NaturaLamb Condoms

Naturalamb Condoms - Lamb Skin Condoms are simply the most realistic feeling. Case Closed.. If you are a couple that is not concerned about STIs or HIV protection, then the NaturaLamb Lamb Skin Condom is for you. These Natural Membrane condoms are made from a Natural Membrane and offer great pregnancy prevention and an unbelievable no condom feeling. Not recommended for Vegans. Again Use only as Birth Control. Natural Lamb Skin Condoms do NOT offer protection against Disease and do NOT provide Protection against HIV.
Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

Trojan NaturalLamb condoms are made from a natural membrane and while that may sound strange at first, they are one of the most comfortable, intimate, and largest condoms on the market. Most notable is their ability to transfer heat.

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