Fantasy Rainbow Colors

Fantasy brand Rainbow Color condoms are so bright and festive, it’s like having a party in your bedroom! Plus, they are durable, dependable and are made from super thin latex for increased sensitivity.

Fantasy's Rainbow Color condoms are available in these fine shades: black, yellow, pink, blue, orange and purple.

Rainbow Colors condoms are non-contoured, have a reservoir tip and contain a water-based lubricant.
Fantasy Rainbow Colors

Condom Specs

  • Length: 7.5” or 190.5mm
  • Width: 1.87” or 47.63mm
  • Diameter: 1.19" or 30.22mm
  • Circumference: 3.74" or 95mm
  • Lubrication: Water Based
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Reservoir tip, Assorted Colors

Condom Shape

Fantasy Rainbow Colors

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

Shape Info

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10 Reviews

Jamie - Nashville, TN

Very fun condom. They seem like thick condoms but still feel great. I have never had one of these break before. And the best part was that I didn't seem to need much additional lubrication to use them like I need with other condoms.

Tim - kirksville, MO

It fit, it felt good, it didn't slip or break. An explosive orgasm was had. There were no survivors...

o.g. - Indianapolis IN

It was so amazing. The other brands we used broke. This one didn't and it felt past amazing

John - Fontana, CA

Really good condom. Pretty standard. Could use a bit more lubrication, good ol' KY is always there, but other than that really good. They fit great on me and the different colors make it fun for me and my girl. She still gets an orgasm out of it. They haven't broke on me, even without extra lube. Safety is safety people. Be wise.

Robert - riverside,CA

These condoms broke on me multiple times and the exp. was 2013 and I had them in a good temp area were it was cool all the time that is why I don't rate these condoms highly.

jeff - riverside

These are terrible. they fit good but they are so thick that you get no pleasure out of them. Wont be buying these again.



Jerry - Flagstaff, AZ

We had such a blast with these condoms. The colors made it really fun. It was also very strong and held up to some intense sex.

Jacob - Manhattan Beach, CA

Although this condom was a little thicker than others that we've tried, we still had fun using them.

Ryan - Allentown, PA

A little too thick for me. Did not feel much during sex. Going to buy a more sensitive condom next time.

Fantasy Condoms are made by the same makers of Trustex Premium Condoms. Available in Fun Flavors including Strawberry, Vanilla, Grape, Mint and Chocolate. Fantasy Condoms are also available in Regular Lubricated.

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