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133 Reviews

Lewis - VA

Love these condoms. I keep some by my bed at all times along with Trojan Ultra Thin and Lifestyles Ultra Thin. All are great. Never had one of these to break. Closest thing to going without a condom.

Tom - Louisville, KY

Very thin, but much smaller than I expected widthwise. I recommend measuring prior to buying as I had a lot of trouble just getting the condom on and down my shaft

T - MI

Not that impressed.... Extra Sensitive?? Um... not really. Better than the last "sensitive" brand I tried, but still couldn't feel much. I'll keep looking after we run out of this one.

Shimmy - New York, NY

These were first condoms I ever bought in preparation for losing my virginity, so I'm sentimental about them. These condoms helped make my first time wonderful!

Brian - New England

Best I've ever used, I don't know what anyone says above this, none have ever broken, and we get ROUGH, theres a hairline between these and nothing, makes it worth wearing a condom, love durex!

Michael - Indiana

I really like this condom. The worst thing about it is the size. There is enough headroom, but the shaft and base can get a little tight if you are larger than average. The sensitivity is great, which makes this condom much better than any standard one.

SN - saint Paul Mn

This is a great product ..i always use it .. Durex is the best brand of condoms

Ashley - Tampa, Florida

Ive never been a fan of condoms, but when it comes to my condom of choice it would most definitely be a Durex Extra sensitive!! Unlike every other condom ive ever used this one is the closest to the natural feelings itself!

-NeKa- - Ak, Oh

I can say personally that I love all Durex products. I never had one break on me at all ; ) These are the only kind that I use and I feel confident using them. Thanks Durex much love!


Man!, the reason why I'm giving this a 5 is cause the heat transfer was amazing; It felt so good, could feel everything. Now don't get me wrong uncover is uncover but if you got to protect yourself this is certainly a very good way to go and they are strong too

Ryan - NY

These condoms work well, only problem we had was lubrication. 2 broke out of poor lube, felt resistant of going in. just a little lube on the outside of the vagi. was enough, never had one break since. As well leaves a small ring at my base, but still big enough for me. I went with durex love condoms for the extra lube just to be extra safe about that. Other than that these are great.

Scott - Tampa, Florida

They feel great, me and my girlfriend love these.

JW - Nashville, TN

Go with Kimono or Pleasure Plus instead. These felt tighter then normal condoms and actually felt less sensitive then standard Trojans. The wife ended up making me take it off because she felt less also. She said it felt like a a plastic tube. Blah.

trent - Moses Lake, WA

I've been using various condoms over the last two years, testing to find what i liked best and with this condom i have definitely found the one for me. my girlfriend is on birth control but i use one of these anyway because its just as good with or without when it comes to this condom, and there's no mess afterward.

Some Lady - NY

This condom is great - my boyfriend can't feel anything with regular condoms, and this isn't perfect, but it's the best one we've found yet (i.e. I wouldn't have a sexlife if it wasn't for this condom).

The only thing is that it broke one out of the 6 times we've used it, .. so just be careful with it! I guess it was too good to be true.

Chris - IL

Great! A little tight, but not bad at all. Only reason I give these 4 is because the crown skinless exist! Crown isn't sold anywhere around here.. so when I run out and don't have any on order, I run and get these. They're a close second! Definitely recommend


At last I found one that works!

DeAngelo - East Chicago,IN

i love this condom and so does my fiance a friend of mine told me about them and every since then I've been using them i like the way they feel and seems if u don't have nothing on durex the best there is i think!! and it's not a snug fit which i like because i am very thick so i need all the room for he big guy.

Corbin - Aurora Illinois

They feel great but i had 2 break in a row so there not as reliable as being #1 makes it seem but feels great.

Chad - Seneca,SC

These roll on nice 'n' easy and feel like you're wearing nothing at all. We messed up two of them though in one weekend. One broke at a very inopportune moment!! My GF is mad at me nw for wanting to try these. Hope she's not pg!

