Impulse Pale Rider Condoms

Although Impulse Pale Rider Condoms look like standard latex condoms, they are far from normal. When you look closer, you'll see that Pale Riders are thinner, longer, and more narrow than average with more lubrication than a standard lubricated condom. If you've used extra thin or extra sensitive condoms before, you probably like them for their high level of sensitivity, and that's what Impulse Pale Rider Condoms give to you. Get ready to ride, slip on your Pale Rider Condoms, saddle up, and have some fun.

SALE - 3 Count Retail Boxes Expire May 2017 - The other Styles are normal Expiration Dates

The extra thin latex condoms from Impulse give you the sensitivity and feeling of wearing nothing, but the protection of a standard condom. These Impulse condoms feature a water-based lubricant and a reservoir tip for maximum protection and sensation. Check out more of our sensitive condoms for extra pleasure. Spend $25 or more and get free shipping!
Impulse Pale Rider Condoms
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Condom Specs

  • Length: 8.25" or 209.55mm
  • Width: 1.87” or 47.63mm
  • Diameter: 1.91” or 48.51mm
  • Circumference: 3.74" or 95mm
  • Lubrication: Water Based
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Reservoir Tip, Thin

Condom Shape

Impulse Pale Rider Condoms

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5 Reviews

Nicole - Town of Montgomery, New York

I disagree completely with what this site says about this condom. They were AWEFUL. Way too thick and he couldn't feel ANYTHING at all. Total let down to both of us.

RD - Michigan

Working through my 50 pack order - will order again. Reliable, nice fit for me. It's a bit dry, wife needs a drop of lube to start. Great value!

Tim - kirksville, MO

It needs a bit more lube. It was your basic condom, nothing fancy, but it worked.

Matt - Norristown, PA

Felt way too tight, with almost no sensation. She reported she couldn't feel me either. I wouldn't recommend this condom.

Anonymous - Alexandria, VA

At 25 cents per condom for packs of 100, you're getting exactly what you payed for: a basic condom, very little lube, and very tight.

Impulse condoms are manufactured by Line One labs, who are also the makers of Trustex and Fantasy brand condoms. Impulse condoms are a Condom Depot favorite due to their thinness, water-based lubricants and innovative designs.

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