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Non Latex Condoms

Non Latex Condoms are thinner than latex condoms, and so they increase sensitivity and are more agreeable in feel and appearance to some users. They are also helpful to people who are allergic to latex. Not like Latex condoms, Non Latex Condoms can be used with water and oil-based lubricants. These new breed products also conduct heat, making them very popular with couples. If you are allergic to latex these products are ideal.

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Durex Real Feel
Durex Real Feel     New Item

These non Latex Condoms are Made from Polyisoprene and not Latex. They are ideal for those with Latex Allergies and for those looking for a Skin on Skin Feeling. Durex Real Feel used to be known as Durex Avanti.

LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel
LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel     New Item

New SKYN Intense Feel Non-Latex condoms feature a wave design texture with intensely deep studs on the most sensitive areas to maximize stimulation and pleasure.

LifeStyles SKYN Selection
LifeStyles SKYN Selection     New Item

The closest thing too wearing nothing! This sample box contains Original SKYN, Extra Lubricated SKYN and the New Intense Feel SKYN Condoms. A great assortment of great condoms!

Non Latex Sampler
Non Latex Sampler    

A 10 pack assortment of non latex condoms. Sampler includes Trojan Supra, Trojan NaturaLamb, and FC Female Condoms. Not like Latex condoms, Non-Latex Polyurethane Condoms can be used with water and oil-based lubricants.

FC2 Female Condom
FC2 Female Condom    

FC2 Female Condom, formerly “Reality” Female Condom, is the first and only FDA approved contraceptive that gives women the ability to control unintended pregnancy and the spread of STD’s. This non-latex insertable condom is made from nitrile.

LifeStyles SKYN
LifeStyles SKYN     New Item

The LifeStyles SKYN is a non-latex condom made from polyisoprene, which makes this condom ideal for those who have an aversion or allergy to latex.

Lifestyles SKYN Large
Lifestyles SKYN Large     New Item

The LifeStyles SKYN Large is just what larger sized SKYN fans have been waiting for! Made from top of the line polyisoprene, the SKYN Large is ideal for those with latex allergies due to its incredible softness, stretchiness and durability.

Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra
Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra    

Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra Condoms are designed to transmit natural body heat. They are super thin, yet strong, and made from clear, odor-free, medical-grade polyurethane.

Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms
Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms    

Trojan NaturalLamb condoms are made from a natural membrane and while that may sound strange at first, they are one of the most comfortable, intimate, and largest condoms on the market. Most notable is their ability to transfer heat.

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