World's Annual Best Condom Awards - 15th Anniversary

For the past 15 years the staff at works diligently to offer our visitors the world's only comprehensive list of condom metrics.

Our mission has always been to create condom awareness and promote the use of condoms as a birth control method and the most reliable method to reduce the risk of being infected by the many number of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Over the last 15 years we have learned a bunch.

One fact that stands out above and beyond any other: condom use is most effected by the feel or comfort the condoms offers both partners. Interestingly, a condom's reliability takes second place to actual feel. 

We are not letting the cat out of the bag with that statement however there is one problem. Where do you find that information? And is the information you do find TRULY unbiased? Or is it some advertorial pushing a brand? God knows, you can never seem to find actual product reviews that are legitimate on Google anymore.

That's where we come in. This year marks the 15th consecutive year that has invested the time, effort and money into discovering what our customers are looking for. What they like. What they try. What they re-order. What their partner likes. What they hate. Our business is based on educating our customers which in turn drives our business. Do not worry, is a Full Line Master Distributor. Meaning, we carry EVERY Condom Brand that matters. Therefore the results are fair and accurate.

After all the work, I'm excited to announce the results from our 15th Annual Condom Awards! Here are some key points from this year's sampling:

  • Very little innovation in condom technology for the third consecutive year.
  • We had a couple new offerings from LifeStyles that had promising potential. They made the tut. However, manufacturing issues had them lose rank just as fast. We are hopeful they make their way back for next year once the supply issues are fixed.
  • New product offerings from Trojan came with little more than the usual multi-million dollar marketing hype. The same complaints about the product range: "Thick-feeling," "Nasty latex smell," and "Why are twelve pack boxes now ten pack boxes?" being the most prevalent. Shockingly, that makes it the 7th consecutive year the marketing machine at Trojan Condoms did not score well. Most of their products scoring in the bottom half in most metrics.

This year our "Official Condom Tester Pool" consisted of regular customers that were asked to sample forty of our best condoms. The forty condoms they received were decided by combining our top selling condoms with the ratings we receive from our customers via online reviews and adding a couple of new product offerings to that list. Our official condom tester team was made up of folks from a varied segment of the population including, Florida swingers clubs, students from various universities and one hundred couples of various ages and sexual orientations. This year our total testing pool consisted of 250 of which more than half completed the entire reviewing process.

And The Winners Are...

World's Best Condom Sampler!

You Be The Judge. Now on sale!

Sample from all of our winners of the 15th Annual Condom Awards. The 2016 sampler has condoms, lubes and also the World Famous Vibrating Johnny!

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Crown Skinless Skin Condoms

15th Year in A Row! Are These The Best Condoms Ever? You Betcha!

Year after year, our customers constantly rate them at the head of the class. In terms of sensitivity, reliability and comfort the Crown Skinless Skin is unmatched. Most famous for their use in adult movies, Skinless Skin are Pink Tinted and famous for being ridiculously thin yet super strong. They are manufactured in Japan by Okamoto (who also manufactures fellow World's Best Winner Beyond Seven). He will love them because their super thin design give them a "Bareback" feeling. She will love them because they are super thin and help her feel closer to her lover. Bottom Line: It feels like you have nothing on.

  • Characteristics - Thinnest Latex Condom, makes it feel like you are not wearing a condom. They are slightly above average in size for more comfort.
  • She Thinks - So thin that she feels closer to her lover. No nasty latex smell makes sex better.
  • He Thinks - Bareback feeling seems like your not using a condom. What can be better than that!
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A+, Him: A+
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 8" Length x 1.94" Width (203.2 mm x 49.29 mm)
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+++ <- The MOST Sensitive
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmfull Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

Rated Best Condom by Consumer Reports. 10 Time Winner

New addition to the World's Best Condom List. The Extra Sensitive from Durex is The Thinnest Latex condom in the Durex product line. Super sensitivity, a good deal of lubricant and also with a slightly wider head. All of these characteristics make this condom Great. This condom was also rated most dependable condom by the Consumer Reports team in its last round of testing in 2005.

