Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms

The color purple is associated with nobility, luxury, and royalty, so channel your ambition with Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms. These purple colored condoms are the brightest purple condoms in all of the land. These sensations Impulse condoms are made from thin, durable latex, have a reservoir top, and are lubricated with a slick, water-based lube.

Slip on the Impulse Plum Crazy and take your rightful spot on the throne. Your Queen will love the sensitivity and durability of these condoms, while they add some fun to your bedroom activities. Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms are not flavored condoms, only colored condoms. Plum Crazy condoms do not have any added flavor or scent.

Don't settle for the same traditional, clear standard condoms when you can add a pop of purple from one of our best-selling colored condoms, Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms. Want flavor to complement the bright purple of the condom? Add a flavored lube to your order. Spend more than $25 and get free shipping!
Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms
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Condom Specs

  • Length: 7.87" or 199.89mm
  • Width: 1.87” or 47.63mm
  • Diameter: 1.19" or 30.22mm
  • Circumference: 3.74" or 95mm
  • Lubricated: Water Based
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Plum Color, Reservoir tip

Condom Shape

Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms

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Impulse condoms are manufactured by Line One labs, who are also the makers of Trustex and Fantasy brand condoms. Impulse condoms are a Condom Depot favorite due to their thinness, water-based lubricants and innovative designs.

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