Pjur Original Body Glide

Pjur Eros is now Pjur Original!

Pjur Eros Lube, now known as Pjur Original Bodyglide is a premium waterproof silicone-based lubricant has been the rated the #1 personal lubricant worldwide since the 90s for a good reason. This essential lubricant is glycerin and paraben-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic, tasteless and fragrance-free and it lasts significantly longer than most lubricants as well.

The Pjur name has a great reputation for a reason and this is the fantastic lubricant that put them on the map. Not only does this lube increase the pleasure during sexual experiences by reducing the friction level and increasing the gliding effect, but it also moisturizes and conditions the skin without clogging pores. This is why so many professional massage therapists use Pjur BodyGlide.

It’s safe for daily use, is never tested on or made from animals, and all you need to use is one single drop. So, be sure to invite Pjur Original to your next erotic adventure, whether it’s on land or in the water, by yourself or with a partner and you’ll notice the positive difference that Pjur Original BodyGlide makes in your sex life!

Pjur Original BodyGlide is condom safe and is safe for non-silicone adult toys.

Pjur Eros / Original Body Glide Ingredients:

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol

Condom Depot prides itself on carrying many great products from the Pjur brand, including the original Pjur BodyGlide formerly known as Pjur Eros. Pjur only makes medical grade personal lubricants so you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality lube every time you open a bottle of Pjur. Buy direct from Condom Depot and save on Pjur Original Bodyglide Lube!
Pjur Original Body Glide
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32 Reviews

Jennifer - California

Best lube on the market. And I have tried many.

Al - Church Hill, KY

Amazing product. Works well and long lasting.

Leigh - Arlington, VA

Great lube, but others work well that are a little cheaper.

Patty - New York

Much silkier than water based lubes. Stay slippery in the shower, worked great on him! A little bit went a long way. Great for oral and for use on thin condoms that are not lubricated.

Red - Seattle, WA

Once I tried Eros, I simply couldn't go back to traditional water-based lubes. It's everything they say it is and more. The lack of glycerine helps prevent yeast infections and stickiness.

I use non-lubricated condoms to cover my silicone toys. Not only does this protect them from the lube, it also makes for easy clean-up and more sanitary use (especially if you have multiple partners). You're already in the best place to buy the condoms and the lube, so get to it!

Anonymous - Cincinnati, OH

This stuff has a slickness you have to feel to believe if you're used to department store brands. It's useful for all kinds of things, even including massage and skin conditioning (some ingredients evaporate, some absorb into the skin, so cleanup is never necessary). I prefer this formulation for general purposes, masturbation, and endurance sex. For more studious sex, try their "Light Love" product.

Liz - New York, NY

Amazing! This feels so much better than water based lubes. Everyone should buy a bottle,

Ronnie - Mass

This product is fabulous! I use it for everything with my boyfriend...massages, condom lubrication, and more intimate things:) Tasteless, greaseless and highly lubricating, this product will blow your man's mind!

Dan - Los Angeles, CA

Honestly, I find the silicon lubes to be way too thick. I understand there's a preference between light and thick lubes... True, there's less stickiness but at the point where it fails to fulfill its main function I have to wonder what the point of it is. I ended up using the rest of it as massage oil because i couldn't use it as sex lube....

Brian - Mountain View, CA

My girlfriend and I love it. I got a hot tub and it works under water. Those Germans know how to make lube. If you want a smooth ride, get this.

Miss H - Sylmar, Ca

Best Lube on the market! I've only used this lube for the last 8 years and refuse to use anything else! Eros rocks! And when paired with Crown condoms OMG simply phenomenal.

John - Philadelphia

Best lube there is!

fred - DC

This stuff really causes a warming sensation. I can't say I'm crazy about that. I don't feel it lubricates as well as astroglide or even ky, either. Honestly, I don't understand the hype.

moe - CT

Yes, silky and smooth, but not " slippery" enough.

Andres -

I have some problems when I try to stretch up the prepuce while in full erection, that means it happens also when having sex. It kind of hurts, and it makes me lose my erection after some minutes.

I tried it after applying some of this lubricant... it's amazing, I was finally able to have sexual relations. Yeah, previously I had two failed attempts, but now my fears are gone (partially... I guess I should get surgery). You don't need much, really, it all depends on what you're gonna use it for.

Highly recommended product!

Amy - LI

I don't really see what the hype is, either. It's got a very dry-slick feeling to it, and while it doesn't get sticky or anything, it seems as though it's not really doing its job. It's not slippery enough to make it feel natural, and I definitely thought one drop wasn't gonna cut it.

