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40 Reviews

Tom - Austin, TX

My wife and I both agreed that the condom felt very "old school"... it felt like the latex was too thick and had no texture to it. The narrowness of the condom didn't help either - very constricting.

J-Man - Ohio

Very Thin. But way to tight. Not a fan of this brand. Just something about them doesn't feel right. An They seem to dry up fast.

S.N. - 414, WI

Picked these up along with the Crown ones... Girlfriend complained about these. Very tight which made things uncomfortable. Overall OK

Jesse - Silver Spring, MD

I've tried most major brands and these are my favorite, and more importantly my wife's favorite, by far. Feels thinner than any other ultra-thin.

Amy - Pittsburg, KS

A few months ago, I bought some condoms from this site that my BF and I have now used up. We decided it was his turn to restock our supply, the only problem is he bought these condoms instead of the large version that we had before. We used one for the first time last night, they are WAY too small for him.

Unless you know that you (or your BF) is significantly smaller than average, you are probably going to want to buy the Microthin Large cause these guys are little.

Andrew - Atlanta

Best condom in the Japanese Sampler pack in terms of feel and sensitivity. Had to check a few times to see if it was still on! However, it broke after a very active session. Be careful with this one.

KB - Orlando, FL

Guys if you want the best of the Kimono condom then you need to get the Kimono MicroThin with Aqua Lube! My friend give me one and it's the shit! I went to the xxx store and brought a 12 pack! I hate when I run out!

Disappointed - CA

These were awful! WAY too small for my boyfriend. It took forever to get this too tight condom on and he said that it was so thick it completely killed the mood. No lube on these and very uncomfortable. We hated these.

Larry - Clearwater, FL

Yes, it's a thin condom. Unfortunately, the first time I used one, it broke. I have "hard sex", but I haven't had any other brand break.

If you need to be wearing a condom, then breakage is pretty much the definition of "not acceptable".

Capt surf - socal

Best rubber I have ever used my wife and I love em. just ordered some crown skinless though so we will see how they stack up.

Steph - Madison, WI

Really, really great condom. Probably the best my boyfriend and I have tried so far. I didn't notice the lube problem but have heard of it. Felt like nothing.

Brandy - Los Angeles, CA

Fit's nicely, but lube is a definite need!

The LAST, and I DO mean LAST one we used absolutely disintegrated. NOT kewl!

John - US

It was tight to get on, but I managed. As soon as I went inside her, it broke! I had one left over and was determined to see how these felt, and man! Once it was in! (I went in gently) it felt like nothing! OMG, better than crowns. But when I climaxed, I had to pull out because I really didn't know if it broke or not.

So as a condom to prevent pregnancy, I would not recommend because these are dangerous. But they felt great.

Justin - Madison WI

I would give these a 3.5. They do feel good but you better have lube handy after the first minute or two. My girlfriend complained almost immediately. Once you slather the lube on, you are back in the game!

Vanessa - Ottawa, ON

They're alright as far as thickness (or lack thereof) go, but they were WAY too small for him. It totally killed the mood. I won't be using these again.

David - Florida

I love these condoms. The fit is great. I'm not huge and they fit great. Wish they had lube but it isn't usually required except for the rare times my girlfriend is a little dry. I'll be buying them again.

Jason - Texas

Best condom ever. I'm on it!

Brat - New Orleans, LA

Great condoms, best I've ever used. I want to say that it's for average guys and if you are large you need something bigger. You will probably need to use more lube but I use more lube on all my condoms.

Liz - New York, NY

Nice condom. My boyfriend said he felt like he wasn't wearing a condom. It seems to be very lightly lubricated, so use extra lube.

Ray - Seattle, WA

I can understand they're meant to be snug, but for me they were very tight, and I don't consider myself unusually large. They also seem hard to keep lubed. Most of mine went in the trash.

Sherman - Rochester, MN

Totally awesome!!! Made sex an auspicious occasion!! Loved by both partners. Almost as good as nothing! Would definitely recommend!! Worth the higher price for sure. Will likely never use anything else!!

S. - Florida

My husband and I purchased a sampler and we were sold on this one from the start... He said it felt like he wasn't wearing anything!

Joe - Los Angeles

By far the best I have ever used. They are very thin, forgot I was even wearing it. You can also feel heat through it better since its thinner.

Alaina - Des Moines, IA

Great for both partners. Just enough loss of sensation not to 'go off' right away and not thick enough for me to notice he was even wearing a condom. No latex odor!!!!

MC - Studio City, CA

Horrible. Felt as thick as tire tread. I couldn't have a happy ending. Immediately took it off, and use an old Lifestyle I found in my bathroom and completed the job. I would never use this condom again.

Ava - Washington DC

Great condom my husband and I both enjoyed them. No latex odor; make sure to have additional lube!

Bob - San Fransico, CA

Sex was good but after checking the condom had broke, it was hell.

Connie - Olympia, WA

I have to give this a 4. Let me just say, YOU CAN FEEL EVERYTHING. I recommend this condom for close lovers.

Raylan - colorado

These were awesome! It almost felt like he wasn't wearing anything at all!

Choe - Denver CO

My husband and I were using Durex and they were ok. My friend said we should try the Kimono's and Crown skinless skin. We haven't tried the Crown ones yet but the Kimono's are AWESOME! Very thin and I could feel him so much better. Could totally tell a difference! A bit tight to get on but worth it!!

Matt - CA

These suck. It broke without much effort. The Crowns are way better.

hung low - houston tx

The spec is impressive but when i try it i didn't like it very much. It feels thick like the Trojan's, not as good as the "beyond seven" that I'm using. That's why I'm giving it 3 stars.

Will - SML, Virginia

Long Time Trojan(all Types) user, could not believe how great this condom felt. Technically it really didn't have any feel could not tell i was even wearing it, and partner loved it too.

Connie - Olympia, WA

With other condoms, my boyfriend doesn't get off because of the thickness. But with these he gets off every time. The first time I tried these, they were my automatic favorite because him, and I can feel everything. With my next paycheck, I'm getting more!

Lynsey - Los Angeles

I've tried 7 other brands and this is by far is closest to the real thing. My boyfriend and I both agree.

Gwen Bunny6 - Alexandria, Va

one word....AMAZING felt like nothing stayed on and fit like a glove! After reading the reviews I was sure I'd have to whip out the astroglide but....no lube needed. maybe because I'm with a total hottie mmmmm.

Tommy - Atlanta, Ga

Ordered these along with the Durex Enhanced Pleasure b/c I need a smaller size. These are not smaller than any other average condom. I liked them but still too big for me.

Kristen - USA

Used to be a trojan only girl...a sex therapist recommended these to a friend who suggested them to me...AND WOW! You can very much feel the difference, its almost like not having one. Also it stays on! Something we had problems with the trojans..my boyfriend and I are very happy with the Kimono's and will continue to purchase them :)

J.J. - LA, CA

It DOES feel like there is nothing between me and the guy, so much so, that we check a few times to make sure it was really there and did not accidentally come off. It didn't by the way, just really smooth.

Louis - North Carolina

These Kimono Micro Thin Condoms are a Great Condom. Get Some and Have Fun.

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