LifeStyles SKYN

The LifeStyles SKYN is a non-latex, polyisoprene condom, which makes this condom ideal for those who have an aversion or allergy to latex.

Despite lacking latex, this condom is as strong as a traditional condom and yet it offers the same sensitivity levels as a thin latex condom. The SKYN condom is ultra-soft, flexible, stretchy and resistant to breakage and provides protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Due to its skin-like comfort, durability and its long-lasting lubricant, the Lifestyles SKYN Condom is strongly preferred over other non-latex condoms like the Trojan Bareskin Non-latex by our customers with latex allergies.

LifeStyles SKYN Condom Features

Polyisoprene Condom
Same sensitivity levels as thin latex condoms
long-lasting lubrication
ultra-soft, flexible, stretchy and resistant to breakage

LifeStyles SKYN Condoms aren’t the only non-latex or polyisoprene condoms on the market. Condom Depot knows that for people with latex allergies, getting the right condom brand is important. That’s why we offer a non-latex condom sampler pack. However, it is important to keep in mind, with polyisoprene condoms, that oil-based lubricants can still harm the integrity of the condom. Which is why we recommend using water-based personal lubricants with these condoms.
LifeStyles SKYN

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8" or 203.2mm
  • Width: 2” or 50.8mm
  • Diameter: 1.27" or 32.26mm
  • Circumference: 4" or 101.6mm
  • Lubrication: Silicone Based
  • Material: Polyisoprene
  • Features: Non-Latex, Reservoir Tip

Condom Shape

LifeStyles SKYN

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

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89 Reviews

Alex - Sacramento, CA

I was excited by the ligature on these things--and hoped that these would make a great replacement for Durex Avanti's, just as they are starting to run out of stock. These things are pretty much identical to any normal thickness, plain vanilla condom, nothing more to be said. Chemically, Polyisoprene is artificial latex in all regards, but it doesn't have the proteins that cause allergies. I don't have this issue, so there's not much special about these, and they don't transmit body heat and sensation like Polyurethane condoms do.

Jay - Tampa, FL

By far the best non-latex condom on the market!!! The feel and comfort of SKYN vs. the others available is night and day! These actually stretch and feel comfortable. For people with allergies to latex, the options are very limited. SKYN is the only brand I will use now!

Tony - Michigan

For all the hype these things have got about "closest thing to nothing" I would have to say I was astonished about how that can be claimed. This is an OKAY condom, an average condom if you will. It fits nice, as they are made bigger than average condoms, and they are well lubricated. Both pluses. However, I sure as hell could tell I had a condom on, that's for sure. And these are on par, if not worse than other numerous thin style condoms I have tried. Definitely no better...not even close. I'll tell you what not wearing a condom feels like...amazing. This, didn't make me feel any better about using a condom during sex. And other thin condoms are better still I believe.

David - New York

Incredible! Felt so close to wearing nothing.

Hannah - Ann Arbor, MI

My boyfriend and I used to use the polyurethane condoms, but as soon as we tried these we haven't gone back. They fit so much better, and create a more pleasurable sex session for both of us. Not to mention they are cost less. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a condom that allows the most pleasure get these.

John - Manalapan, New jersey

When I tried these condoms for the first time, it was like wearing nothing. The condom did not brake under heavy penetration and was lubricated just right. Im never switching to any other condom. It is truly the closest thing to wearing nothing!

Angela - Chicago, IL

These are the only condoms we'll use anymore. We've had other condoms break, but never these, and my boyfriend says they feel much better than latex condoms. Still not as good as bare backing, but if we put some lube inside they are pretty great!

Allen - Birmingham, Alabama

I rank these at a 5 for me, because my partner does have a latex sensitivity. We have tried all of them, including Avanti and Supra. Both Avanti and Supra felt very dry, even with extra lube, and they were brittle and just weird-feeling, and although they are non-latex, they still irritated her. I disagree with the reviewer who said they did not transmit body heat as well. I was extremely surprised at how well they transmitted body heat. Very good, especially since a condom that "works" for her means more sex!

steve - Oklahoma

These are far more natural feeling than polyurethane condoms. they are not as "sticky" as latex, but yes, otherwise identical. they stretch well, and I have not had one break.
They deserve a try. I like them better than anything else.

Levi - Fairfax, VA

These are definitely one of the best condoms I have ever used. Could hardly tell that I was using a condom. Next to the TheyFit condoms that are no longer available, these are definitely great. Could hardly tell I was wearing a condom

Ben - Sterling Heights, MI

These definitely don't live up to the hype. If you have a choice between these and Trojan blues and have a nice lubricant these are better, but there are very better condoms out there like Crown Skinless Skins. However, if you need condoms at Meijer or something, these are decent..

