Liquid V for Women

When using Liquid V for Women, be prepared to be extremely aroused!

This pleasure enhancing topical gel has the super strength you’ve been searching for. Directly after applying a few drops to the clitoris or other areas of the vagina, Liquid V for Women springs into action by creating a tingling and invigorating sensation.

This maximum amount of delight is made possible by the specially formulated ingredients in Liquid V for Women. These ingredients stimulate the area by dramatically increasing the blood flow to the clitoris which promotes an increased amount of feeling and sensation during stimulation.

Not only does it smell fresh and feel fantastic, this ? ounce (10 mils) bottle is small enough that no one will ever have to know. Why is the bottle so small, you ask? Because this product is so incredibly potent, that one to two drops is all it takes to get your engine revving.

This product is safe for use with condoms and adult toys.

Made in the USA

DI Water, Propylene Glycol, L-Arginine, Menthol, Cellulose Thickener, Methylparaben, Propylparaben
Liquid V for Women
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frannie - ny

Nothing like it -- use just a bit and have a blast! I cannot recommend this highly enough for personal pleasure.

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