Kimono Sampler

The Kimono Sampler Pack is perfect for those who wish to try out all that Kimono has to offer. Now, you no longer have to choose which type of Kimono condom to try next. You can easily try them all with the Kimono Sampler Pack!

Includes various sizes, colors and textures for your added enjoyment. Increase your pleasure tenfold with Condom Depot’s exclusive Kimono Sampler Pack!

For your convenience, the amazing Kimono Sampler is available in either a 12 or 24 count pack.

12 Pack includes:
2 - Kimono MicroThin
2 - Kimono Maxx
2 - Kimono MicroThin Large
2 - Kimono MicroThin Ultra
2 - Kimono Thin
2 - Kimono Textured

24 Pack includes:
4 - Kimono MicroThin
4 - Kimono Maxx
4 - Kimono MicroThin Large
4 - Kimono MicroThin Ultra
4 - Kimono Thin
4 - Kimono Textured

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Kimono Sampler

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Kimono condoms are so thin and comfortable that when you wear one, you will feel exactly as though you are riding bareback. Kimono condoms are specially designed in Japan to be extremely sheer, super thin and ultra dependable.

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