Wahl 7-in-1 Personal Massager

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Wahl 7 in 1

Item No: 927    Product Has Been Discontinued

Wahl 7 in 1

Who really buys these for back massage anyway?
This two speed "All Over" Body Massager is used by those in the know, to provide intense clitoral orgasm. Another great thing about he Wahl is that if you have children, it looks like a massager not a vibrator.

This model is Much Quieter than the Hitachi Magic Wand, and is also more powerful.

No batteries to deal with, just plug it into the wall and off you go!

Special Features
* Smaller Top for Pin Point Accuracy
* Versatile 2-speed unit for gentle or deep massage
* Change attachments to customize massage for different parts of your body
* 7 massage attachments: general body, spot application, deep muscle, muscle kneading, knuckle joint, scalp, facial
* English/Spanish instructions

Includes a Manufacturers Warranty. Sorry No Returns Unless Defective.

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5 Stars
OMG!! Ladies, Ladies, Ladies... forget about everything else on this site! This is the best invention ever! I've tried quite a few massagers before & this one beats all! It is the most intense & satisfying I've ever experienced! You have to buy this. I'm almost tempted to purchase another just in case mine stops working.. LOL Buy,,, now...Enjoy!!

Endia - Hollywood, Fl

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5 Stars
OMG!! Ladies, Ladies, Ladies... forget about everything else on this site! This is the best invention ever! I've tried quite a few massagers before & this one beats all! It is the most intense & satisfying I've ever experienced! You have to buy this. I'm almost tempted to purchase another just in case mine stops working.. LOL Buy,,, now...Enjoy!! Endia - Hollywood, Fl

4 Stars
This is the gold standard. It's quiet, powerful, and you don't have to mess around with batteries. Wahls have been around forever so they're tried and true. This vibrator never fails to give me multiple clitoral orgasms, and they're the strongest I've ever had. You will NOT be disappointed! Rose - Sacramento, CA

1 Star
A total disappointment. I bought this to try a vibrator that didn't run on batteries. The vibrator itself is very bulky and quite heavy; the attachments were not designed for clitoral stimulation and so have rough, sharp edges that I found to be incredibly painful! No batteries is its only nice feature, but even then, the Wahl will soon become too hot to hold. Between the almost burning temperature and the sharpness of the attachments, this massager gave me far more pain than pleasure (something a vibrator should never do!) Megan - Oxford, ME

5 Stars
Ellen - Little Rock, Arkansas

5 Stars
Wowww. Next best thing to the real thing and definitely worth every penny. If this one wears out (and it might!) I will buy another. Beth - Vancouver, WA

5 Stars
The variety of inter-changing heads makes for great variety of sensations! It's a great way to relax after a hard day at work! Jessica - Monmouth, OR

5 Stars
I wore mine out! Angela Shelton - Baltimore, MD

5 Stars
I am on my second Wahl vibrator - having worn the first one out after 10 years - and I think this is the one to have for versatility and sheer power. You can have lots of fun learning exactly where you are most sensitive and how you like to be "touched". It is the toy that first taught me to masurbate and I am eternally grateful for all the explosive orgasms it has given me. Green Sangha - St. Louis, MO

5 Stars
I've used many toys, but this is by far the best. I use it alone or have my husband use it for teasing games... it gives an extremely intense vibration and, with the attachments, can be tailored to my nipples or clit. They always get erect in seconds with it, and I cum until I'm exhausted. Anne - Edinburgh, Scotland

4 Stars
I have this and the Hitachi. The Hitachi spoiled me but it was so damn loud. I used it so much that it developed this knocking sound that can be very distracting during partner sex. Plus the big tennis ball head isn't good for pinpoint the clitoris. But it worked really well for me, almost too well. I would come really fast. This vibe is really quiet compared to the Hitachi so I wanted it to work. It takes longer for me to come using this as it isn't as powerful...and I think the Hitachi numbed me out somewhat. But after a few weeks with the Hitachi put away and only using this, I am starting to come around. I am glad I bought it. Vibe Lover - San Diego, CA

5 Stars
We have killed many vibrators. Many of them last as long as the batteries in them. Hesitated buying this cause of possible noise/bulk. Reviews don't lie, this bay is quite and small! She loves it! I love it! You buy it! Keith - Jersey

5 Stars
This is such an under rated piece of kit. The Hitachi Wand gets the headlines when plug-in massagers/vibrators are discussed but for me this little baby is far better. First its not the size of a baseball bat and doesn't vibrate so hard as to bruise! Second its far quieter than the Wand and its vibrations are more in tune with my body. Both speeds are great for masturbating and when mixed with the 4 usable head attachments the variety of sensations it can give (all of which can make me climax) is fantastic. Add to this the fact it is well made, lasts for years, is not embarrassing to leave out when the family is about and you have a winner. It took some effort to get mine from the USA 5 years ago but if it ever breaks I will go through all that trouble again to get another because its that good. (PS it gets near daily use while the Hitachi only sees the light of day once in a while and the Eroscillator is a dead loss!! Marie Wakefield - Southampton, England

5 Stars
It took a little while to find the tip that worked best for me, but once I did, I was sold. The orgasms come quickly, and are incredibly intense. Also, on many more than one occasion, I experience multiple orgasms with this toy. After my first orgasm with clitoral attention, I switch to my vagina and have at least one more. Buy this! Ann - Columbia, SC

5 Stars
Right to the point....
Got mine in the mail today and the first 5 minutes I had a clitoral orgasm. Yeah Baby!! Thanks to the reviews, I might have ended up with something else that didn't do the trick.
I have to say one more thing.....
I am new at this but I am not at the least a spring chicken either. I grew up never really pleasing myself because it was a no no. Well now I have had a change of heart and plan on playing catch up with a new hobby!
When my hubby's not putting out, I can now pull out my Wahl!!!!!!!
Hope this review helps.
Misty - Festus, Missouri

5 Stars
I really do feel obligated to write a review for this "massager".

This will be my second vibrator, and I bought it because the price was high enough to guarantee quality yet low enough to be affordable. I was excited by all the other reviews and I wanted a toy that could last for a long time, even years, as one reviewer said. I was a bit iffy when I read that it only features two speeds, but after using it I'm definitely NOT complaining! The vibes the toy gives aren't 'violent' or 'shaky' as they were with my last vibrator. Rest assured though: the vibes are powerful but very smooth.

I was also drawn to this toy because it is powered with just a regular cord that you can plug into a wall outlet. Battery-operated vibrators seem less reliable to me and more likely to die after some use, so that's why I went with the Wahl. As I opened the box and picked it up I could tell this is a thing that will (hopefully) last a long time. It's perfect for me.

N - Philly, PA

5 Stars
This one of the very best vibes I own! Always reliable and very intense and satisfying orgasms. I've been through more than one; not because they aren't well made but because I (we) became a bit too enthusiastic! Take my advice and treat yourself to the G-spot attachment as well. You will not be disappointed. S - New York, NY

5 Stars
Excellent for "legitimate" massage as well as clitoral stimulation! Shimmy - New York, NY

4 Stars
I'm not going to mention anything regarding it's sex possibilities or this actual model. But I bought the "Wahl Massage Master" back in the 80's (which is the ancestor of this model) and after more than 25 years, it STILL his working! So I can bet this thing wont die quickly. I also confirm it's deadly powerful, so I'm sure you ladies can put this thing to good use. :) Jimmy Jack - dickinson, TX

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