Big Guns Condom Sampler

For those that are well endowed, we have this great condom sampler just for you. The "Big Guns" Condom Sampler features the largest condoms that we carry. Our large condom sampler will be sure to delight you and your partner while meeting your extra-large requirements. We highly recommend using our large condom sampler pack to find out which condoms feel right for you! We reserve the right to substitute a similar quality/style condom in case one from the below list is not in stock.

14 Pack includes
• 2 – Trojan Magnum
• 2 – Trojan Magnum Ribbed
• 2 – Trojan Magnum Ecstasy
• 2 – Trojan Magnum Warming
• 2 – Lifestyles Kyng New Product
• 2 – Trustex XL Color
• 2 – Trustex Extra Large New Product

42 Pack includes 6 Of Each

Condom Depot are the experts when it comes to the big boys. That's why we've put together this sampler pack. Your partner will love trying each style with you to find one that is just the right size and shape for you! All of the extra-large condoms we carry are fresh and far away from the expiration date. For trusted large condom brands like TrojanLifestyles, and Durex, you can always turn to Condom Depot.

If you're on the other side of the size spectrum, check out our snugger fit sampler.

You may also browse our selection of magnum condoms. We also offer a number of other “specialty” condoms such as our selection of latex free condoms.
Big Guns Condom Sampler
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6 Reviews

Jose - San Fransico

These are the best condoms if you are a larger male and trust your partner will love these.

Nate - New England

These are great, the only ones that don't fit me are the Magnum XL's due to the extra length. The rest are perfect and feel amazing though. I'd recommend it if you find regular condoms hurt, which they did to me.


These made things a whole lot better for me, I don't feel strangled anymore.

Jamal - Atlanta, Georgia

These condoms = amazing they don't rip like the other ones did cause of my size. It feels so better not being sore afterwords and all the redness went away. I would recommend to any of my larger friends.

paul - chicago il

I could not get over how great they feel. Regular size condoms made me feel like it was suffering. If you are a larger penis man, you will love them.

Jay Saunders - Red Deer

Amazing. For years I had condoms rip and break due to my size. This fit perfect even with my girth and extra inches.