Simon - Texas

I tried these they were kinda hard to put on and quite tight on the shaft I thought these would be a bit wider.

James Grasty - Bakersfield, CA

By far the BEST condoms out there! I remember on a cold winters night I forgot to bring these bad boys with me. I was forced to rush to the nearest corner store where the best I could get were Trojan Ultra Thin's. No Comparison, after using a few of those I could see why a lot of guys dont like to wear condoms, no sensation at all! The Durex ES condoms make you not mind wearing the things, and hey, it helps you last longer =)

Brian - Ohio

This is my favorite condom. Before this I was only buying Crown Skinless Skins, which are also a 5/5, but I felt they would dry up too quickly. So I decided to try out the #2 rated (being Durex Extra Sensitive). These are amazing. They feel so close to nothing, and they are well lubricated. No need to take a lube break when using these. Definitely recommended!!!

G4ever - Tempe, AZ

An Amazing Condom!!!

He Said: Rolled on good and felt comfortable (I am thicker than average). Felt like I wasn't wearing anything at all (had to keep checking whether it was still on or not)

She Said: Felt like he was wearing nothing at all...felt AMAZING!!! Needs extra lube to keep the condom slick and to prevent breakage...

We both were used to the Trojan Twisted Pleasure condoms but decided to try these after reading reviews...it turned out to be absolutely satisfying...

Jared - Chicago, IL

These were great condoms until they kept breaking, 3 nights in a row they broke on me. Don't recommend them at all. Better off with Crown or Beyond Seven.

jared - san antonio, tx

a very, very good condom. On par with the crown skinless in terms of sensitivity, i have used many of these and have never had one break. A quality product from durex!

Horny Child - Lyons, Illinois

Absolutely Amazing! The feeling is way more intense with these condoms. My boyfriend said that he can really feel me and I think it's a close as you can get to having sex with out a condom. They are easy to put on and we don't have any lube problems. I would recommend these condoms to pretty much everyone! =]

horny child's boyfriend - lyons, il

These are amazing. They transfer heat, and feel like they're not there. Truely amazing.

Anonymous - Michigan

These are one of my favorites. I am pretty thick and usually have trouble getting regular condoms on, and these are easy to put on and don't feel too constricting. Well lubricated, and out of the 12 I've used so far, we haven't had one break. They're also very thin and feel great. I prefer them over Crown because the Crowns seem a little tight on me, less lubricated and harder to put on. If you're above average, these are excellent!

Henry - Pennsylvania

I use these Durex condoms for masturbation. The lube is great and I get a fantastic sensation when I the rubber moves across my penis. Far and away the easiest condom to cum in.

Alex - Florida

L.D. - Ozark Mo.

this is the best condom ever they have a great feel and there not tight there my #1 choice of condoms

Ryla - Canada

Awesome brand. Never failed on me once and feels great! Lots of lube too, which is especially helpful.

B - Chicago, IL

It broke. Be careful guys.

Andrew - Kentwood, LA

This condom has been great for our marriage! It allows us to have all the fun of a newly married couple while allowing us to wait on the kids for a while (practice makes perfect right?). It is very thin and smooth and gives you as much natural feeling as condom can.

Ashlea - Atlanta, GA

These feel really good, and Durex's have such a low latex smell (especially when compared to Trojans). They feel great to me and my boyfriend, (and they also smell and taste great for people who use condoms for oral).

Matthew - Ci

These are the best condoms I have tried yet. I tried the Crown Skinless Skin before these, but I like these better because they seem to fit a little better. My girlfriend likes them a lot because she was recommending them to one of my friends. I am definitely going to order more.

kevin - Mi

Well I bought a 3 pack of these, and the first night I used one it was fine, everything felt pretty good.....but the next night I used one and it broke, I know I put it on correctly, because I've used so many condoms, and never had one break, now I'm kinda freaking out because I might have a kid on the way, but you should always be responsible when having sex, if your gonna do it, know the consequences.

darin - mesa, arizona

Horrible condom!! We got one of these in the vibrating ring package and tried it. the ring was really good and she was having a good time but I could not feel a thing. it was numb as hell!!! i prefer Trojans any day over Durex! No competition.

