Condoms By Style

Search our condom inventory by Style. Here you will find ribbed condoms for her, thin condoms for him and even flavored condoms for oral sex.

Vending Machine Condom

1 Pack Condoms for vending Machines. These vend pack condoms are manufactured by LifeStyles and are in a 2-1/8" x 1-1/2" x 1/4" box. Available in 8 Styles.

Climax Control

Climax Control Condoms - These condoms contain a small amount of Benzocaine that slightly numbs the Penis. These condoms are safe and although they are not a cure, they will help those with pre mature ejaculation.

Dental Dams

Dental dams are small, thin, square pieces of latex that are used for oral-vaginal or oral-anal sex.

Dual Pleasure

Dual Pleasure condoms offer greater sensation for both partners. They feature more headroom for this comfort and a textured surface for her pleasure.

Extra Lube

These condoms feature double the lube for added safety & sensitivity.

Extra Strength

Extra Strong Condoms - Made with a thicker latex wall, our selection of extra strength condoms can also be used for climax control because they are less sensitive.

Female Condom

The female condom is a sleeve-like device made of polyurethane. It has a small closed end, and a larger open end. Designe to be inserted into the woman's vagina prior to sex. These are used to prevent STI's including HIV.

Flavored Condoms

Flavored Condoms - Looking for flavored condoms for Oral Sex? We have the following great condoms that tastes delicious and are all sugar free. These condoms are flavored and are ideal for Safe Oral Sex.

Glow in the Dark

Rise and Shine with Night Light™ glow-in-the-dark condoms! Whether you’re looking to surprise your partner or just have some fun, Night Lights will add a new dimension to your love life.

Lamb Skin Condoms

The Naturalamb brand condom is different from latex condom. Because it is made from a natural lamb skin membrane, you will find it has its own special feeling of sensitivity. People that Use Labskin Swear by them.

Non Latex Condoms

Non Latex Condoms - Non-Latex Condoms are generally for those with a known allergy to latex. They come in 2 types. Polyurethane and Lambskin. Both protect against unwanted pregnancy but the Lambskin condom will NOT protect against HIV.

Non Lubricated Condoms

Non Lubricated Condoms - As the name implies these condoms have NO Lubricant. These Dry Condoms are often used for Oral Sex, by those allergic to lubricant and also as microphone protectors in theater and movie making.

Rainbow Colors Condoms

Rainbow Colored Condoms - Available in assorted colors. These condoms come in different styles and shapes but each condom is colored. Not your average flesh colored rubber.


Vibrating Rings add to you and your partner's pleasure. We carry every brand and style of Vibrating Ring. Including the #1 selling Vibrating Johnny, Trojan Vibrating Rings and rings from Durex and Lifestyles.

Sampler Packs

Sampler Pack Condoms -SAMPLER PACK CONDOMS - So you like variety? Not sure which condoms to buy? Our condom samplers are ideal for those that are not sure which condom to buy and also for those that enjoy trying something a little different!

Sensitive Condoms

Extra Sensitive Condoms - Nobody likes wearing condoms. Being that condoms are a necessity in today's day and age, these condoms are those that offer the most non-condom feeling.

Spermicide Condoms

THESE PRODUCTS MY CAUSE DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS! Please read this article about Nonoxynol-9 the Detergent used as spermicide on condoms.


Ribbed / Textured Condoms - The outside of these condoms feature textured surface designed to stimulate your partner and add sensation during intercourse. Our favorite.


These condoms feature a gentle warming lubricant that heats on contact. Adds great pleasure to both partners.