Shimmy - New York, NY

The best lube ever, especially for anal sex. I'd give it 5 stars if it were not so expensive.

Matt - San Jose, CA

This lube is the best! It's expensive but well worth it. It works great for moisture and with latex condoms. Great product!

Danielle - Ohio

Seven weeks after delivering my baby sex was very painful. We decided to try this to see if it would help and it worked wonders!! Any postpartum women looking for some relief, try this!

David - Mobile, Alabama

Sorry but the reviews on this are very wrong. Tried it out as a switch from Astro Glyde. Not any better in lubrication, its a total mess leaving stains on sheets, and its not water soluble so it sticks to you like crazy glue. Very difficult to clean up. I just had to throw the bottle away.

gareth - washington

I'm big and she is very tight, and we used to get each other raw, but kept going anyway, using KY or warming liquid from local drug store. It would heal/get better overnight, but always limited. After this produce we get started easy and can go and go as we like.

lovin it - jax fl

I originally used the Original pjur after trying system jo then tried this one. I think the original pjur is hands down best. Even worked on the fact I have very sensitive skin. System jo is great but when I tried pjur.... it paled in comparison. There was no need to relube, it was less friction and no stickiness. My husband loved how slick and smooth it felt. The pjur light love just was a little thinner but was lacking that that slick edge the regular had. And for anal for him he liked the original pjur for the same reason. I still use it with pjur analyze me cause I do need to desensitize. The light love just doesn't seem to be as well rounded like the original. still good though. This is the best I have found.

chrisy - florida

This silicone based lube is a bit expensive but WELL worth it! Much silkier than water based lubes. Stay slippery in the shower, worked great on him! I have sensitive skin so I need lube to avoid abrasion. I like the small bottle it came in so that I could slip it into my pocket for outdoor use with my partner. Last through a long, hard session, and only a drop or two needed. Great for oral and for use on thin condoms that are not lubricated (Crown). Highly recommend!

Leigh Anne - Arlington, VA

Great product...you only need a little bit...goes a looooong way :) ...definitely better than most water-based lubes I have used in the past.

A - Ohio

This lube made for a great night of sex. Normal lubes we often have to reapply in the middle but this lasted the whole time with the perfect slickness so we could focus on making love. Used with a crown condom which sometimes can break with not enough lube but it was fine with this lube. This is a great lube and I can't wait until she lets me try it without the condom.


This lube is great. It doesn't get sticky, can go for a long time, and you don't need to use much. I have never had any warming sensation as someone noted, and I find I get more than slippery enough. You do have to be careful not to get it on the sheets because it may stain them, but otherwise it's the best.

Shelley - BC Canada

Silky, smooth, odourless and a little goes a long way. It is amazing for "hand sex" for male or female. Great for women who ejaculate as it keeps things very slick.

Also, removes eye-makeup effortlessly and ads a wonderful sheen to bare legs. I can't live without this product in my house.

Larry - Safety Harbor, FL

It's a nice silicone lube, but the packaging is *terrible*....do you really want to deal with a screw cap, with silicone on your hands? And it is too pricey! I found that Wet platinum was every bit as good, less expensive, and has a snap cap.

Anne - Palm Springs

Would not even try anything else. I am prone to UTI's, but when we use this, I have no problems. We use more than the recommended drop, but a little goes a long way and it's well worth it. Not irritating to my skin like KY or any of the other water based ones that I've tried. I don't get a warming sensation or anything but a natural feel.

Dan - Milwaukee, WI

Good, but not worth the price tag. Wet Platinum is just as good, and it's almost half the price of this lube. If money's not an issue, then go ahead and get this lube; however, if you want the most bang for your buck, I'd go with Wet Platinum instead.

Dan - RWC,CA

This is the worst lube my girl and I ever tried! It dries up quick and has a heat sensation making any situation we explore a painful event. A couple drops is false advertising if you ask us, you have to use a overabundance to get a slick sensation.

cb - TN

I ordered 3 lubricants to try and compare: Pjur Body Glide, WET Naturals, & Liquid Silk. In comparison to the others, this one lubricates well, but I prefer the other 2, as Wet Naturals feels more natural, & Liquid Silk feels the best overall.

Pjur personal lubricants offer deluxe hydration with their specially formulated water and silicone-based top-of-the-line products. Whether you are alone or with a partner, Pjur’s special lubricant ingredients will optimize all of your upcoming sexual adventures.

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