L.D. - Ozark Missouri

This condom is the best. It feels great.

Jimi - Indianapolis

Wow. These are the closest thing to bare back you are gonna get. Good heat transfer, excellent sensitivity! I can feel every thing. Almost forgot it was even on. She loved it too!! Try the rest if you want, but these are by far the best.

cameron - San Diego, CA

It would have felt better if I wrapped it in duct tape. The worst I have used.

Colton - Phoenix, AZ

Contrary to what everyone else says, I did not enjoy these condoms.
Bought a 3-pack - every time I use them I had major issues with them rolling up in the middle of sex. Also slipped off once - haven't had that issue with any other condom it just doesn't grip your shaft well. If you want thin condoms, go skinless

Marlon - New York

These are the best I've used. I'm a little thicker than average and have had problems getting Trojans, Lifestyles, and other Durex on. The rest have choked the feeling away, except for the Magnum Ecstasy which broke and almost ruined everything. These were the best feeling for me, very thin with good heat. She loved it too!

Anonymous - Los Angeles, CA

Wow, this condom is the best condom I have ever used in my life. My girlfriend loved it, and since she loved it so did I. The lubrication is just about right and you can barley feel it's there. It's an amazing sex experience. This condom is very strong even for the most roughest sex. Very durable and very much recommend it. It's not too tight, but snug enough to keep it on. Does not roll up on it's own. It stays in place. It's pretty much one of the best condoms out on the market. For a condom, it feels great to know that you are protected, having great sex, and knowing you are pleasing your partner.

Theresa - NJ

Best condom I have ever used, my bf loves them too. They are strong, yet feel great! Def recommend, won't buy any other type of condom anymore!

J - UK

I've had these break on me a few times even though they were put on correctly. If you like to gamble then buy them, otherwise don't

Greg - Murray, Ut

Oh man!! I had an incredible experience with this condom. It went on real easy and the the smooth and well-lubed latex clung to my rod like it was part of me. The extra head room was great and allowed me an amazing level of sensation. This and the Durex Love are hands-down the best I have ever tried!! I gotta get more of these puppies

Joe G. - Az,Usa

Best!!!! She thought I wasn't wearing one.....I even forgot that I was too!

Alycia - Monterey, CA

My boy complained of it being too tight and it's true; it was hard for us to put on him, but other condoms of this same size had never been that hard to get on, so maybe it was just a one time thing.

Jeff - NV

I normally don't use condoms, I like the real feel. I used this and it was like nothing was there. When I came, I thought I cream-pied my GF at first until I saw I was wearing it. ITS THE BEST!

zekee504 - la

This condom feels awesome like nothing is there but its so thin I cum really quick which isn't so good. :/

Matthew - OH

Hands down the best condom ever made. I bought a 100 pack not too long ago and now I am getting close to being out. I am going to order another 100 pack.

Layla - Pinehurst, NC

My boyfriend and I are in love with these condoms!!! They are amazing!!! They truly feel like nothing is there. In the past we have had issues with the lubrication wearing off quickly, but not with these. We can go for hours without having to add any lubricant. We have noticed that the size tends to vary between each condom. It was only a problem once when it slipped off but we noticed before it was to late. But over all it's the best condom we have used and we are sticking with it!!

Chief - Orlando, Fl

This condom is the workhorse of durex in my opinion. It is nothing exotic but it will do its job every time and feels amazing. This product in my opinion is superior to the Trojan ultra thin brand because they are much more reliable and don't leave behind a bad smell.

CondomBill - NOLA

My condom of choice. Best condom yet! Very thin, great lube.. Only complaint is that maybe it feels TOO good... if you catch my drift..
It's a struggle to get her to finish first haha

Benjamin - Texas

These are highly recommended I found them enjoyable. A lot of people do not give Durex the credit that it deserves. Compared to other brands selling there version of there extra sensitive condoms they rate very high and they cost less and they are the same quality as any other condom I have ever used.

