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19 Reviews

Lisa - San Francisco, CA

The studded texture was hardly noticable, but we liked it anyway.

Lillie - CA

These condoms are amazing, my bf likes the studs and they drive me crazy. Really fun if the girl is sensitive like me, lots of orgasms. HIGHLY recommended to at least try. =D

Ted - Houghton, MI

Very tight, it hurt me.

diumaster - phoenix, AZ

Decent condom, though both my partner and I don't notice the studs that much.

Will - Brownsville, TX

Feels like a regular condom

Jason - Wisconsin

Average condom, disappointed in the studs, they don't make much difference

Mike - Las Vegas, Nevada

I has a tight fit that actually kinda feels nice and my girlfriend likes it but it is tight and there isn't too much sensation.

Justin - Farmington, ME

I really did not enjoy this product because it felt way too thick. Used to not wearing any for quite some time, so there is a bias, but these proved worse than the lifestyles I also used. Also, the texture was not very convincing for her.

Tracy - Htown NJ

Love them don't feel like rubber and studs are subtle and great

Scott - Tampa, Florida

The studs don't make that much of a difference. Plus they felt too tight for me. Me and my girlfriend expected more from this condom but sadly it has let us down.

CT - Md

great condom the only things wrong with it is the fit is kinda small but not a big deal it works out and also the bumps don't seem to make much difference but other than that its really good

Adrianna - Morehead, Ky

I got some of these for my honeymoon, and I believe they are one of the best condoms ever. period. They really do live up to their name!

Patrick - Aurora, CO

Super thick, studs are weak, smells pretty bad. Not a huge fan of these. Especially the thickness, I couldn't feel a thing.

Roxanne - Berea, KY

Not bad, but the studs aren't very noticeable.

Dan - Hamilton, Ontario

As soon as it went in it broke. Had to use expensive plan B. These condoms only felt O.K.

Dirty530 - Nor Cal

Went on easy, stayed on, and held up. Neither of us really noticed the bumps though.

fallenangemon0 - El Paso, TX

The studs hardly make a difference.

Jeff - Michigan

Absolutely loved these. Would recommend them to anyone.

Jane - Miami, Florida

I loved this condom for me it felt like I was doing it without a condom. My boyfriend also liked it, it didn't smell of rubber, but he said he still liked it better without. But as he said compared to other condoms he could at least feel and so did I.

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