Doc Johnson Anal Lube

Make anal intercourse even more enjoyable with Anal Lube from Doc Johnson. This anal lube comes in a 6 oz jar with a pump for easy dispensing. Anal Lube is cinnamon flavored and warms up for delightful and delectable anal play.

-Using Anal Lube will allow penetration to be more comfortable and enjoyable. NOT safe for use with condoms!
- 6 oz. jar with pump

Petrolatum, Octyldodecanol, Nonoxynol-15, Artificial Flavor
Doc Johnson Anal Lube
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2 Reviews

Annon - Fresno, CA

Absolute garbage. It starts from the packaging which looks so shady and tacky. The thick paste actually burns when used anally and my wife's response was to throw the bottle into the nearest trash container. Enough said. Stick to the more expensive brands like Wet, etc. You get what you pay for especially in this case.

M. - MA

The unflavored one works well. It does not burn and has good thick consistency, and made both of us happy.