Amy - Burbank, California

The next best thing to Crown condoms if your thicker then average. I bought my bf Crown condoms but he said every time he cummed "it hurted" because its very hard to get the air out of the tip of the condom when the guy if thicker then average. He says these Durex ones have more room on the head and feel great.

Me - Riverside, CA

These condoms were amazing!! My partner and I were amazed by these condoms, I bought a 12 pack and when we ran out we went to buy some but they didn't have these so we just bought some random one and they sucked, neither of us felt much. Love durex!!

Jennifer - Chicago, IL

Probably the best for two reasons:

1) Lubrication!

This is something that you cannot find with a whole lot of other condoms, even the Crowns(though they're awesome in their own right). You can really feel the difference, and it gives much more pleasure.

2) Just feel great! They are pretty trustworthy, and never had my man complain about them whatsoever.

Lee - Michigan

These are awesome, strong, thin, feels like there is no barrier between us. Amazing!

James - Denver, Colorado

These are great condoms, however I would only suggest them if you have a hard time lasting but still want to feel the love. These condoms are thinner than most, but still dull the feeling slightly. They are extremely dependable and work great with WET Platinum premium lube.

Mike - Wilkes-Barre, PA

The best of the best by far. Hate condoms but this is as good as it gets when you need one. Tried crown and other top rated condoms but nothing has topped these. Low scent, good amount of lubrication, good fit. Doesn't have that "suffication" feeling that you get after a few minutes with other condoms.

N - Virginia

After a terrifying night of making references to Glad Bags and a morning pledge to never use Trojan Ecstasy again, we read up and decided on Durex Extra Sensitive. They did not disappoint! We always use extra lube, but I don't think we're using nearly as much with these. It felt like almost nothing was there, and the scent while not exactly appealing was not nearly so bad as other brands we've tried.

nick - MI

Used this for my first time, and it was amazing. Durex makes for a good time. I strongly recommend these.


It felt like there was nothing on his penis! It felt like unprotected sex feeling wise. It didn't stay lubricated for long though. There was no irritation except some friction because the lubrication was low.

Chris - Montreal,PQ

This condom is amazing. My girl and me really loves them. I didn't even have to put some lube on them.

Barack Osama - Washington, Washington

I am very disappointed in these condoms, I bought a case load of them because I heard they were so good but they are absolutely gigantic, there is no way an average sized guy will fit into these. It's like trying to keep a trashbag on a twig. I have had 4 of these fall off, I even tried wrapping some rubber bands around the base of my cock to keep them on but they're just so flappy and huge

Brandon - California

We love these! Well lubricated, nice scent, great fit, and feel amazing. We prefer them even over Crown.

Jack - Abilene, TX

So a few girls have told me that I cum an unusually large amount when I do, and this condom gives lots of extra space for it to go so it does not hurt...great condom!

T Beuford - Denver, Co

Girlfriend and I hate this one- can't feel much at all for either of us, and the condom is too tight feeling. Switched back to a LifeStyle's ultra sensitive in the middle and it felt sooooo mcuh better for both of us. Try it out I guess since it seems to work for a lot of people, but don't get frustrated if you don't like it- felt less than average for me.

Slobodan - CA

Compared to trojan enz, Durex ES is much better, and at the moment my go to brand.

Mark - Baltimore, MD

These condoms are amazing (2011 version). They're the perfect fit. They provide extra headroom, they go on easy and smell almost like roses. I bought the 24 pack and haven't had one of them break and we get pretty rough. I'm average size in length and girth and these fit just right. I also must add that they are ultra thin! Definitely transfers heat. I definitely recommend them.

Adrian - San Benito, Texas

I loved using these! Had me and my girlfriend in pure euphoria!! Will definitely buy again and again!