Ash - San Antonio, TX

I've used about 6 of them and I dread it every time, even with lube. If I were allergic to latex, I guess I'd be okay with them, but you can feel them the whole time and it's a downer. There's definitely better choices.

Hilmar - Florida

Very good condom. Probably the best of all the non latex condoms available. Fit well, feel great, and more convenient to use (poly condoms are annoying). Only downside to these condoms is the heat transfer is delayed some from one partner to the other through the condom.

Hilmar - Florida

Very good condom. Probably the best of all the non latex condoms available. Fit well, feel great, and more convenient to use (poly condoms are annoying). Only downside to these condoms is the heat transfer is delayed some from one partner to the other through the condom.

RP - owensboro, kentucky

i am allergic to latex, and although this condom didn't cause me to flare up in an allergic reaction like regular latex condoms do, it DID cause me to completely dry up and made sex terrible. I personally like Trojan Supra's WAY better, and of course, Naturalamb is wonderful if you can afford it.

Galen - Seattle

The first box was amazing. It really did feel almost bare. But the second box seemed really dry on the inside, and kept bunching up and getting all shrively and cutting off circulation so i would have to stop every 10 seconds to adjust it. I think lube would've fixed this. Much better than latex though which makes me go limp and numb and stings. The only other problem is even though I am quite large, they would slip a bit.

Sal - Brooklyn, NY

They feel great, even my girl said they feel like nothing is there, heat transfer is amazing too... only problem is they do break fairly easy if things get a little rough.

Anthony - Methuen, MA

These condoms are AMAZING. These were the first condoms I've ever used, and if this is what it feels like to have sex wearing a condom I can't wait to go without. I bought them really only because they were non latex and I didn't want my first time to be spoiled by a latex allergy, since my girl is allergic to many things, but I was pleasantly surprised! I felt every little thing and it was amazing. We both love them, and will definitely keep using them in the future.

Rob G - East Coast

Feels just like the real thing. My girl and I experimented going bareback then trying the condom on, the difference is almost unnoticeable.

Dan - Santa Monica

These are amazing. No rubber smell while keeping the supple and stretchable feeling of latex. After a very bad experience with Durex Avanti which felt like wearing a unbearable plastic bag over my penis, I had stuck with latex while being a little worried about bad stuff in them like nitrosamins. So it's safer and for the first time it truly felt like wearing no condom.

AB - Tyler, TX

My husband and I considered trying these out one night. He opened the condom package and pulled on it a bit to see how durable it was compared to our normal condom - and it tore. Easily. We decided to pass on these.

Walter - Latvia, Europe

So far the most natural feeling ones I've come across, simply love it, though they are bit pricey so have to use them on special occasions :D Love the way they feel. I can't feel them being on and had to check couple of times to make sure it was. Now I'm used to feeling nothing being on ;)

MS - Arcadia CA

This feels thin, but lacks the "stickiness" of latex. My wife said it reminded her of a sausage wrapper.

araceli - fort worth, tx

Best condom ever! Not like those other latex condoms it felt like nothing was there!

jesse - for wor, tx

I love it cause I lasted way longer than usual and there was no messy lube.They didn't break like the other condoms. My partner loved 'em!

Jake - Nova Scotia, Canada

The body heat is a plus for sure but I am well endowed and the condom kept on wrinkling up. Might buy again.

Matt - Pasadena, Calif

Very sensitive, we went at it hard and heavy with this one and zero breaking.

Bob V. - Pomona, CA

I would not recommend this condom. The smell of it is so bad you want to throw up as soon as you tear open the package. The condom itself is very sub par compared to the Durex extra sensitive. If you are allergic to latex go for it but if not stay with latex condoms! A rubber glove smells much better than mold!

Josh Stone - Livingston, New Jersey

Well I've used Trojans non latex condoms and the Durex ones too but i think these ones are the best as far as fit goes and also i think that the lubrication on these works the best.

Jill - NOLA

Initially I thought these were pretty decent considering they were not latex. I'm not allergic to latex but I got them in the sample pack. However, I did notice they would sometimes start to slid and bunch up a little. And to make things worse, my boyfriend and I had to stop because it came off. Let me just say, having to fish one of those out is a complete mood killer. We've tried lots of condoms but we've never had a problem with that. So we've decided not to use these again.

rick - denver

They felt pretty good, but they smelled awful.

