China Anal Balm

Anal sex just got better! Rub a little of this extra strong 10% benzocaine cream into your backdoor rosebud and wait a few seconds....the sweet cherry-flavored cream will lightly numb the anal area for the easiest backdoor adventuring ever! Oil-free and completely washable too!

- 10% Benzocaine Formula is the Strongest Over The Counter Formula of Benzocaine.
- Great Cherry Aroma And Flavor!
- Takes the sting out of anal sex

Will Not Damage Latex Condoms.


Q- What is the expected duration for the China Anal Balm's numbing effect? I just want to know if I should plan to reapply while I'm...doing my thing, with my girlfriend. Thanks.

A- Approximately 10-20 Minutes depending on how much is applied and how much is absorbed. I would recommend using a drop about the size of a penny on your partners privates. Rub it in good and let it sit for 2-3 minutes before you get down and dirty.
China Anal Balm
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