  • Characteristics - Durex's thinnest and most sensitive latex condom. Feel closer to your lover.
  • She Thinks - "It was hard to tell he was wearing a condom, 2 Thumbs and 2 Toes Up!"
  • He Thinks -"Amazing! We all hate having to use a condom, but these goodies don't take away any of the pleasure. In fact, they change the sensation a bit.. they feel just as good, but in a different way."
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A, Him: A+
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 7.75" Length x 1.94" Width (196.85 mm x 49.29 mm)
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmfull Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Beyond Seven Condoms

10 Time Winner

Sheerlon Latex is Super Sensitive for Average Sized Men

  • Characteristics - Made of a super thin latex called "Sheerlon". Can be made thinner and stronger than other condoms.
  • She Thinks - Very thin.
  • He Thinks - The Japanese really make a great condom. Super thin and super strong. Wish they where wider in the head.
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A-, Him: A-
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 7.87" Length x 1.87" Width (199.89 mm x 47.63 mm),
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmful Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Kimono Micro Thin Condoms

5 Time Winner

Super Sensitivity makes you second guess whether or not you're wearing a condom.

What more could be said? Kimono, the Condom from Japan, is one of the most sensitive condoms in the world. When dealing with such a thin latex condom, friction is your worst enemy. So to make these even more incredible, we recommend using a fine personal lubricant such as any of the WET brand products.

  • Characteristics - Super sensitive for a more natural feel.
  • She Thinks - "You're wearing a condom? Really?"
  • He Thinks - " I'm Wearing a condom? Really?"
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A, Him: A
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 8.12" Length x 1.87" Width (206.24 mm x 47.63 mm)
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmfull Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Iron Grip Condoms

2 Time Winner

An Iron Grip that won't slip!

This first time winner has been highly praised by our customers. It get's its 'Iron Grip' name by having a smaller width for a snugger fitting condom. A customer from Boston raves, "Finally! A Condom that fits and wont slip! The snuggest fit I have found with the exception of some custom fit condom I used to be able to find online."

  • Characteristics - Snugger, tighter fitting condom
  • She Thinks - I never have to worry about a condom slipping off thanks to Iron Grip.
  • He Thinks - Finally, a condom that fits me better than the condoms I could get at stores.
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: B, Him: B+
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 7.75" Length x 1.75" Width (196.85 mm x 44.45 mm)
    Thickness: SENSITIVE B
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmfull Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Trustex Extra Large Condoms

Finally a larger sized condom that is sensitive! 4 Time Winner!

With so few choices on the market for the well endowed male, it's a relief to finally find a sensitive condom that is Large in width and Length. American Latex has filled the void with its newest offering, Trustex Extra Large. This great condom is not only larger than your average sized condom, but unlike it's larger peers it actually feels good. If your tired of wearing a Large Condom that feel more like a heavy rain coat, this new product will surely be your new best friend.

  • Characteristics - As the name implies. Larger in Width & Length. More sensitive then other "large" brands.
  • She Thinks - He looks so happy!
  • He Thinks - Feels grrreat! Thinner for more natural feel!
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: B+, Him: A
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 8.62" Length x 2.12" Width (218.95 mm x 53.8 mm)
    Thickness: SENSITIVE B++
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmfull Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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LifeStyles KYNG Condoms

LifeStyles KYNG Condoms

Larger and Ribbed! Did it really take this long for someone to com out with this combination?? 3 Time Winner!

When you first look at this condom don't laugh. It's odd "Light Bulb" shaped design is for a reason. These condoms have the Largest Headroom of any condom. The extra headroom is perfect for men that feel confined by an average condom. Also this bulb adds a bag to the tip of the condom which many woman find quite enjoyable when it rubs her inside. Also thinner for a better feel!

  • Characteristics - Light bulb shaped design adds pleasure to him and her.
  • She Thinks - He likes these a great deal and that makes me enjoy them more.
  • He Thinks - The head of my penis has room to breath. The extra bagginess adds to its pleasure. Thin so I can feel what I'm Doing.
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A-, Him: A
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 7.87" Length x 2" Width (199.89 mm x 50.8 mm)
    Thickness: SENSITIVE B+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmfull Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

Beyond Seven Studded Condoms

Ribbed for her - Super sensitivity for him! 6 Time Winner!

Hand it to the Japanese! These condoms feature hundreds of tiny raised bumps along the shaft design to rock her world. VERY SIMILAR TO THE INTENSE SENSATION, EXCEPT THIS IS A SNUG FIT CONDOM. Made from an advanced Latex called Sherlon, they are much thinner than standard latex condoms without sacrificing strength. The thinner latex also helps her feel the heat and friction that is mostly lost from thicker latex condoms. This condom is an instant classic.