John - Kingston, NY

While they are better than typical latex condoms, they don't compare to the Durex Avanti Bare condoms. These were just mediocre.

Rob - Tacoma, WA

Started off trying other thin and non alergenic condoms but they would break, not have enough lubricant, or difficult to put on. Use to use Durex Avanti's and decided to try this condom and my girlfriend and I loves this the best and found a condom we both love.

Mattie - NYC, NY

I'm allergic to latex, so these seemed promising. They're great! Feel great, and way more reliable than most condoms in general. They even smell better. I haven't had a single one rip. Definitely recommend them!


My wife has latex allergies. These still gave her a reaction although not as bad as regular latex. The polyurethane condoms work fine.

Lilit - Orlando, FL

Love it, i use them all the time!

Halabi - New York

- No Latex
- No rubber smelling
- May fit nicely for average size
- Do not break ( used 9 out of 12)

- Not very thin
- Tight for the above average size (my personal experience)
- Pricey

Will buy again? No

Kendall - Portland oregon

My boyfriend and I just used this tonight and oh my gosh they were so amazing!!!! Felt like there was nothing there for both of us he even ejaculated, yeah it was alittle harder too for him but wow he said this was the best condom we've ever used! Highly recommend these :)

FL - Seattle,wa

I've been using these for years because I started building up an allergy to latex.

They've been great until the past couple months... EVERYWHERE I purchase them I end up with a pack that smells like dead carcass... Here's the test: open a condom, smell it and if no foul smell comes out, they are probably fine. But I've had probably four or five packs with varying degrees of dead carcass perfume... You don't want to smell that when you're in the mood.

Although I've used to love them, they've had major production issues.

All the smelly condoms I've had were expiring around 2013 (so more or less 2-3 years from now) and were made in China. I purchased them in Seattle (not on CondomDepot with which I've had an excellent experience so far).

Jack - Auburndale,FL

If you like the feel of a paramedic glove than these are for you. I would rather use a ziploc bag because a ziploc would feel better and would be a lot thinner. I will not suggest these to anyone. I like the Trojan Supra.

Anna - Ann Arbor, MI

I'm allergic to latex and my partner and I started by using the Trojan brand; they were like groccery bags. The 'SKYN' condoms were sooo much better. We both had more sensation and pleasure. I recommend these for those who are sensitive to latex.

Jackie - Kissimmee, FL

Tried these out and I could feel a lot more than when I use regular Trojans, but nothing too spectacular.

Abel - Chicago

Well, I think this condom is the best in the market. It has a little more room, and a little more length than Trojans, which makes it more comfortable. The material is also much more sensitive than Trojans ultra thins. Every guy seriously needs to try them. Best of all, my girlfriend said she feels a big difference.

ANON - Socorro, NM

I tried these with my girlfriend and it honestly felt like i was inside her without a condom on. I tried the Trojan naturalamb condoms and by far these SKYN condoms rolled on easier and felt better than those ones did. I highly recommend these.

Rio Safe - Anchorage, Ak

I have used the Trojan & Durex non-latex condoms. This is SKYN is not skin-to-skin good, but it is worlds better than the others in the non-latex category. It stays put, did not get bunchy or pinch and has flexibility. I am a polyispoprine convert. I haven't seen them sold locally though.

TA - Dallas, tX

LOVED these. First condoms I didn't hate, and I could barely tell he was wearing one. LOVED them. Very thin, guy also thought thin. Also the entire point of condoms is STD protection so no Lambskin is not an option.

Jack C. - Stripville,NY

Felt great.

Please don't make me say - Somewhere, WI

These weren't as "not there" as I hoped, but better than most. They made my...uh....lady parts smell flowery.

Alex - Los Angeles, CA

These condoms rock! So much better than Trojans Supras - the other non-latex option. No comparison. It feels like you're wearing nothing with these condoms.

FireFly - Worcester, MA

I was excited to find out that there is now a manufacturer making a condom that is not made out of latex, lambskin or has spermicides on it. However, this condom is terrible. It's like a sandwich bag.

ron - rc, ca

they are great, super thin feeling, no odor, no latex discomfort for her

someone - champaign, il

these by far are the best condoms out there. There strong reliable and feel like your wearing nothing. Would recommend these

Dan - Hammond, IN

THEY'RE GREAT! I've had a vasectomy so my wife and I definitely don't need birth control but we use condoms regularly to eliminate the "drips" and also because wearing it is a bit of a turn on for both us. The Lifestyles Skins really feel closest to nothing at all. Transmit body heat better than latex and don't dry out and require extra lube like latex. A definite winner and my permanent "go to" condom.

