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Trojan Enz Condoms
  • 112 Reviews
LifeStyles SKYN
  • 89 Reviews
Trustex Extra Large
  • 71 Reviews
Beyond Seven Condom
  • 50 Reviews
FC2 Female Condom
  • 19 Reviews
Beyond Seven Aloe
  • 18 Reviews
Durex XXL Condoms
  • 15 Reviews
LifeStyles Colors
  • 15 Reviews
Okamoto 004 Condoms
  • 12 Reviews
Ria Wrangler
  • 11 Reviews
Anal ese
  • 10 Reviews
Trojan Fire & Ice
  • 10 Reviews
Wet Warming Lube
  • 9 Reviews
Pjur  Aqua
  • 5 Reviews
ID Millennium
  • 5 Reviews
Lixx Dental Dams
  • 4 Reviews
WET Synergy
  • 3 Reviews
AstroGlide Gel
  • 2 Reviews
China Shrink Cream
  • 1 Reviews
Coochy Shave Creme
  • 1 Reviews
Liquid V for Women
  • 1 Reviews
Non Latex Sampler
  • 1 Reviews
WET Pheromone
  • 1 Reviews
China Anal Balm
  • 1 Reviews

9 Reviews

Jay - New York, NY

I love this condom added thickness and strength so when your not really sure about your partner.

Mike - Atlanta, GA

I like this condom it is the best extra strength condom and I wish they will start selling these at the gas station.

Craig - Atlanta,GA

This a good condom try these I wish they we sell these everywhere

Matthew - Valdosta, GA

These condoms are strong, but they are still very sensitive, comfortable, and have no offensive odor or taste. My girl loves them.

taylor - ney york, new york

The condoms have broken during anal sex, this one is by far the best choice for that...

Jason - Cleveland, Ohio

I usually use these. Not bad, but sometimes when I can't restrain myself they stretch and rupture. Also tried polyurethane condoms because I heard they are less elastic, but those are even weaker. There needs to be a ruber that is really Extra strong!

David - St. Louis MO

This condom is the worst condom I have ever used. I couldn't feel anything with this condom.

Anonymous - Lexington, Ky

Way too thick...especially if you're used to using Lifestyles Ultra Thin. This condom didn't do anything for me or my husband. Wouldn't recommend it unless your only concern is breakage.

ryan50 - brunswick, ga

One of the best extra strength condoms out there. People say they couldn't feel anything, well that's probably the girl(no offense) these are great for those one nighters.

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