Custom Logo Condom Examples


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Before you create your custom condoms, take a look at what the finished product could look like. Our custom logo condoms can be either Fantasy condoms or Trustex condoms, depending on how you want the packaging to look

Option 1

  • Fantasy Assorted Colors Lubricated Condoms
  • One side is clear (We put the label on that side)
  • The other side is the front of the condom wrapper (Shown below)

All logos above are on our "White Matte" label (Standard)

Option 2

  • Trustex Extra Strength Condom (Black Packaging)
  • Both sides of the Trustex Extra Large look like this

We apply your logo to the other side

"Grenade Condom" & "Sex Sells" are on our "White Matte" label (Standard)

"Flying Dog Brewery" is an example using our "Silver Foil" label

(Additional $0.05 per condom for silver or gold foil)