Josh - detroit, Michigan

Really comfortable and had a great feeling. My girlfriend loves these and always tells me to get these. You can hardly smell the latex which she also loves. I highly recommend these. Best feeling ever!

Sara - NY, NY

They're good, they never break for us. They get a little dry if you're going for a long time, but that's the only con. My boyfriend likes them a lot and so do I!

Rich - San Diego

Amazing! We all hate having to use a condom, but these goodies don't take away any of the pleasure. In fact, they change the sensation a bit.. they feel just as good, but in a different way. Definately get this one!

Craig - Atlanta, GA

this is a good condom it feels great and it don't take away the feeling . Thanks Durex!!!!!!

S - FL

Felt like there was nothing there, and they never broke! Great condoms!

anthony - pa

this condom has a good feel, and excellent lubricant. for me, it felt a little tight though. still, its high on my list..

Tom - Seattle

By far the best condom I've used. Thin enough to still allow for feeling, but I've never had one break. Plus, I have it on good authority that they don't have that uncomfortable 'condom feel' for the girl, either. Good stuff!

corey - atlanta, ga

i love this condoms they are the best thin condom .

sin - new york, NY

By far the best I have used as well. I have tried LifeStyles, Trojans, and a number of Durex condoms. This one in particular fits so great and thin that it doesn't even feel like I am wearing one. Truly AWESOME!

Renee - Chicago, IL

I'm a big fan of most of Durex's condoms, and this one is an old friend. No rubbery feel, very natural(as natural as you can get with a condom on). Also very durable, never had one break on me yet. Love 'em.

TOM - new york

these things make me look forward to wear a condom

Nick - New Port Richey, FL

I have never felt a better condom and i've tried them all (trojan etc.) i've had others break but not these, and my wife and i have amazing sex rough and all; they have withstand all of it. I definately recommend it and we still have no kids, so it works.

Anonymous - Nashville, TN

These are my "go-to" condoms. They have a good fit and are less desensitizing than other condoms. Plus they rank very high in reliability.

Tim - Seattle WA

The best condom i've ever used! Me and my girlfriend always use this without a problem.

J - Ft. Smith, AR

These are amazing condoms. I bought the 2006 Best Of so that we could decide which condoms are for us, and this -easily- takes it. Even more than the number 1, which surprised me! (these are #2). She loved how it feels (said it doesn't feel like having a plastic bag in her like some condoms do) and so did I. I'm buying in bulk, and giving most of the 2006 best of away to friends!

AJ - Detroit, Michigan

An excellent condom! They have almost no smell at all and they are not messy like many other condoms. I can put it on without having to wipe my hands off. The thin walls are very sensitive, and the condom seems to be quite break-resistant as well. This one is highly recommended by him AND her.

Cliff - Orlando, FL

These feel very good but they are not as thin as the Crown Skinless Skin condoms.

TR - Illinois

An okay condom. My girl hates condoms, but this one wasn't to bad for her. I don't like condoms and that goes for this one too. Nothing like having "nothing on". A little tight and restricting, but very reliable.

Bert - Helena, Montana

A terrific condom. If you're looking for a rubber that feels like wearing nothing, this is about as close as you're going to get. The best thin condom out there.

David - Comfort

If you're a little thicker than "average" then pick this one. It won't squeeze the fun out of you like many others. Also the thinness and smooth texture leaves lots of natural sensation. She'll sigh when she feels *you*, not "the plastic".

J-man - ohio

This is the only Durex that i will use. They did good here. The sensitivity is great.

Anonymous - Toronto, Canada

Simply awesome! In Canada, Extra Sensitive goes by the name Durex Sensi-Thin. Next to Crown Skin Less Skin, this is my alternative #1 favourite for thin condoms. Skin Less Skin is 0.0018" thick and Extra Sensitive is 0.0019"...so Crown wins by a sliver here. Where Extra Sensitive is better is that it's a bit more lubricated. Can't go wrong with either...go get some Extra Sensitives...actually get lots.

