Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy

Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy XXL Condoms are from the makers of Crown Skinless and Beyond Seven. This XXL Sized, Large condom uses the same Sheerlon material as the super sensitive Beyond Seven regular. Now Larger Sized and Super Thin!

This large condom is loaded with extra head room with 70mm (Flattened) at the widest point in the head and 50mm (Flattened) at its base. And for length, the Mega Big Boy condom clocks in at 8" Long! Reservoir Top for added protection and perfectly lubricated with a silky silicone based lubricant!

If you have tried Beyond Seven or Crown and found them to be a tad bit snug feeling then this is your new favorite condom!!

Made in Thailand.

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Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8"
  • Width Head (Flattened): 70mm
  • Width Shaft (Flattened): 54mm
  • Sensitivity Rating: A
  • Resevoir Tip: Yes
  • Lubricated: Yes. Silicone Based.

Condom Shape

Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy

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Shape Info

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