Durex Rainbow Colors CLEARANCE

Turn yourself or your partner into a festive array of color with Durex Rainbow Colors. These high quality colored condoms add an element of playfulness, fun and lightheartedness to sex, and can greatly increase the visual excitement in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, we cannot honor specific color requests. Comes in assorted colors including: blue, orange, red, yellow, pink and green.

This product is Also Available In Our Regular Catalog with Standard 2-4 year Expiration Date

Product Expiration Date - January 2015
Available in Case Quantity Only

About Clearance Sale Products are the same products we sell everyday however they are within 15 Months of Expiration. Sorry No Coupons or Free Shipping on any Clearance Products.
Durex Rainbow Colors <B>CLEARANCE</B>
Product Has Been Discontinued

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