Kimono Ribbed Condoms

Kimono Ribbed With Sensi-Dots (Textured) condoms were formerly known as Sagami Type E condoms. The Kimono Textured condom boasts a whirlwind of remarkable textures for a pleasure filled experience you’ll both enjoy.

In fact, this is one of the thinnest condoms available that has both ribs and studs. Kimono Ribbed with Sensi-Dots condoms also have a contoured, form-fitting shape, a reservoir tip and are tinted green.

The Kimono Textured condom is one of the only condoms on the market that features the 4 most popular condom characteristics including:

-Extreme thinness
-Form fit

If you are interested in Kimono condoms, you may also be in our extremely popular Japanese Condom Sampler Pack. Kimono’s textured condom’s Sensi-Dots system is one of the most innovative designs in condom history. Try these legendary Kimono condoms and you’ll feel like a true Japanese Samurai, especially when you buy them at Condom Depot.
Kimono Ribbed Condoms

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8.5" or 215.9mm
  • Width: 2" or 50.8mm
  • Diameter: 1.27" or 32.26mm
  • Circumference: 4" or 101.6mm
  • Lubrication: Silicone Based
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Ribs,Studs,Thin,Form fitted

Condom Shape

Kimono Ribbed Condoms

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

Shape Info

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14 Reviews

Matt - Greenfield, WI

Best condom I have ever used. If you have the emberassing problem with them falling off then these are definitely the ones for you.

Rocky - Lutz, FL

Oh yeah! I found my condom of choice! These feel good, are thin, tough, and my lady loves the feel.

Ace - Riverhead, NY

Too tight for me. I'm on the larger side, but for the smaller to average size guys, may be a good condom for you.

La La Lisa - Montpelier, VT

My boyfriend liked the fit of these, but I didn't feel a big difference in texture.

Stephanie - Dallas, TX

Out of the condoms that my boyfriend and I have tried, this is one of the best. I love the texture, and my boyfriend is not a huge guy down there, so he felt pretty comfortable with how well they fit him.

Bob & Mary - Indianapolis, IN

Bob: A fun product that fit me well. Mary seemed to enjoy the ribbing/texture. The design was perfect for me. My penis is quite thick at the base and the head is bigger than the shaft. When Mary slipped it on it felt like it belonged.

Mary: OMG!!!! the ribbing was wonderful. it depends on the coital position of course but when I could make contact on my clitoris it was wonderful. We will definitely keep a supply of these in the nightstand.

Sonam - Puen, Maharshtra

It's great...pleasure at it's peak!!!! Go ahead and excite all her sensitive areas with this product!!!

Daman - Ostrava

She loves it and so do I. Wish these had Aqua Lube like the regular Kimono Microthins, then it would be perfect!

AM - Minneapolis, MN

I have tried out a lot of condoms, trying to find what is the best, and these, by far beat everything. Soft Japanese Latex, a snug fit that never slips, and those extra features the ladies love. Perfect!

Liz - New York, NY

Not bad, but not great either. I didn't feel the dots or any other textures. My boyfriend said that it felt okay.

Shimmy - New York, NY

These feel so good! Buy 'em, try 'em, and feel it for yourself!

Roxanne - Berea, KY

Not a bad condom, but the textures are hard to notice.

Jason - Portland OR

One of the best condoms on the market! Thin, tough and textured for her pleasure! They are slightly smaller than most condoms so they are snug.

ouch - Seattle, WA

Just a word of warning- I picked one of these up in a sample pack, and man are they tight. If you're on the larger side, you will not be too comfortable in one of these.

Kimono condoms are so thin and comfortable that when you wear one, you will feel exactly as though you are riding bareback. Kimono condoms are specially designed in Japan to be extremely sheer, super thin and ultra dependable.

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