Okamoto Condom Sampler Jar

Japan's leading condom maker. These are all extremely sensitive condoms and our sampler jar contains every Japanese condom from the Okamoto line up! Experience the "bareback" feeling of Okamoto today!

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Each of our exclusive Japanese Condoms, Okamoto Condom Sampler Jars Contain:

4- Crown Skinless Skin Condoms
4- Crown Assorted Colors
4- Beyond Seven Condoms
4- Beyond Seven Studded Condoms
4- Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy Condoms
4- Okamoto .004 Condoms
4- Okamoto .004 Aloe Condoms
3 - Individual Use Lubricants from WET and AquaLube
Condom Use Instructions

That's 28 Japanese Condoms plus some of the best lubricants on the planet!

From the leader in Japanese condoms. These are some of the MOST sensitive condoms on planet earth! This Japanese condoms sampler jar contains EVERY condom in the Okamoto Line up! If you want to experience an almost "BareBack" feeling this assortment is perfect for you! Be sure to browse our other condoms samplers and order your Okamoto Condom Sampler today!
Okamoto Condom Sampler Jar
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