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16 Reviews

herman - spokane, wa

after using many products like pjur, olive oil, K Y, etc. we like this best. A little bit does it, it goes and goes and goes. She is small and I am big, and it used to be a problem sometimes. Now, never a problem anymore.

E.C. - A Small Town, Arkansas

Wet Platinum Body Glide was a revelation for me. I'd been using a generic KY Jelly equivalent after trying a couple of different water based lubricants and concluding that they were all more or less equally mediocre. They were necessary evils because sex without lubricant is generally painful for me, but they were only moderately effective (and just plain icky feeling). Plus, they tended to get sticky, which necessitated stopping to reapply. I'd resigned myself to the idea that intercourse was frequently going to be uncomfortable.

Fortunately, my considerate boyfriend insisted we try something else so we got a tiny bottle of this lube. It's amazing. This feels so natural you can forget it is there, but it is very slippery and tremendously effective. When they say that it never becomes sticky, they mean it, too. I had no idea sex could feel this good and pain-free. This product has dramatically changed my sex life for the better.

Will C. - Cape Coral, Florida

Good product. Irritated and burned inside my girlfriend after our first use, but she liked it so much that she insisted we use it again. And again, and again. Wipes up easy with personal wet wipes. I just ordered 'Liquid Silk' hoping the water based lubricant will not irritate her as much and will feel better.

Jeremy - West Jordan, Utah

My wife and I can't get enough of this amazing lube! If only I can get her to put it on for me, haha! the best lube ever!!!!

Ariel Miller - Bay City, MI

A great silicone lube. Cheaper than Pjur Eros and just as nice. Made in the USA.

Heather - Louisiana

I am the type of woman that HAS to use lubricant for a pleasureable experience. This lubrication is by far the best thing I have ever tried. I have tried other brands and none seem to hold up to their promise of not becoming sticky. This one does...it stays silky smooth for a while too, and it is also non irritaing. I will never use another product except for Wet Platinum Silicone, and neither should you!!

Anonymous - New Orleans, LA

This is definitely better than KY jelly (that was a mistake) but I don't think it's really that good. It seemed to go away pretty quickly. I don't have much experience with lube however so maybe I'm setting my standards too high. 3 for being better than KY by far

Krista - Michigan

Worked great, if you use more than a few drops. Toward the end (without lube) I was drying out, so we applied some of this. I still felt a bit dry, so we added more, and then it felt great. My suggestion: When in doubt, use a little more." Other than having to apply a bit more, it was WONDERFUL, and felt natural!

A.S. - Tupelo, MS

This was awesome. We got it in the big sample pack along with some of the Pjur. To me the Pjur seemed to dry out too quickly and still be a little sticky. It could be that I didn't use enough. Honestly, with the Wet I slathered it on, but I found that even where it ended up drying on my hand it made my hand more smooth, not sticky. I am definitely getting more of this.

chrisy - florida

This silicone lubricant feels silky, smooth and lasts a long time! I have sensitive skin *everywhere so i like to use a lube, especially for longer or rougher sessions. This lubricant stays slippery even in the shower. Both my partner and me loved it. Tasteless, odorless and perfect for oral sex.

L.D. - Ozark Mo.

I liked it but the only thing I didn't like was that it was really slimy and hard to wash off.

dj - dallas tx

Great, just as good as ID Glide ...can cost more which I don't like but it's wayyy better than water based lubes.. never sticky. I wish it was cheaper.

Anonymous - Charlotte, NC

This is a great long lasting lube that isn't sticky at all, you can put it on and it will still be around 30 minutes later without reapplication. The fact it is long lasting also makes it hard to wash off. In fact, it almost feels like you are coated in a thin layer of oil that can be removed. If you are looking for long lasting, go with this although if you can stand reapplying, other lubes are better.

James - Denver, Colorado

This stuff lasts forever. We (my girl and I) were having trouble with sex being painful the first few times so I went ahead and purchased the small bottle to try it out. Ever since she has never been in pain, we last longer, and it feels amazing. I would recommend this highly over other lubes especially those that have a warming or cooling sensation as those often lead to pain and irritation.

Andree - Silver Spring, Maryland

Great lube! Takes a long time to dry up and has a nice silky feel to it. Incredible for anal play

john - ind, in

If I hadn't tried any other silicone lubes, I'd probably love Wet Platinum. However my girlfriend and I much prefer Pjur original over this. Pjur lubricates better. With Wet Platinum I feel like I keep needing more(too much friction).

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