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16 Reviews

Adrian - San Benito, Texas

This stuff is great, I love it. It doesn't dry out too fast, it lasts a really long time, and it leaves both me any my wife a cuddly really soft. If I could I would give it ten stars.

Will C. - Cape Coral, Florida

AMAZING! Feels so natural, has no taste at all(which I appreciate), very very good product. Will absolutely be buying more. 100% recommended.

Debra - WI

Liquid Silk is an excellent choice for women who are prone to infections or entering menopause. Or for those needing a little extra help. It doesn't stick & matches your own lubrication!

Sunny - San Francisco

I'm a sex worker and while I haven't tried 'em all, I've tried quite a few. Liquid Silk isn't sticky, and doesn't dry out too fast. Also doesn't burn like some lubes do. Highly recommended.

Red - Seattle, WA

This is a great lube in the water-based (toy safe)category actually. It does have dimethicone, but not as its primary ingredient. I've used it consistently for over a year with my toys (as recommended by the store I purchased them from) and had no break-down problems.

If you're going to treat it like a silicone lube, then I recommend pjur Eros instead, it's much slicker, no bad taste/scent, lasts longer and doesn't get sticky.

AJ - Berkeley, CA

love this product. we had problems with yeast infections so tried Liquid Silk based upon recommendations. for us, the yeast infections completely stopped--same condoms, same food, same everything we just changed lubes. plus, the taste isn't bad in case you encounter it for those purposes. also we tried it for anal sex and it was ok but we had to use a lot. we switched to a silicon lube for that and all is cool--when i'm lucky enough.

Liz - New York, NY

This is a great product. My favorite so far. It feels very natural and is not sticky at all.


smooth and sensual for both penetration and masturbation. not too sticky, not too thick, not too light--just perfect texture and consistency. also can be used with oral sex if needed and the taste is clean unlike those flavored lubes. definite A+ on all counts

anonymous - USA

Really lives up to it's name, feels amazing. However it doesn't last long so you need to stop and reapply often.

sary - nj

It was ok, but it doesn't last long. A bit to creamy too. It didn't meet my needs, but maybe it'll meet yours.

Johnny - Los Angeles

This is by far the best overall lubricant I have ever used.

ge - GA

That's the best lube we've ever used. Either for casual use or anything fancy you try. Tt feels perfectly natural yet lasts long where you need it and disappears on your skin without getting messy or sticky.

Dave - Ohio

This stuff is amazing, absolutely amazing. It's thick, but not sticky. It stays moist, feels like natural lubrication, and doesn't dry sticky.

Shimmy - New York, NY

The best lube ever!

Bill B - Los Angeles, CA.

We find this to be our favorite. It isn't sticky, nor stains, with a natural feel and economical. No problems with yeast or urethra pain. We don't find it anywhere in Los Angeles and have been purchasing it regularly on Condom Depot for over three years. It's made in England.

cb - TN

I ordered 3 lubricants to try and compare: Pjur Body Glide, WET Naturals, & Liquid Silk. In comparison to the others, Liquid Silk is the best overall. 2nd choice is WET Naturals because it blends well with what's already there. Pjur has good lubricating properties, but feels un-natural to me. Doubt I'll purchase Pjur again. Probably keep Liquid Silk as the mainstay and some WET variety as an alternate.

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