Dan J - Chicago,IL

Hardly noticed I had it on when I tried it. "Smooth as silk" I say.

Jeremy - Tampa, FL

Have had two consecutive occassions where this product broke during intercourse...wasn't aware til it was too late. We've usually had a good experience in the past with this brand, but in this case they were definitely not reliable.

Jenny - Toronto

This is the best condom that I've ever used. It's cheap, available pretty much anywhere and the reason I like this one the most is because he gets the most pleasure out of this one.

bob - dover(hicktown,tn)

these are wonderful and i usually don't like headroom but these are great and have a natural feel

Rico - Danvers, MA

Great condom... It has an amazing feeling. When having sex it feels like youre wearing nothing at all

kathy - allentownpa

my boyfriend and i like rough sex and we tried a couple of the trojan twisted but they were uncomfortable. he's not really thick but he's long and these worked perfectly. honestly felt like he wasn't wearing anything. i made him cum twice with only one of these . definite keeper

Andrew - DC

Great condoms. I don't like condoms but these ones are manageable. They are better than any others I've used.

Liz - New York, NY

Really wonderful. My boyfriend really likes these condoms. He said that they provide a lot of feeling. Personally, I could barely feel it.

Scott - North Carolina

I really enjoy the feeling of these condoms. I'd give them a 4.5/5 if it were an option only because there seems to be a variance in the products manufacturing. Some condoms are tighter, some are looser, some feel thinner, and some feel thicker. The differences are small but noticeable, but for the most part does not change the experience.

Thomas - Tulsa, OK

I hate the feeling of wearing a rubber bag on your goods...these condoms eliminate that feeling. It feels like I'm sliding in with nothing on at all!! They will blow yours mind and your load!!!

adam - lancaster ca

Best condom next to durex tingling

Ricky - Santa Clarita, CA

My girlfriend an myself love this condom, we think its the best hands down! Great feel, very thin, very reliable.

hornyhousewife - Oregon

My husband and I use the humble condom as our only form of birth control so we need one that is rated well for dependability but is also fun to use. My husband is also well-endowed and most of the larger condoms are too thick for him to truly love sex using them. THESE ROCK OUR WORLD!!! I honestly cannot tell he's wearing a condom and he can feel everything again! Sex tip for ladies: try one of these with a vibrating ring and you will get there MUCH faster!

Harry Johnson - New Orleans, LA

This condom feels amazing, i.e. you barely feel it at all. Recently however, one broke during use but I think it was due to lack of lube as we had been going at it for awhile. I felt it before anything bad happened, put on another and had a great night!

James - New Orleans, LA

These condoms feel really good when they are on. Decent amount of lube, good sensation. BUT they have a tendency to break in my experience. It's probably due to lack of lube which has been addressed.

MisterJ - Chicago, IL

These are the best - Crown a close second. You lose almost none of the sensation and you lose pretty much all of the latex smell. These are the least smelly most pleasurable condoms ever. Zero have broken. This also has the best lubricant - better than the crown which is why i rate this higher. Lady friend agrees whole heartedly.

Buy these!

Laura - Los Angeles, CA

These are excellent, my go-to condom. Nothing fancy, but my boyfriend and I agree they do feel pretty much like wearing nothing at all. They're super-reliable, too, which shouldn't necessarily be a surprise, but it is true that certain other super-thin condoms are known to break all-too-easily, and considering how thin these are, I suppose I was wary at first, but we've never had one break.

Also, at the risk of giving TMI, I'll add this piece of info, which others may find helpful: my boyfriend is "uncut," which has made the search for the perfect condom somewhat of a challenge (other uncircumcised dudes know what I'm talking about). This one's never given us problems in that dept. For a trusty condom that takes away virtually no sensation, this is my pick, and I highly recommend it.

