LifeStyles Luxe Lubricant

LifeStyles Luxe lubricant is a silicone-based lube that you can enjoy in the shower, pool, or hot tub! LifeStyles Luxe was engineered to be a long-lasting premium lubricant that doesn't leave you or your partner feeling sticky like other lubricants.

LifeStyle Luxe is also fragrance-free, so no additional scents to distract you from your partner. LifeStyles Luxe comes in a convenient 3.5 oz pump bottle for easy, mess-free application.

Ingredients: Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol

3.5oz Bottle

LifeStyles Luxe is just one type of personal lubricant that we carry from the LifeStyles brand. Known for their wide variety like LifeStyles Natural Lubricant and Skyn Excite Gel, they are constantly pushing boundaries on what can be done with personal lubricants.
LifeStyles Luxe Lubricant
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