comfortable, not too tight and not too loose.

hans - minnesota

Like others said, XL is only in the name and the tip for these. I had problems in the base like regular condoms. Health services were out of Trojan Mags so I tried them.

Roger - Illinois

I like these condoms as they feel good on my penis and have the right amount of lubrication for sexual intercourse both ways and have never had one break on me, and will keep buying them.

Josiah - Philadelphia, PA

Great! Especially for those of us who are more well endowed. The condom doesn't strangle me anymore!

Stuart - Texarkana

I have a very large penis (9.5 inches) and this condom fits perfectly and feels great. I highly recommend it.

Pete - Chicago, IL

These condoms are great! Finally something for us blessed ones!

Jim -

I have a fairly large penis, 10 inches, and it's the best fit I've found so far.

steve - atlanta

These aren't that big, actually close to trojan magnum XL, I'm 8.25X2.0., and they are way too slim for me. I'm not happy cause the custom fit ones are out of production. I thought maybe these would cut it, but no way. I never felt I was that big, but I guess I'm a giant without a condom.

Mick - Washington, DC

Don't let the name fool you. The Lifestyles King Size XL is sized just like any other regular condom. They are a pain to put on and fit a little too snug. I've been loyal to the Trojan Magnums and Magnum XLs and both are superior. I decided to try these and was disappointed.

Anon - San Francisco, California

Strange. Got these in the sampler pack and they were extremely tight. I'm a bit over average, but not so big these shouldn't fit based on the given dimensions. I'll stick to the Magnums.

dave brown - los angeles, ca

waay too tight, couldn't even get it on. they're not much of an improvement to regular sized condoms. the XL in the name should be taken out. the lube was good though and didn't smell bad either. could be good for a regular condom, but not large.

Patrick - ringgold ga

Still tight trojan xl are are a bit wider then these.

Anonymous - Orange County, CA

These condoms slipped off too easily on my boyfriend. They really suck in my opinion. For guys who are bigger, I recommend the Trustex Extra Large.

Chris - Toronto, Canada

I'm surprised by some of the responses here. I never thought I was that huge, but I can barely roll these things on half way- and I'm only 7.25" in length by 6.25" in girth. Yet there are guys on here who are way bigger who these'll fit. Makes sense. Not!

What annoys me about the magnum-sized rubbers out there is that most of them get wider towards the head. Yet, my penis is thinnest right behind the head and is thickest at the base. Why don't they make condoms shaped like that?? Now I'll have to try something else, yet again... :(

Aristeo - San Jose, Ca

Very easy to use and much better feel than others, good choice for those who are a bit above average

Benson - New Hampshire

These are really great. I've only ever considered myself slightly above average and never thought I would need an "XL" condom but these fit better than anything else I've tried...the sensitivity is good, just the right amount of friction, no constricting feeling and, best of all, it doesn't feel like I'm ejaculating into a wall!

duvy - dallas,tx

LOVED EM!!!!!!!!! My man has a LARGE & THICK PENIS!!!! This is the best fitted condom on the market.. and it feels like he is wearing nothing!!!! I had over 9 orgasms!!!!! 1st time ever!!!!!!!! Highly recommend 4 the blessed boys out there...

Roger - Illinois

I love these condoms as they don't dry out and they are really good for anal sex. I use them all the time.

Roger - Illinois

I really like these condoms as they fit my penis really good and don't slip during sex and they have plenty of lubrication. I won't stop using them.

Tiffany - Cleveland, Ohio

These are XL in name only. If you're truly endowed try something else.

T.T. - Chicago

Me and hubby have been using this for about 2 years now and it is GREAT, it fits him well, is nicely priced, and has never had any breakage problems like durex....we will stick with this and trojan non-lubbed :)

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