JoSE - san jose, california

this is a great condom. for a moment i thought that the condom had broke but no its very safe and it is ultra sensitive

Madison Gardner - Augusta, GA

My boyfriend hated these. They hurt when they get taken off, they feel really tight, even though other condoms of the same width don't. Something about the make of this just isn't quite right.

sandy - Portland, OR

Eh, Not as great as I expected. I had read good things, so we decided to try them out, but I was disappointed. They feel thicker than others I've used, even though according to the stats they are pretty thin. I wouldn't recommend them, simply because they were average and felt like any other condom

Dave - San Francisco, CA

I like this one just little more than the Kimono Large and Crown because of the extra room at the top. The looser fit just feels a bit more natural.

Vinny - Illinois

These are the damn best condoms on the planet, I swear, lol. I prefer these over Crown's Skinless Skin condoms because of their larger size and clear color. Really close to feeling like wearing nothing at all. I've never had any problems with breakages either, and my girl loves them. Really a great condom, and my favorite!

Dalton - Illinois

I love these!!! Super thin, you can feel everything. They are very strong also, I haven't had any of them break, and would buy them again in a heartbeat. I bought the worlds best condoms pack about a week ago and I'm already almost out of them. This time, for sure, I'll be ordering these.

edward - houston,tx

used the Durex extra sensitive condom this past weekend. first time Durex user!! and loved them. its what I'm using for now on.

Justin - Florida

A very reliable condom - one you can use with a peace of mind. Out of 50 I've used 0 have broken or had any issues with at all. They have a good amount of lubricant and don't fit too snug. The only bad thing I could say is it doesn't feel quite as thin as it's claimed to be.

~D - Minnesota

My girlfriend and I had to check 3 times during sex to make sure the condom was still there - and it was. I can feel her and she can feel me, closest to bareback we're felt. I am sold on these!!

Kyle - Northern Indiana

These are my go to guys! Favorite condom thus far out of the many I've tried. I have been through tons of packs and have never had one break. Highly recommended, Durex is my fav. brand thus far. Trojans too smelly and uncomfortable, Lifestyle's too thick.

Sean - Lycoming County, PA

The first condom my wife ever commented on--as soon as I slipped it in she asked what kind it was. I told her and she said--Wow that is a great feeling condom.

I really never thought she could actually tell the difference before today.

Thanks Durex!

Matt - SC

By far the best condom i have ever used.
Great feel, Great fit, no complaints from her. Plenty of compliments. I dont see how people have breakage, i have some pretty rough sex, but then again i always add some astroglide into the mix.

roy - Anaheim CA

these condoms are good to go. u will have great feeling. it feels like u have nothing on. i love them give it a try

Brenda - Amboy

Great feeling, my boyfriend was afraid that it would break but it turned out that it was pretty strong and felt ah-mazing!

Anonymus - Clifton, NJ

An excellent condom.....It felt really good and I'm completely sure my girl enjoyed it a lot!

Brian - Philadelphia, PA

Being uncircumcised, the search for the perfect condom is a complicated task. But this is by far the best one I've ever used. It's thinner which gives better heat transfer and more sensitivity, but is still just as durable as regular condoms. The lube is great, and conceals that typical rubbery smell. But the best part is the shape, which is perfect for uncircumcised guys. Bottom line... this is an awesome condom.

S.H. - Chicago

These condoms rock! I used to prefer the Paradise Super Sensitive a few years ago, but had trouble with them when I tried them recently (too tight). Did my penis grow in width or something? Anyway, I tried the Durex Extra Sensitives, and have to say, these are my new favorite! Goes on super easy, stays secure, and almost feels like it's not even there.. yum! Highly recommended.

Mike - Florida

i used these for while but they started breaking and crowns are better and stronger but these are easy to find

Alex - Los Angeles

Have to agree, these are the best. My girl's on the patch but I still get paranoid so I'll go bareback for a while then slip on a condom. Comparing them back to back, not a whole lot is lot. Like someone else said, it feels just as good but in a different way. The BEST I've used.

Julianna - San Francisco,Ca

These condoms always break. They feel fantastic but they fail at doing their job.

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