  • Characteristics: Super Sensitive for Him. Many Raised Bumps For Her..
  • She Thinks - The size of these studs felt pleasurable and not painful! These are very sensitive and make me feel closer to my man!!
  • He Thinks - Loved, Loved Loved the sensitivity of these condoms.
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: B+, Him: A-
  • Condom Stats -
    Measurements: 7.87" Length x 2" Width (199.89 mm x 50.8 mm)
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmfull Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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LifeStyles THYN Sensitive

Super Thyn Bareback sensation while maintaining its structural integrity! 2nd Time Winner!

Lifestyles has listened to what consumers are wanting. Every year it seems that our data gathering is pointing to one thing... People have less a problem with wearing a condom when it doesn't feel like they are wearing a condom. Lifestyles THYN are exactly what the Folks asked for and they deliver. Both men and woman scored it very highly on sensitivity and it's slightly larger than the Crown and Beyond Seven products which was also a positive scoring characteristic.

  • Characteristics - Not as thin as the Crown or Beyond Seven products but close. Slightly larger than both in width and in length.
  • She Thinks - Hmm... Is he wearing a condom?
  • He Thinks - Hard to tell I'm wearing a condom.
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A-, Him: A-
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 8" Length x 1.87" Width (203.2 mm x 47.63 mm)
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmfull Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Vibrating Johnny® - Vibrating Condom   Best Safe Sex Gadget

Clitoral Stimulation For Her & Rock Hard Erections For Him 2nd Time Winner!

We have seen many of these gadgets come to our office over the years but never have we been so impressed with the Vibrating Johnny! As one reviewer submitted, "Fantastic! my wife absolutely loved this product! The stimulator was perfectly positioned and gave her multiple orgasms! 4 Thumbs Up!"

Here's the skinny. The Vibrating Johnny works in two different ways. For him, it acts as an erection enhancer. It keeps blood flow in the penis which makes for a longer, more "Ripped" looking Penis. For Her, it features a Textured Vibrating Clitoral Stimulator. When he wears it, the stimulator comes into contact with her clitoris which gives her incredible pleasure. We like it much better than similar products because it lasts longer, seems more powerful and it stays on because it has a bumpy ring. The ring's bumps keep it in place during wild sex. Ride'em Cowgirl, Yeah!

  • Characteristics - Lasts for about 20-30 minutes. Has a convenient on/off switch for multiple use.
  • She Thinks - Stimulator hits all the right spots with powerful vibrations!
  • He Thinks - It makes the veins in my penis look like Gov. Arnold in 'Conan the Barbarian'!
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A+, Him: A+
  • Condom Stats - Stretchable - One Size Fits All

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Wet Original Lubricant   Best Personal Lubricants Co-Winner

This World Class Lubricant, Stays Wet Longer than any other Water Based Lube!

We love Wet Personal Lubricants. They are colorless, odorless, and have no chemical like taste.. WET Original's long-lasting super-slick formula contains soothing pure Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, and is water-based, gentle, odorless, colorless, greaseless, non-staining, and will not harm latex.

WET Original is the co-winner of our World's Best Lube Award because unlike other Water based Lubes, WET Original - Stays Wet Longer. Meaning it takes longer before it begins to get sticky feeling. These are also fantastic for anal intercourse because they contain no spermicide and are so incredibly slippery!

  • Characteristics - Condom safe. Toy safe. Spermicide free. Stays Wet Longer than any other water based lubricant on the market.
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A, Him: B

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Pjur Eros Body Glide Original   Best Personal Lubricants Co-Winner

Co-Winner of the World's Best Lubricant! This makes the list as our favorite lube. Best Silicone Based Lubricant

Unlike any other lube in that it doesn't dry up and in never gets sticky feeling. Being that it's silicone based, it's safe for use in and out of water and condom safe.. Although this lube is more expensive than Water Based Lubricants, it has a better value because you only need a drop or two at the most. This silicone lube is taste-free, fragrance free, and will NEVER get sticky feeling or dry out. Its condom safe but may interact with silicone toys. WATCH OUT FOR GENERIC BODYGLIDE. There are many Lower Quality BodyGlides on the market. If the label does not have the "Pjur" Name on it, it is not Original Eros.

Mike & Donna in Florida say; "This is the best lubricant we have ever used. We have not found any other that come close to its ability to maintain lubricity, while being very smooth and silky.."

  • Characteristics - It never dries. Can be used in the shower and under water. One drop is all that's needed.
  • Average Tester Rating - Her: A-, Him: A+

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