Michael G - Sherman Oaks, CA

I just tried these condoms last night. The best condom I've used ever, as we all know nothing compares to doing it without a condom but this is the 2nd best thing. I have used all condoms out there and this is the best, for me even better than the Crown Skinless.. I highly recommend it!

Donnie Londe - California

these condoms were wack i could not feel a thing, not worth it!!!

Danny - KY

Fit better than Supra. Other than fit, there is nothing good I can say about these. First one broke. I couldn't even feel anything until it started to slide off, then I felt some movement. My wife was likewise extremely disappointed.

Dave - Virginia Beach, VA

I'm not allergic to latex but I still use these. I can definitely feel more than with others I have tried. I have no problem "finishing" with one of these.

April - Phoenix, AZ

As far as protecting me from an unwanted pregnancy is about all they did. My husband and I needed to use condoms because I got off my birth control pill for a little bit and I am allergic to latex, we hunted high and low searching for a latex free condom that was thin because being married and me being on the pill, we never used condoms. Totally let down by these condoms, I still felt an odd reaction to them, not thin at all does not feel like "skin". I will not suggest these for anyone to use cause they suck. We're gonna try the Trojan Supra now.

Jordan - Riverside, California

They were absolutely fantastic! My boyfriend and I both agree that it really is like nothing is there, with the extra protection. ^-^

Anon - Boston

My boyfriend had found regular Trojans to feel like trashbags. The Crown condoms were too small, but we had settled on the Kimono microthin. I bought the LifeStyles Skin 3 pack on a whim based on reviews.

They definitely felt thicker to me. He didn't care for it, and midway through we switched back to a Kimono.

I am thinking about trying lambskin condoms, since I'm on the pill and not worried about STDs in this monogomous relationship.

Mr. B - New York, NY

As someone who has issues staying hard w. condoms I have to say these are really great. Not the same as bareback obviously, but a really nice fit and close sensation.

edward - tallahassee, fl

This is an average condom. Average sensitivity. Nothing special. I was hoping for a "lambskin" feel, but no dice.

ellie - Knoxville,tn

these condoms were great my boyfriend and i loved them this is the only brand we buy
never going to change either
definatly worth a try!!

luke - seattle

WOW! WOW! WOW! That's what we both said. And that was after each of us wondering if it was still there! I have tried all kinds of condoms and this truly remarkable. Heat transfer, and so smooth. I don't like the shaped condoms with larger heads, they dont feel real. This form fitting condom gives a smooth natural feeling.

k.A.M - Baltimore

I used many condoms, but these are far the best. My partner who hates latex said these condoms feel just as good as the real thing.

Eric - KY

My wife and I strayed from our usual favorite condom (Lifesyles Sheer Pleasure) just to test the waters of what else is out there. We were both disappointed. My wife said they felt fine to her but they made her itch afterwards. Ironic since she handles latex just fine. I was very disappointed with the feel of these. There was plenty of sensation at the base, but very little at the tip. My wife was able to climax normally, but I wound up taking it off and putting on a different kind to finish. Not necessarily a bad condom, but definitely does not live up to the hype on the packaging.

Andrew - Chicago, IL

This is the first non-latex condom I've used. Also, I think it is the best condom I've ever had as well. Lots of feeling. Feels comfortable at the base instead of cutting off my circulation. And I never realized how horrible that latex smell was until now, its so refreshing not having that strong smell around. I've tried other "sensitive" condoms in the past but this is the first that comes anywhere close to feeling like the real thing. Try this one people, you wont be disappointed! I'll be sticking with this one for a while.

Reggie - Seattle, WA

I love these condoms. I am often disgusted by the smell of latex mixed with certain bodily fluids. These totally eliminate that issue. YES!


These are great condoms! My husband and I really love them and will not be using any other. I think those that gave bad reviews were actually too small for the condom, my suggestion to you guys is to try LifeStyles Snugger Fit!

Frad - Orlando

I'm glad that there are other options ...

GorkiyMax - Washington, DC

I was really excited to try these when they came out last year. However, I do not understand the hype. Compared to LifeStyle Ultra Sensitives these feel like wearing a plastic bag. I've tried these with two partners and the girls were not thrilled. However, if you are dealing with a latex-sensitive girl, these are the ones to get.

