Impulse Midnight Orchid

Don't accidentally pollinate her petunia, slip on an Impulse Midnight Orchid Condom to set the mood. These jet black colored condoms bring the lights down to set the perfect mood for sinister sexiness with your partner. This midnight black condom from Impulse is made from ultra-thin latex and is a lightly lubricated condom using a water-based lubricant. Don't resist your carnal impulse, grab the Impulse Midnight Orchid Condom before the clock strikes midnight.

Not everyone loves rainbow-colored condoms, so Impulse condoms came up with the opposite: jet black condoms. Midnight Orchid from Impulse condoms is designed to give you and your partner a mysteriously sexy night with extra lubrication to supplement the body's natural lubrication. When you slip on a jet black condom, you're instantly put in a mood to play. Going crazy? Spend $25 and get free, discrete shipping!
Impulse Midnight Orchid

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8" or 203.2mm
  • Width: 1.87” or 47.63mm
  • Diameter: 1.91” or 48.51mm
  • Circumference: 3.74" or 95mm
  • Lubrication: Water Based
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Midnight Black Color

Condom Shape

Impulse Midnight Orchid

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3 Reviews

Jenny B. - NY, NY

Amazing condom!

TJ - Ames, IA.

A very good condom. Great feel, and my girlfriend likes the color.

I.D. - Detroit, MI

I was a little careful because of the low price and no reviews but man... This condom rocks the house. It has less of a latex smell then even Crown or Durex brands, it fits perfect and isn't strangely on us above average guys. The SOLID Black color is pretty erotic. Almost makes it look like a sex-toy or something. Though it kind of feels thick, it completely allows feeling while standing up to the rigors in the bedroom. Definitely a good condom and cheaper in bulk than the rest.

Impulse condoms are manufactured by Line One labs, who are also the makers of Trustex and Fantasy brand condoms. Impulse condoms are a Condom Depot favorite due to their thinness, water-based lubricants and innovative designs.

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