Doug - Clemmons, NC

Wasn't impressed ,but need non latex due to her allergy. I am larger than average and this wont stretch enough,especially ring at bottom. Painful. Looked up large size...Wow,a whole 1/8 inch more...not even enough!

prefer not to say - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bought from the store because my boyfriend ran out of his regular kind and I liked what they were saying on the package. However, after use I can safely say I will never use this condom again. It certainly didn't feel like what I expected (and not in a good way), it started drying up, it slipped off my not-so-small boyfriend (thankfully not in me), and I believe it also gave me a small reaction -- as my girly bits have been itchy wherever it touched since we used it. Throwing out the other two that came in the package.

Jorge - Phoenix, AZ

We have tried the natural lamb skin, avanti bare, supra, and these. Out of all these are the best (overall).

Trojan Supra's feel like putting on a balloon. Such a pain to get on (and stay on).

Natural Lamb felt awkward, but good, only downside was it irritated the both of us.

Avanti was nothing special. Just a lesser version of these. Felt worse though.

These by far take the cake. Feel great, and they also didn't cause us any harm. Fit perfectly well (not a hassle to put on and stay on. Doesn't feel like plastic/rubber).
Definite buy :)

R - NJ

We love these! They are our favorite condom. They feel much better than the Trojans we used to use. They have no odor. Of all the ones we have used none have ever broke or slipped off. My wife said that to her it's like I'm wearing nothing.

big billy - edison, nj

You can't use oil-based lube with SKYN polyisoprene condoms. You CAN use oil based lube like Vaseline with polyurethane condoms like Trojan supra

Larry - Clearwater, FL

The worst thing about these is that the packaging is too tough...they are fairly tough to open, and particularly if your hands are slick from lube, etc. Much more difficult than Avanti Bare. Otherwise, they are an "Ok" non-latex condom.

E.C. - A small town, Arkansas

We were curious about whether these would be as good as the somewhat more expensive Durex Avanti Bare condoms that we've been using. They weren't; LifeStyles SKYN condoms are not something we will buy again. I found them to be insufficiently lubricated. My partner complained about diminished sensitivity. We had no problems with breakage so they served their primary function, but that's the best thing I can say about them, and there are better choices out there.

Johnny - Lakeland

I didnt really care for the feel of these. Might as well but it in a ziploc bag! They are THICK.

Bill - Chicago

These were a disappointment. These things are NOWHERE near as good as lambskin condoms as far as feel is concerned. They feel much like regular latex and still make your sexual experience "cloudy." I guess if a condom is a MUST and lambskins aren't an option (because of STD protection), this is better than standard latex. Not much though :-(

John - Gulfport MS

Hate latex. We have tried the lamb, the supra and the Durex non latex. Tried this for the first time and it was awesome!!! It was the closet I have felt to nothing at all. I would recommend for anyone!

rod - Memphis, TN

These condoms are a little better than most latex. They are up there with Crown Skinless skin condoms. I must admit You can tell that you are wearing a condom. My fiancee said that it felt like I wasn't wearing one. Check them out at your local Walmart over half the price.

Luis - Dallas, TX

This is better than the other non latex brands which have used rolls on better and sensitivity is good

Anonymous - Atlanta

Purchased these locally because of the hype. Not at all what I was expecting. Feel was not like your thinner condoms. Would not suggest.

D - Philadelphia, PA

My boyfriend said these were actually better than the lifestyles ultra thin grey box. He says he can actually feel the walls of inside of me more.

Oscar - Astoria, OR

These are the best condoms period, latex or not. They really feel like nothing at all, I had to check a couple times to make sure it was still on. We used these now just to make clean up easier, they are that real feeling. Don't listen to the other review. These are great!

taylor - fresno, ca

I'm thinking the people giving bad reviews were under the influence of some sort. THESE WERE AMAZING. boyfriend bought these and I refuse to use anything else, except ultra thin in a pinch. these generate heat INCREDIBLY and I couldn't tell he wore one. He said he could feel inner ridges and such inside of me more. No weird smell, DOES NOT DRY THE FEMALE, and feels great. Crazy not to try.

Kelsey - Orange, New Jersey

So much better than avanti!

Yolanda - Texas

Absolutely love this condom!!! I'm hooked. Very sensitive. Does fit larger men as well. I am exclusive to this product now.

LifeStyles condoms have been manufactured by the Ansell Company in Australia since the 1960’s. LifeStyles latex condoms have stood the test of time for over five decades and are available in a wide variety of sizes, flavors, colors and textures.

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